16/63. Declarations of interest.


Public recess.

No public

16/64. Approval of minutes. Meeting held on Monday 19th September 2016

Page 2 16/58 – Amend wording to say that the probation team can do the work to create the base of the compound.
Acceptance of the accuracy of these minutes proposed by Cllr Brady, seconded by Cllr Bowles; all those at the meeting in favour.

16/65. Matters arising.

The toilet door in the Pavilion still needs fixing, this will be raised with companies who quote for plumbing work to see if they have tradesman who can fix this as part of the quote.

Action Points:

Cllr Sunners – 16/170 – Quote for electrical work to be approved at this meeting.

Cllr Walton – 16/17 – Tennis court fence repair. To get Lee Wells at Allbuild to do the work when he paints the Rec Hall.

Cllr Walton – 16/41 – To progress the work on the speed bumps. Arrange for work to go ahead.

Cllr Bates – 16/11 – quote received of £30-40 plus VAT to weld the padlock to the gate with some chain. Cllr Sunners proposed we get this work done; Cllr Walton seconded. All those at the meeting in favour. Ongoing – to chase contractor to book work in

The football barriers also need some welding. Cllr Bates to make the welder aware of this before he visits the Rec ground. Action for Cllr Sunners and Cllr Bates to discuss this further.
Ongoing – to chase contractor.

Clerk – 16/41 – amended contract created – need to talk to Sheena to get it signed.

Clerk 16/57 – Sign at CVPA shows old Crime Stoppers number. Needs to be changed to Clerks office. However this item is on hold whilst a new logo is created for the PC. New sign currently quoted at £37.00 but this doesn’t include a change to text or logo.

Clerk 16/61 – letter created just needs to be distributed to relevant homes.

All other actions completed.

16/66. Football matters.

Matt reported that the junior teams are doing well, with good attendance and the children are enjoying the sessions.
Matt wants to talk to Chiseldon Primary School in regards to visiting the school and getting more kids involved.
Action for Cllr Sunners to write to the Headmaster to make an introduction for Matt and the Football Club.

It was discussed that when the time is right the relevant Committee chairs should meet with the Headmaster to help to forge a better bond between the school and the football club and discuss ideas.

Cllr Bowles commented on whether we should have a youth representative attending the meetings.

3 quotes have now come back from contractors for the fencing compound at the Rec Ground.
If Tithegrove provide the materials for the base of the compound it will be £524.00 for the materials and then the probation team can do the work. This will also include £124.00 for edging materials.
Cllr Brady is to email Cllr Harris the Finance Chair to advise on the extra expenditure.

Cllr Brady, Bowles and Walton have already approved this amount as representatives of the Finance Committee.

The total for the work will be £524.30 plus £3245.00 (inc VAT) for this work.

Action for the Clerk to email Cllr Brady with these figures after the meeting so she can get them approved by Finance.

Cllr Brady then proposed the costs and actions for the ground work, Cllr Bates seconded, and all those at the meeting were in favour.

Cllr McMurray then proposed we use Kudos Fencing for the fencing work, Cllr Walton seconded, and all those at the meeting in favour.

There is no update on the drainage issues on the pitches.

Matt then presented his list of requests for the Memorial Hall grants – which included items such as Storage Units, Branding for the teams, Dugout for Senior Pitches, Improvements to Pavilion.

Cllr Walton suggested they list everything together that they are likely to need, and present as one request. Cllr McMurray suggested removing the branding item, and including more to benefit local children.

Cllr Walton is to send over the criteria requirements to Matt Clarke.

Matt then thanked the Committee for organising the fencing.

Cllr McMurray then asked about the games not played in a season due to flooded pitches. Matt advised they loose about 25 games a season. If they have to catch up by playing at Ridgeway this costs £75.00 per game. Of the 25 missed games, 15 are juniors which are written off and 10 re senior which are relocated to the Ridgeway.

Matt Clarke then left the meeting at 19.52.

16/67. Tennis Club

Cllr Bates had been to a tennis club meeting and reported that they currently have around 28 adult members and 20 junior members.

The Tennis club need to put aside £4000 each year to maintain the courts to be eligible for Tennis Association funding. They have been unable to do this. They are hoping the quiz night will be useful for raising funds.

Steve Riddiford has resigned from the club and also from the role of groundsman.

Cllr Sunners is to contact Phil the coach with regards to getting him to coach at the Primary School and promote kids events more.

