17/07 Declarations Of Interests


17/08 Review Minutes From 2nd November 2017

No amendments

The minutes of the meeting held on 2nd November 2017 were then proposed as accurate by Cllr Harris, seconded by Cllr West and all those at the meeting were in favour.

17/09 Matters Arising and Action Points from the meeting held 2nd November 2017

Cllr Jefferies asked if flower boxes could be added to the front of the allotment as the ground is not suitable for planting.  This is to be covered in the agenda.

In regards to getting a list of tree protection orders within the Parish, the recent presentation from Liz Smith Gibbons at SBC has a link to access this list. Clerk is to follow up.

The Clerk will see if Liz can also help with a listing of all trees the PC are responsible for.

Action Points


  • 17/04. Progress the tree survey at the Recreation Ground and expand the work to include trees on public land in the parish.   THE TREE SURVEY FOR THE REC HAS BEEN COMPLETED. NEED TO GATHER FURTHER INFO ON WHOLE OF PARISH
  • 17/04. Give the contractor 4 weeks to paint the BT box at Badbury before finding a new tender for this. DONE. BOX HAS BEEN PAINTED
  • 17/06. Create a list of all likely expenditure for the year so Cllr Harris can check against the budget DONE
  • 17/06. Look at the proposed budget to ensure all regular elements are included DONE

17/10 Update On Current State Projects

Draycott Foliat Noticeboard

Funds of £500 is available in the current financial year to provide this – same board as Hodson. Clerk is to arrange the ordering of this.

CVPA equipment update/additions

The Clerk is to look at a variety of options such as replacement for see saw, new additional seating and something for older children outside the current fencing.

To be discussed further at EGPA meeting. Some funds to be kept back for unforeseen situations/repairs.

Additional flower planters

There is still £1700 in the current financial year budget. Clerk is to buy 6 new planters from the same supplier as before. 4 to go in front of the allotments and the 2 others to be decided on.

A proposal was made by Cllr Jefferies to spend £700 out of the budget and put the remaining £1000 back into general reserves for next year. Cllr Rawlings seconded this and all Cllrs were in favour.

17/11 Update On Short Term Projects

Trees Survey for the Recreation Ground

Morgan Tree survey quote was reviewed and all work at priority level 1-4 was agreed to be carried out costing £1900.00 The conifer stump removal was not included.  This leaves £3100.00 in  the funds in 2018/19 for the trees in the rest of the parish that the PC need to look after.

This was proposed by Cllr West, seconded by Cllr Harris and all Cllrs were in favour.

Cllr Rawlings had to leave the meeting at 20.18 due to a prior engagement.

Improvements and changes to Recreation Field

Update – the FA are going to look at the 3 quotes and provide us with their expert opinion on which to accept. There will be £15,000 in the budget from April 2018 to cover this. The PC will need to look at match funding.

The Clerk or Cllr Matt Clarke to approach the FA to see if they will offer match funding for this work.

This will be followed up at the EGPA meeting on 19th March 2018.

Stroud Hill Green area

This will  be added for review in 2019/20 as there are no budget items for this for 2018/19 and the PC do not own the land, just maintain it at present.

Norris Close Parking

The Clerk is to approach Ward Cllr Foley to see if Zoe Moore from SBC can visit Norris Close to provide us with guidance on how we approach this project.

The council will also then approach the residents to get their view of this.

Castle View Road Parking

The same plan as Norris Close parking above

The outlying village within the Parish

No right turn proposal for Badbury when coming down Plough Hill, when J15 M4 works start. This item is now closed in this meeting as it is being dealt with in the Planning, Highways and Transport Development committee.

Draycott Foliat Parking

Allbuild had quoted £750.00 plus VAT to remove the hedge at Draycott Foliat to increase the length of the parking area to make it safer.

CPC would need to:

  • Discuss with SBC assuming this is their land
  • Discuss with residents to see if this is an applicable solution.

17/12 Update On Long Term Projects

Recreation Hall replacement and expansion. From April 2018 there will be £15000 in the funds for this work.

The PC will need to update residents that this is a long term vision for the area that has multi uses. Sports, indoor activities, crèche etc. It will need to general income so the PC are not reliant on the precept.

Pitch drainage and CVPA updates where covered earlier in the agenda.

17/13. AOB


Meeting closed at 9.03pm


Summary Of Action Points


  • 17/04. Need list of all trees within the Parish that CPC own
  • 17/09. See if Liz at SBC can assist with a parish wide list of all trees that CPC own and need to maintain
  • 17/09. See if the planning presentation from Liz at SBC shows the location of all parish trees with TPO’s on them.
  • 17/10. Purchase new noticeboard for Draycott Foliat for value of £500 out of current years’ budget
  • 17/10. Compile list of various possible CVPA upgrades for EGPA committee to review
  • 17/10. Purchase 6 new planters costing £700 max out of current years’ budget
  • 17/11. Confirm work for Morgan Trees at Rec ground, out of 2018/19 budget
  • 17/11. With Cllr M Clarke. Approach the FA for match funding on pitch improvements
  • 17/11. Clerk to ask Ward Cllr Foley if Zoe Moore from SBC Highways can visit Norris Close and Castle View Road for advice on improving parking
  • 17/11. Talk to SBC about improving Draycott Foliat parking and also talk to residents to see if they would be happy to have the hedge removed