Public Recess – 4 members of the public

Mr David Pearse had further queries on the budget and precept following on from last months meeting.

He notes that the Recreation field income is £2700 approximately but the yearly costs to Countrywide for the cutting are £1500 a year. He would like to know how costs are to be recouped when spending more money on improving the field surface?
Cllr Brady advised that this will be covered in more detail on the relevant agenda item for this meeting.
Also queried the vehicle activated speed signs with £5000 allocated to the budget for 2018/19 for purchase of 2 signs. He doesn’t think the signs will make a difference as he is on the community speed watch team.  He noted that there are 230mph vehicle activated signs on Hodson Road at the moment.
Cllr Brady advised that this will also be discussed in the meeting and that Mr Pearse can comment during this agenda item if he wishes.

Cllr Sunners commented that in regards to the Recreation field improvements the habits of local people have had to change due to the waterlogged pitches and football matches delayed. Once the improvements are made, there will be extra income made from the fields but there will also be other benefits of an enhanced area for all local residents.

There were no more public questions.

18/01 Declarations Of Interests


18/02 Approval of minutes from 12th March 2018

Page 1 – the residents name in public recess is David Hawkins.

Page 2 –  change the wording in regards to Matt Clarke and the football club on item 17/140.

A proposal was made by Cllr J Jefferies that these minutes be therefore accepted; Cllr D Hill  seconded this and all Cllrs were in favour.

18/03 Matters Arising And Action Points

Matters Arising


Action Points From March 2018


  • 17/76. Ask Ward Cllrs to chase cutting back of trees obscuring sign on A346 Plough Hill. ONGOING – WAITING FOR HIGHWAYS
  • Public Recess (March 2018). Write to Mrs A Dubman about her queries over the precept. ONGOING
  • Public Recess (March 2018). Write to Mrs A Dubman about her queries over the precept. ONGOING
  • 17/145. Ask website hosting company to add precept/budget info to website. DONE
  • 17/146. Update Financial Regs to show only 2 signatories required for payments. DONE
  • 17/146. Obtain 3rd quote for grass cutting at CVPA, Rec ground and cemeteries. Also confirm to Cllrs which meeting this would be discussed at. DONE
  • 17/147. Send out TORs to all Cllrs and schedule agenda item for April  full council for discussion of these. ONGOING
  • 17/148. Report back to SBC planning on application discussed and voted on. DONE
  • 17/151. Ask other Parishes for information on how they are handling GDPR. DONE
  • 17/151. Send SBC conservation presentation to all Cllrs. DONE
  • 17/151. Add agenda item to April full council meeting to brief council on items discussed in Strategy meeting. TO BE ADDED TO MAY/JUNE
  • 17/152. Email Mike Ash at SBC for an update on Chiseldon Firs site. DONE – WORK COMPLETED BY SBC
  • 17/102. Talk to Spar and Patriots Arms about new siting of defibrillators. Cllr Walton is to talk to Patriots Arms.  Won’t be at Spar.  Memorial Hall having one  DONE – CALLEY HALL AND CAMEO HAIRDRESSERS ARE THE 2 SITES.

Cllr Jefferies:

  • 17/97. To ask Nigel Hale on the progress of moving the bus stop sign from the hedge at Draycott Foliat. ONGOING. WAITING FOR BUS COMPANY. Due Monday 5th March. WORK NOW DONE

Ward Cllr Shaw:

  • 17/97. With Ward Cllr Foley – chase up SBC planning enforcement visit to Esso Station ref advertising signs blocking traffic views. ONGOING. CLLR BRADY REQUESTS PLANNING ENFORCEMENT INVESTIGATE PLACEMENT OF SIGNS ON SITE AS NO APPLICATION APPROVED
  • 17/133. CLOSED – signs were inspected and were ok for size and visibility splay. Any changes need to be reported with photo evidence
  • 17/133. Investigate why vehicles are parked on verges at New Road layby
    Request information from SBC on what constitutes a breach of safety specific to Highways.

Cllr Sunners:

  • 17/137. Progress shops/pubs becoming safe places for dementia sufferers. ONGOING, WAITING FOR SBC TO SEND OUT INFO

18/04 Ward Councillors Reports

Cllr Shaw reported:

The trees that need pollarded in Home Close will be dealt with, just waiting for a date for work to be carried out.

The HGV signs in Hodson are now on taller poles.

The bus stop sign in Draycot Foliat has been moved to the other side of the waiting area by SBC.

Potholes will be dealt with as soon as possible once reported. They will probably be patched as re-surfacing not likely. The area on Mays Lane/High Street demaged by contractors vehicles for the Manor House development will be repaired once work is finished. Ward Cllr Shaw will try to get an update.