16/68. Pavilion

The building needs an electrical “MOT” survey. This is to be added onto the electrical work that is being done on the new lighting system.

16/69 CVPA

The 2 bins need to be emptied weekly now John Perrett no longer does this. AllBuild will charge £2.50 per bin per week. Cllr Brady proposed we employ Allbuild to do the work, Cllr Bates seconded this and all those at the meeting were in favour.

16/70. Recreation Ground

The quote from Newsoms was reviewed and accepted on the basis that Newsoms dig the trenching for the cables.
Cllr Sunners to email Cllr Harris, Cllr Brady and the Clerk to propose this quote is accepted. The Finance Committee can then approve.

Cllr Sunners to approach Newsoms to get an idea of start dates.

16/71. Recreation Hall

The Gents urinal is running too much water, if it senses someone in the room, even if they do not use the urinal. A more cost effective system is needed.
There are 2 plumbers visits booked and they will cost up essential and “nice to have” work.

16/72. Youth Activities

Still going well. Cllr Sunners has invited the BIOS team to the 12th Nov tea party – he will advise the Clerk if they are attending.

16/73. Care of vulnerable people.

Nothing to report

16/74. Budgets for 2016/17

For the remainder of the 205/16 financial year, remaining works are:
Electrical Safety check of the Pavilion.
Complete the electrical lighting work for the outside of the Rec Hall
Plumbing work in Rec Hall and Pavilion

Projects for 2016/17 are:

Football Pitch Drainage – may go into 2017/18 budget also
Cllr McMurray reported that Sport England have suggested an average charge would be £5.00 per sq meter for drainage work.
This would cost £75-100,000 for our field.

Sport England recommend saving 4% of revenue a year for a maintenance fund.

We would need the FA, Sport England and the PC to fund this – to be planned over the next 2-3 years.

New Rec Hall floor, approx. £5K
Refurb of showers and other facilities at the Pavilion £5k
Another 5K to be put aside for future projects

16/75. Any Other Business.

Cllr Walton to make available the Memorial Hall Grant criteria for the 12th Nov networking tea party.

CCTV still needs to be arranged for the Rec Hall.

The History Society have requested help with funding for a visual display board. The Recreation Committee approved this in theory and it will now be passed to the Finance Committee.

Cllr McMurray commented on helping local businesses to promote themselves. This is to be discussed further at the Strategy meetings. Also to be mentioned during the Tea Party. Clerk to investigate options for this.

Cllr Bowles mentioned a local community website where local people can get together – to investigate further.

Clerk to talk to Doreen about purchasing the Bells diary dates info to add to the website.

The meeting closed at 20.48

Date of next meeting: Monday 21st November 2016 at 7.00pm in The Old Chapel, Butts Road.

Summary of Action Points


16/41 To arrange a formal contract with Sheena Smith for her cleaning provision. Need to arrange for Sheena to sign.

16/61 Write letters to all elderly in Down Road bungalows advising them on who to contact in the case of damp. Letter to be distributed

16/65 Email Cllr Brady with the full Rec Ground fencing figures so she can get Finance Committee to approve

16/75 Add to next Finance agenda that the History Society request for funding for the visual display board has been approved by the Rec Committee in principle.

16/75 Investigate options of promoting local businesses using display boards. Ready for tea party on 12th nov

16/75 Talk to Doreen about purchasing the diary info from the Ridgeway Bell.

Cllr Walton

16/4 Tennis court fencing still needs repairs after a tree branch fell on it after tree trimming. Arrange for Allbuild to do the work

16/41 Progress work for speed bumps on the Norris Road track.

16/66 Send Matt Clarke the criteria for being a successful applicant for a Memorial Hall grant.

16/75 Provide Clerk with the Memorial Hall grant criteria for use at the 12th Nov tea party.

Cllr Sunners

16/170 With Cllr Bates: Discuss the extra welding requirements for the football pitch barriers and Rec compound gates

16/64 Write to Chiseldon Primary School Headmaster to introduce the Football Club and Matt Clarke.

16/67 Contact Phil the Tennis Club Coach with regards to getting involved with coaching at the Primary School.

16/70 To email Cllr Harris, Cllr Brady and Clerk to propose the Newsoms quote is accepted. The Finance Committee are then to approve the work.

16/70 To talk to Newsoms about start dates

Cllr Brady

16/66 Email Cllr Harris with the extra costs of fencing for the Rec Ground storage area.

Cllr Bowles

16/75 Investigate the community business website for local people.