16/89. Declarations of interest.


Public recess.

No public

16/90. Approval of minutes.

Meeting held on Monday 21st November 2016

Page 3 – Cllr Bates requested amendments to the wording of action 16/81 to show the word “before” to AGM.
Acceptance of the accuracy of these minutes proposed by Cllr Bates, seconded by Cllr Bowles; all those at the
meeting in favour.

16/91. Matters arising.


Action Points:

Clerk – 16/41. Just waiting for Sheena to sign the amended contract.

Cllr Walton met with Elliots about the Rec Hall which was positive. The building is supported by a steel frame.
Between the columns are infill panels which can be removed and the building is still structurally sound. It will be
suggested that the lower section of the panels are removed to fix rotten areas, then a dado rail added and
redecoration carried out to the lower sections only. Lee from Allbuild is going to do a trial on one board to see
what is underneath and will then provide us with a quote for the work.

Cllr Sunners -16/170. Welding of pitch barriers will be carried out in the spring when the ground isn’t waterlogged.

Cllr Sunners – 16/79. Action to be closed as Tennis Club are not obliged to pay a portion of the repair costs.

Cllr Sunners – 16/84. There is no light on the side of the building. There is a quote from Newsons for this. To be
voted on during the meeting. The sensor for the car park didn’t work until very close to it, Cllr Sunners will talk to
Newsons about this.

Cllr Bates 16/78. Action owner was changed to Cllr Sunners. There was some tension felt at the Tennis Club AGM
in regards to the Recreation meeting in October 2016. There is no official action needed but Cllr Walton is going to
write to Julie Porte to apologise. Cllr Sunners commented that Phil the Tennis Coach is advertising in the Swindon
Advertiser and has about 7 children in the Chiseldon kids tennis sessions. He was also impressed by the level of
engagement they were trying to create.

Cllr Bates – 16/81 and 16/79 to be closed as Cllr Bates was unable to get to the Tennis Club AGM.

All Councillors – It was determined that Cllr Harris and Cllr McMurray were going to investigate funding for pitch
and building improvements – outstanding action.

Cllr Brady – 16/88 – Action was completed. A Cllr can be a trustee as an individual but not in their role as Cllr.

Cllr Sunners offered to be a trustee during the AGM but hasn’t head back on this to date.

All other actions completed.

16/91. Football matters.

No representative of the Football Club was in attendance

16/92. Tennis Club

No representation for the club was in attendance
The Clerk read out an emailed update from Julie Porte.

16/93. Pavilion

The leaking tap is now starting to affect the water meter. The Clerk is to ask Lee at Centraheat to bring tools to
stop it leaking when he visits on 21st Dec. Work is starting on 30th Dec. A 50% cheque has already been paid to

Cllr Sunners is to contact Matt at the Football club about the rubbish stored in the tank area. It needs to be clear
for the work to be done and then kept clear as its to hold water in case the tank leaks.

16/94 CVPA

Nothing to report

16/95. Recreation Ground

The Committee was in agreement that Dick Millard can store his trailer there for the “Friends of the Path” work
group. Keys will need to be given to Dick. Action for Clerk to get keys cut.

Will also need a key from Matt Clark for the new compound for when the probation team do the ground work.

16/96. Recreation Hall

Discussed elsewhere on the agenda

16/97. Youth Activities

Nothing to report

16/98. Care of vulnerable people.

Nothing to report. Clerk commented that we will shortly have a gritting map available to advise on what roads are
gritted during winter and also where the bins are for residents to help themselves.

16/99. Any Other Business.

The quote for a side light for the Rec Hall from Newsons was presented. The quote is for £68.00 plus VAT which
the Committee approved on a proposal by Cllr Walton, seconded by Cllr Bowles and all those at the meeting in
favour. The committee voted at the same time to have Newsons replaced the batteries in the sensors on a yearly
basis at £48.62 per annum. Action for Clerk to get Finance Committee to approve this.

The meeting closed at 19.37

Date of next meeting: Monday 16th January 2017 at 7.00pm in The Old Chapel, Butts Road.

Summary of Action Points


16/41 To arrange a formal contract with Sheena Smith for her cleaning provision. Need to arrange for Sheena to sign. Amendments needed to the contract.

16/95 Get key cut to Rec Hall compound for Dick Millard

16/95 Ask Matt at the Football club for a key to the new clubs compound.

16/99 Clerk to get Newsons lighting quote approved by Finance Committee

Cllr Walton

16/91 Write to Julie Porte to apologise for any offense felt after October 2016 Recreation meeting.

Cllr Sunners

16/170 With Cllr Bates: Discuss the extra welding requirements for the football pitch barriers. Postponed until Spring 2017

16/84 Contact Newsons about a light not working after recent Rec Hall work. Update – Side light needs Finance approval to be installed. Sensors in carpark not working until up close – Cllr Sunners to talk to Newsons about this.

16/93 Contact Matt at the Football club in regards to items thrown into the water tank bricked off area.

All Councillors

Investigate our options with Sports England, the National Lottery and other bodies for funding for improvements to pitches and buildings. Cllr McMurray and Cllr Harris suggested for this action.