15/126. Declarations of interest.


Public recess.

No public.

15/127. Approval of minutes.

The minutes of the meeting held on 19 October were approved by Cllr Jefferies, seconded by Cllr Brady; all those at the meeting in favour.

15/128. Matters arising.

All covered elsewhere on the agenda.

Action points

  • Cllr Brady will email information on local support groups to the Clerk.
  • Cllr Sunners has provided a copy of the BIOS information.
  • All other action points had been actioned.

15/129. Football matters.

Mr Clarke told the meeting that there have been some issues with people riding motorbikes at the Recreation Ground but Cllr Brady has spoken to PC Draper about this and action has been taken. Mr Clarke also asked for improvements to the storage facilities at the Ground, as and when the budget allows.

The Recreation Ground now hosts one senior pitch and three junior pitches and all eight teams are well supported. Unfortunately, weather conditions make the pitches unplayable for a portion of the season so the Club is investigating the cost of levelling a pitch and improving drainage. An all-weather pitch would be the preferred solution long-term.

Cllr Jefferies asked if the Club has considered seeking sponsorship and Mr Clarke reported that they have. A discussion followed, during which the committee explored the idea of a joint project to further improve the Recreation Ground. Such a project would need to involve the PC, the Football Club, the Tennis Club and other local groups such as the Scouts and the Sports & Social

15/129. Football matters. (continued)

Club. Cllr Walton undertook to check the status of the existing planning permission for a Recreation Ground extension.

The Clerk reported an unusually high electricity bill for the pavilion building and Mr Clarke agreed to double-check that no lights were left on after games.

15/130. Tennis Club.

Cllr Sunners thanked Mr Hicks for attending the meeting and reported that Cllr Costigan has now circulated the total cost of the Tennis Club improvements (these figures were subsequently shared with Mr Hicks).

Mr Hicks told the meeting that the Tennis Club’s AGM would be taking place this week. There are now 48 juniors in the coaching programme and two teams are playing in the winter league, following on from a summer season that saw the Club collect three trophies and some individual awards.

An official ‘launch’ event is being planned for April of next year, with the aim of increasing membership to between 100 and 120 people – at which point the Club becomes financially self-sustaining.

Cllr Brady asked about plans for advertising and Mr Hicks told her that information had been placed in The Ridgeway Bell and other advertisements were being planned for the summer season. Cllr Jefferies then offered some free coverage for the Club in ‘Raring to Go’ magazine, which is placed in school book bags and targets young families. Other suggestions included advertising cardio tennis in the GP’s surgery, using the new village noticeboard and approaching the Swindon Advertiser to offer an interview / tour of the new facilities.

Cllr Sunners then told Mr Clarke and Mr Hicks that the Council is looking into the provision of defibrillators and both Clubs offered their support for the idea.

15/131. CVPA

No issues to report

15/132. Pavilion

Addressed under Football matters

15/133. Recreation Ground

No further issues to report

15/134. Recreation Hall

The Clerk agreed to circulate a summary of the new lease to Councillors and the Tennis Club in order that our respective responsibilities can be understood.

Cllr Walton raised a possible issue with water rates, due to a constantly running cistern on the Tennis Club premises and Mr Hicks agreed to look into this issue.

15/135. Youth Activities

The BIOS Youth programme is ongoing and is being well supported.

15/136. Care of vulnerable people

Cllr Wright attended the AGM of the Good Neighbours Scheme as a representative of the Council.

15/137. Budget for 2016/17

The committee discussed possible expenditure for the next financial year, over and above routine items. They agreed to table the following items for consideration by the Finance Committee:

  • Paint for the Recreation Hall – estimated cost £500
  • Storage improvements for the Football Club – estimated cost £2,000
  • Access controls (speed bumps or a gate) to stop joyriding at the Recreation Ground – estimated cost £2,500
  • A new floor for the Recreation Hall – estimated cost £4,000
  • Security cameras – estimated cost £2,000
  • Rolling of the senior football pitch and improvements to the goalmouth area – estimated cost £500

Cllr Sunners also agreed to look into the possibility of sponsoring some trips to local motor-cross facilities, to give young people access to a suitable track.

The Clerk then informed the meeting that the cost of the Countrywide contract would be increasing by 3% due to the introduction of the National Living Wage next year. The committee agreed that this still represents good value for money given that costs have been fixed since 2012.

15/138. Any Other Business.

Cllr Walton agreed to become the new Vice Chair of the Recreation Committee. This was proposed by Cllr Sunners, seconded by Cllr Jefferies; all those at the meeting in favour.

The meeting closed at 8.02pm.

Summary of Action Points

Cllr Brady

15/128 Email information on local support groups to the Clerk

Cllr Sunners

15/137 Investigate the possibility of sponsored trips to a local motor-cross facility

Cllr Walton

15/129 Review the status of the planning permission for a Recreation Ground extension


15/134 Circulate a summary of the new Tennis Club lease

15/137 Table 2016/17 budget requests for consideration by Finance Committee