16/51. Declarations of interest.


Public recess.

No public

16/52. Approval of minutes. Meeting held on Monday 15th August 2016

Amendments; Page 1 16/41 – Amend wording to show that Cllr Bates has contact details for a supplier of the push button system for the urinals.
Acceptance of the accuracy of these minutes proposed by Cllr Brady, seconded by Cllr McMurray; all those at the meeting in favour.

16/53. Matters arising.


Action Points:

Cllr Sunners – 16/170 – Carry Forward. Additional security light to be installed at Rec Ground, with protective wire cage around the light to protect against vandalism. Ongoing. Can proceed with this work once the submitted quote has been approved in the October Recreation meeting.

Cllr Walton – 16/17 – Tennis court fence repair. To get a quote from Lee Wells at Allbuild.

Cllr Bates – 16/11 – quote received of £30-40 plus VAT to weld the padlock to the gate with some chain. Cllr Sunners proposed we get this work done; Cllr Walton seconded. All those at the meeting in favour.

The football barriers also need some welding. Cllr Bates to make the welder aware of this before he visits the Rec ground. Action for Cllr Sunners and Cllr Bates to discuss this further.

16/54. Football matters.

The future lease for the Football club was mentioned, the revenue is currently approx. £1000.00 a year from match fees. They are on a pay per match basis.

The Clerk is to chase Matt Clarke for assistance with fixing the leaks at the Pavilion.

The Clerk to talk to Matt Clarke about applying for a memorial hall grant for upgrades to the pitch and the pavilion.

16/55. Tennis Club represented by Steve Ruddiford

Steve reported that when the court surfaces were originally laid, there was metal in the tarmac mix. This has caused brown spots on the courts. This is being dealt with by the contractor under guarantee. There were some holes which have been fixed also. These areas will be painted but the shade will be slightly different. Where the surface is breaking up the contractor will correct this and extend the warranty.
Action for the Clerk to contact Julie Porte in regards to using Facebook and the Parish website to promote the Tennis Club.

Clerk to also ask if we can have an invite to the next Tennis Club meeting so we can talk about promotion to them.
Cllr Walton would like to see the club invest more time in promoting the clubs activities to increase membership numbers and usage. Steve will report back to their committee on this. Cllr Brady suggested a dedicated person needs to be in charge of promotion.

Steve will report this back to Julie as the committee members are all volunteers.

The Clerk to look at what we can add to the FB to help promote the club.

Cllr Bowles will talk to Chris Covell to ask him to join the parish FB page so he can respond to queries.

Steve will provide the Committee with prices to supply the materials needed to fix the urinal water flow in the Rec Hall and Tennis Club toilets.

16/56. Pavilion

Nothing to report. See item 16/54 ref leaks at pavilion.

16/57 CVPA

The weekly maintenance checks are being done by Cllr Sunners, and there will still be a yearly external safety inspection.

Action for the Clerk to check the number on the sign at the CVPA gate to check what number people call in case of vandalism.

16/58. Recreation Ground

The 3 fence quotes have been handed to all councillors who will look at these ready for a vote at the next Recreation meeting. The probation team can do the work to create the base for the compound.

The electricians quotes have also been handed out to all councillors for a vote on the decision at the next Recreation meeting.

16/59. Recreation Hall

Table tennis – fee per evenings hire of the hall. An increase from £16.50 to £17.50 was proposed by Cllr McMurray, seconded by Cllr Brady. Cllr Bates chose to abstain from the vote and all other councillors were in favour.
Clerk to communicate this to the Table tennis club.

16/60. Youth Activities

Nothing to report but the BIOS will be back on the Castle View Road green shortly.

16/61. Care of vulnerable people.

The Clerk is to write to the elderly residents living in the Downs Road bungalows to advise them who to contact in the event of damp in their homes.

16/62. Any Other Business.

The networking tea party invite are going out, Clerk to email Cllr Walton to see what email addresses he has from last year.

The meeting closed at 20.00

Date of next meeting: Monday 17th October 2016 at 7.00pm in The Old Chapel, Butts Road.