Cllr Brady noted that the potholes in Mays Lane are problematic due to the depth and frequency of them and enquired on how pothole repairs were prioritized across the whole Borough? Wad Cllr Shaw does not know how Highways prioritize these.

SBC have been given an extra £250,000 from central government to spend on pothole repairs. Ward Cllr have asked how the money is to be divided across the borough. It was noted there is only 1 Highways inspector.
Cllr Rawlings commented that the new road surface on New Road from 2 years ago is already breaking up, and Hodson is already seeing new damage.

Ward Cllr Shaw advised that the pavement at Slipper Lane has already been repaired.
He is still waiting for verges to be repaired and a bollard is still needed at 1 High Street.

Ward Cllr Foley is trying to get the highways inspector to the Parish after the 3rd May elections to look at the area.

Ward Cllr Shaw advised officers of the problems with the location of the HGV sign for High Street. The SBC officer will visit the site and decide on the best location for it & arrange for it to be moved.

The Turnball and High Street road surface needs attention. The first residents are to move into the Manor House Development within 4 weeks approx. There are 11 houses in total and completion is due in approx. 2 months time.

Cllr Hill asked about the drains on Slipper Lane. Ward Cllr Shaw said they will be checked at the end of the build.

Ward Cllr Shaw will write a list of all outstanding issues before he retires and gives the list to Ward Cllr Foley and the Clerk.

The proposed development at Burderop Park on Hodson Road – Ward Cllr shaw doesn’t think the speed limit will be reduced as SBC will want evidence of speed related incidents. The Planning Officer has stated that the state of the Burderop’s final figure are: 25 dwellings in the old house. 52 new building.

J15 M4 final plans not available yet. This is tied in with Badbury Park and New Eastern Villages Work. J16 still has a month to completion. J15 plans won’t be available until J16 work is completed.

Cllr Brady requested the PC be informed of any J15 meetings.

Ward Cllr Shaw has reminded Robert Buckland MP about the consultation in regards to the Chiseldon Firs traveler site. Cllr Brady understood that trespassing laws in general were going to be strengthened, which means they can be used in illegal occupancy of this site.

Ref the ladysmith Mermorial Stone – Ward Cllr Foley will send over a communication on the update for this for Cllrs to see.

Ref the trees on the A346 covering the road signs – we are still waiting for SBC Highways to action this.

The display boards at the Esso station are currently ok in terms of size and location for visibility splay. If they change then they can be investigated with photo evidence.

At the last Saturday surgery a resident brought up issue with parking at Norris Close. The green waste lorries cannot get down the road. Cllr Brady confirmed this is one of the issues on our issues list for Highways and transport Development. Ward Cllr Foley will be happy to support us on this issue.

Cllr Mills wanted to clarify with Ward Cllrs that for all new developments (apart from single dwelling size) that SBC Highways would assess the roads before and after the work. This needs to be added to the developers conditions of planning approval that they will make good any damage. Ward Cllr Foley confirmed this is the case.

it was confirmed that Badbury Park road were surveyed and Burderop Park raods will be done. There is a question whether the Manor House roads were done or not by SBC.

Cllr Mills commented on the Street Works Act of 1970, which states that road repairs must be done to a suitable standard, otherwise there is a fine and the work is to be re-done. He doesn’t think this act has been repealed.
It was noted we need to be mindful of this on future developments to ensure it is done.

Cllr Brady then moved on to commend Ward Cllr Shaw on his excellent job as our Ward Cllr over the years. He will be missed and we thanked him for being an advocate of the Parish Council. Ward Cllr Shaw and his wife have been invited to the next Parish Council meeting on 14th May so we can show our appreciation.

Ward Cllr Shaw and Foley leave the meeting at 8.16pm

18/04 Planning Committee only. Discussion and vote on application S/LBC/18/0444 Whichway Cottage replacement windows

This proposal is for “like for like” replacement wooden windows.

A proposal was made to reply to SBC with NO OBJECTION to these plans by Cllr Matt Harris. Cllr Mills seconded this and all Planning Committee members were in favour.

18/05 Planning Committee only S/HOU/17/1804 Revised Application for 17 Badbury for side & rear extension

The Committee could not see the amended information on this application so it was moved off agenda. The Committees original comments stand until changes can be viewed. There has been no response from SBC on what has changed.

A proposal was made to leave the response with the Committees original comments about this application by Cllr Rawlings. Cllr Hill seconded this and all Planning Committee members were in favour.

