16/39. Declarations of interest.


Public recess.

No public

16/40. Approval of minutes. Meeting held on Monday 18th July 2016

Page 3 – Action 16/28 – change wording to read “Tennis” and not “Football”.

Acceptance of the accuracy of these minutes proposed by Cllr Brady, seconded by Cllr Bates; all those at the meeting in favour.

16/41. Matters arising.

Cllr Bates reported that the urinal in the Tennis Club toilets doesn’t have running water at the moment. Cllr Bates knows of a local company who sell push button systems that will deploy water for 25 seconds that can be installed. He provide details to the Clerk in case they are needed
Cllr McMurray advised that the Tennis Club lease states they will pay the Parish Council for their water and electric from October 2017 based on retrospective figures at 20% of the total cost. No changes can be made to the lease until October 2017. He also raised that before we make any changes to the systems at the Tennis Club we need to determine who is responsible for them.
Action for Clerk to make a diary entry for before October 2017 to remind the Committee to review the lease.
Cllr Brady mentioned that risk assessments for all buildings under the Recreation Committees control need completing with the Committee Chair, Clerk and Chair person all signing off on the assessments.
Cllr Sunners to going to talk to John Perrett with regards to ceasing his services from the end of September 2016. Action for Cllr Sunners to arrange a meeting with John Perrett.
The Parish Council needs to ensure we are complying with all current H&S requirements with regards to parishing so Allbuild will be approached to quote for the 3 bins, at CVPA and the Rec Ground. Action for Clerk to do this.
Action for Clerk to arrange a formal contract with Sheena Smith also.
Action for Clerk to see if Sheena would do extra hours for us in theory if we needed her to.
Action for Clerk to send the committee the two existing maintenance check forms.
Action 16/20 – quotes for speed bumps at Norris Road track. £740.00 per bump, plus labour and VAT = £1368.00.
Cllr Brady proposed we spend these funds on the speed bumps, Cllr Bowles seconded this and all those at the meeting in favour. Cllr Walton to progress this work.

Action Points:

Cllr Sunners – 16/170 – Carry Forward. Additional security light to be installed at Rec Ground, with protective wire cage around the light to protect against vandalism. Ongoing.

Cllr Walton – 16/17 – Tennis court fence repair. To get a quote from Lee Wells at Allbuild.

Cllr Bates – 16/11 – quote received of £30-40 plus VAT to weld the padlock to the gate with some chain. Cllr Sunners proposed we get this work done; Cllr Walton seconded. All those at the meeting in favour.

The football barriers also need some welding. Cllr Bates to make the welder aware of this before he visits the Rec ground. Action for Cllr Sunners and Cllr Bates to discuss this further.

16/42. Football matters.

3 quotes have now been received for the fencing for the storage area. The area is to be visibly inspected to see if ground works need to be carried out.

Matt reported that there is no water pressure in the showers and one of the padlocks has been vandalised.
In regards to the broken or damaged barriers, the scaffolding lengths should still be available in the compound behind the pavilion.

Action for Clerk to talk to Matt about the paint needed for the railings.

16/43. Tennis Club represented by Julie Porte

It was confirmed in conversation that there is an internal water meter for the supply to the Tennis Club. The Clerk confirmed this is being recorded each month.

On the 17th July was the Great British Tennis weekend. They had a good turnout of players. On the 24th Sept they have a tennis tournament.

At the end of October they are looking to have a quiz night fund raiser with everyone invited.

The summer league is almost over, most players have been promoted to the next level. The club has still not reached the required membership levels.

Chiseldon House hotel have had 4 people pay to use the courts.

The Clerk has an action to advise Countrywide not to get grass on the courts as it allows weed growth which ruins the court surface. Clerk to give them the padlock code to be able to get on the courts to blow the grass back out of the courts.

It was suggested that the club promote the floodlight courts further to encourage more evening games. They can use the FB page and the Parish website to promote this.

16/44. CVPA

Nothing to report

16/45. Pavilion and 16/46. Recreation Ground and 16/47. Recreation Hall – joint report

The Committee members did a visual inspection of the pavilion, Rec Hall and grounds in terms of work to be carried out.
Items are:


Pressure in the hot water tank needs checking.
The cistern of the toilet in the referee area has a handle that sticks so the water flow is not stopped.
All applicable taps need to be changed to push button taps to stop the water flow.
The toilet door needs putting back up.

Outside the Pavilion:

The gutters need cleaning
A padlock needs putting on the compound at the back of the pavilion.

Recreation Hall:

Change all applicable taps (including kitchen) to be push button taps
Investigate a push button system for the urinal

Outside Recreation Hall:

3 rotten boards need removing and replacing.
The whole building to be jet washed and repainted. Allbuild have quoted £3609.00 to do this.
Alternatively we can purchase our own supplies for £680.00 and Allbuild can do the work for £2389.00
Outside lights – extra sensor (not light) to be placed on a pole near the double gates to allow for lights to come on for people entering the car park area.

Storage area to have ground work done by the probation service, then area to be fenced off with 2.5 meter gates for access. Entire rear area of the Rec Hall to be fenced off, so the fencing runs parallel with the edge of the tennis courts.

Tennis Club:

All applicable taps need to be changed to push button taps to stop the water flow.
Investigate a push button system for the urinal

It has been agreed that the Tennis Club work can take place and the Tennis Club have been advised that the work is their responsibility as is buying the parts for this.

16/48. Youth Activities

Nothing to report

16/49. Care of vulnerable people

Nothing to report however councillors are asked to keep the proposed library and bus cuts in mind.

16/50. Any Other Business.

The Finance committee have suggested that the Rec Hall have a day time fee of £12.00 per hour for hiring. This was proposed by Cllr McMurray, seconded by Cllr Brady and all those at the meeting in favour.
Action for Clerk to change charging sheets for this and promote the Rec Hall on FB, website and notice boards.

It was decided that every quarter a Recreation meeting would be held at the Recreation Hall.

Action for Clerk and Cllr Brady to draw up the risk assessment for the Recreation Hall before the guides start using it in September.

The meeting closed at 20.50

Date of next meeting: Monday 19th September 2016 at 7.00pm in The Old Chapel, Butts Road.