16/163. Declarations of interest.


Public recess.

No members of the public in attendance other than a representative of both Chiseldon Tennis and Football Club’s who contributed under relevant agenda items.

16/164. Approval of minutes.

Meeting held on Monday 18th January 2016
Acceptance proposed by Cllr Harris seconded by Cllr Brady; all in favour

16/165. Matters arising.

Cllr Bowles referred to reference made to the erroneous reference to Cllr Rawlings in Minute 16/159. His name should be deleted from this minute.

Action Points:

All completed apart from those listed under Cllr Walton’s name due to his absence

16/166. Football matters.

Matthew Clarke represented the FC. No games had been possible since just after Christmas due to the pitches being waterlogged.
There had been an incident in which the Pavilion had been entered by persons unknown. This matter had been reported to the Police. Security issues were discussed and the Committee agreed to the Chair purchasing two new padlocks to secure the changing room facilities. The Chair would liaise directly with the Matthew Clark.

16/167. Tennis Club

Rachel Whatley represented the TC and provided an update re membership and the planned Open Day on the 16th April.

16/168. CVPA

Cllr Sunners was in liaison with a playground inspection/maintenance company re an inspection date for the CVPA.

16/169. Pavilion

Reference made to security issues under Football Matters

16/170. Recreation Ground

General security measures were discussed briefly. The Chair would contact Key Security re CCTV advice/quote. Cllr Brady indicated she would discuss the matter of security with an acquaintance who had experience of site security.

16/171. Recreation Hall

Cllr Harris referred to the kitchen door appearing to jam before closure with implications for fire risk assessment.

16/172. Youth Activities

Cllr Sunners reported that the Youth Mobi was visiting CVPA every Wednesday night – 7.30pm til 9.00pm.

16/173. Care of vulnerable people

Cllr Sunners highlighted how the Bobby Van presentation given at the Full Parish Council meeting had relevance in relation to advice/guidance for older people. The Bobby Van services are available to Over 60’s.

16/174. Any Other Business.


The meeting closed at 8.10pm.

Date of next meeting: Monday 21st March 2016 at 7.00pm in The Old Chapel, Butts Road.

Summary of Action Points

Cllr Brady

15/170 Make enquiries in regards to security at Recreation ground/Pavilion.


16/153 Remove reference to Cllr Rawlings on minute 16/159

Cllr Walton

16/159 Cllr Walton to investigate the kitchen door in the Rec hall no longer closing properly.

Cllr Sunners

16/166 To arrange new padlocks for Pavilion and ensure circulation of keys to key holders.

16/170 To contact Key Security to arrange a site visit to consider installation of CCTV on the Recreation Ground.

To contact electrician to progress issue relating to car park lighting at the Recreation Ground.