15/139. Declarations of interest.


Public recess.

No public.

15/140. Approval of minutes.

The minutes of the meeting held on 16 November were approved by Cllr Jefferies, seconded by Cllr Walton; all those at the meeting in favour.

15/141. Matters arising.

All covered elsewhere on the agenda.

Action points

  • Cllr Brady will email information on local support groups to the Clerk.
  • Cllr Sunners will investigate sponsored trips to a local motor-cross facility
  • Cllr Walton will investigate the status of planning permission for the Recreation Ground extension
  • All other action points had been actioned.

15/142. Football matters.

There was no representative from the Football Club at this meeting and no issues have been raised.

15/143. Tennis Club.

There was no representative from the Tennis Club at this meeting and no issues have been raised.

The Clerk had received a copy of the latest Tennis Club minutes and told the meeting that an open day has been provisionally scheduled for Saturday 16 April 2016.

15/144. CVPA

An independent inspection has been arranged for January and there are no other issues to report.

15/145. Pavilion

No issues to report

15/146. Recreation Ground

The playing surfaces are currently too wet to be used. There are no further issues to report.

15/147. Recreation Hall

The newly installed PIR lighting needs to be adjusted and Cllr Sunners is in contact with the electrician.

15/148. Youth Activities

No issues to report

15/149. Care of vulnerable people

Cllr Brady reported a number of coffee mornings that now take place within the village, and Cllr Sunners told the meeting that the new Spar was also becoming an effective social hub. The Clerk agreed and informed the meeting that several people responding to the Parish Plan consultation have asked for the area around Strouds Hill to be developed as a village ‘centre’.

15/150. Budget for 2016/17

The Clerk took the committee’s list of special projects to the November Finance Committee and it was agreed that funding will be sought (as part of the 2016 precept bid) for:

  • Paint for the Recreation Hall – estimated cost £500
  • Storage improvements for Football Club equipment – estimated cost £2,000
  • Access controls for the Recreation Ground – estimated cost £2,500
  • Rolling of the senior football pitch and improvements to goal mouth £500

The Clerk also informed the meeting that the Finance Committee had agreed that funds for special projects were to be split evenly between Environment and Recreation Committees next year. As a result it had been decided that work on the Recreation Hall floor would be postponed for a year and the need for security cameras would lessen as a result of improvements to lighting and access controls.

15/138. Any Other Business.

The Clerk informed the meeting that £112.82 had been spent on the recent fire inspection as the Recreation Hall had required a new extinguisher.

The meeting closed at 7.40pm.

Summary of Action Points

Cllr Brady

15/141 Email information on local support groups to the Clerk

Cllr Sunners

15/141 Investigate the possibility of sponsored trips to a local motor-cross facility

15/147 Arrange for new lights at the Recreation Hall to be adjusted

Cllr Walton

15/141 Review the status of the planning permission for a Recreation Ground extension