18/06 Contractor Tenders For Pitch Improvements At Rec Field

The Council has been provided with the quotes from ALLbuild, EcoSolve, Sam Merrett, Wiltshire FA and Sportsfields. The EGPA Committee had already reviewed these and voted to award the quote to Sam Merrett who was recommended by the FA as being the best option.

This work will extend the playing season meaning other terms can use the pitch. The FA can offer grants for improvements to multi-use pitches.

Cllr Matt Harris addressed a question Mr Pearse had about funds in reserves. He advised that if the vote is passed then the amount in reserves would be moved out. We were building the original fund as we didn’t know how much the work would cost. The original estimates were between £30 to £5oK. We now won’t need to keep as much in reserves for this.

Cllr Bates asked after any impact on next years precept if this was voted to go ahead. Cllr Matt Harris advised there would be no impact as funds were already available for this.

The figure proposed is around £13K for 2 years work.

Mr Pearse commented that the precept document stated that the field was an asset generating item. Cllr Brady advised that the facility needs to be made better for everyone and income generation will come from this. This is a long term plan as can’t generate more income without making improvements to the area.

Mr Pearse asked if £10,000 a year was going to be enough for a new Rec building?
Cllr Matt Harris replied that no, it probably wasn’t but we’d need to look for grants, lottery funds or CIL funds from local developments.

A proposal was then made to accept the Sam Merrett quote for the work by Cllr Walton. Seconded by Cllr Bates and all Cllrs in favour.

18/06 Vehicle activated speed sign

The proposed idea so far is to install 1 sign on Hodson Road approaching Chiseldon from Wroughton direction and possibly 1 on New Road near Meadow Stores.

Cllr Sunners recommended we consult with the community before decisions are made.

Cllr Brady advised we are responding to requests from the community to make the Hodson Road safer. We can canvass the community further at the annual meeting.

Cllr Walton agreed the community need to know what we are spending on these and why.

We will invite SBC Highways along for a site visit and to advise further.

There is to be no vote on expenditure tonight.

Cllr Michelle Harris asked if we could first purchase 1 sign and monitor any improvements it made.

A proposal was made to allocate 1 sign to Hodson Road entering Chiseldon by Cllr Rawlings. Seconded by Cllr Walton and all Cllrs in favour.

Before there is a further vote there will be investigation into what signs are best, the costs and the evidence we can gather from them.

18/07 LadySmith Road memorial stone

There is no further update on this, the Council will await Ward Cllr Foleys update.

18/08 Community Safety

Cllr Sunners provided an update on the stats from the Wiltshire Police website.

In South Swindon there were 870 crimes reported.
Chiseldon had 12, with 10 being at the Esso Station.
The other 2 were reports of anti-social behaviour.

Cllr McDonald attended the last community safety forum but didn’t feel this meeting held must of use for Chiseldon on this occasion.  Cllr Sunners still feels it gives us a voice if needed.

Perhaps there is a need to be more pro-active and drive the agenda.

18/08 Review of Committee minutes and documents


Cllr Matt Harris presented the March accounts for approval.
Cllr Hill had a question on 3 items. It was confirmed the Royds Withy King fee was for the STORM facilities management contract.  The new planter cost was for 6 additional planters and the noticeboard will replace the one on site at Draycot Foliat.

For the March finance figures, Cllr Hill proposed acceptance of these figure as accurate. Cllr Costigan seconded. All Cllrs in agreement.

Environment, General Purpose and Amenities (EGPA)

Cllr Rawlings reported that a new see saw is being investigated for the CVPA and also some equipment for older children. Cllr Rrawlings and Bates cannot make the next EGPA meeting.

Transport Report from Cllr Hill

The story in the Advertiser recently about extra busses in Chiseldon was factually incorrect, they meant Chippenham.
More people need to use the 81 service from Chiseldon to Wroughton or the service will be withdrawn.

Planning, Transport Development and Highways

Cllr Brady reported that the Parish Council rejected the planning applications at Badbury as the historic nature of the properties were compromised.
For Highways, the committee need to help with adding items to the concerns document. This can then be circulated to full council.

18/09 AOB

Cllr Sunners advised he is standing as Green Party candidate in the 3rd May elections.

There is a consultation document circulated to Cllrs for changes to pedestrian routes at J15.  Cllrs are to provide their views to the Clerk

Cllr Hill has a grass cutting complaint from 2 residents that he will raise at the EGPA meeting.

A resident at the surgery reported that a large truck went down the wrong side lane in Draycot Foliat and got stuck. They damaged the pipes on the small bridge going over the River Og.  Ward Cllr Foley is dealing with this.

Cllr Rawlings reminded everyone that Cllrs need to volunteer for dates for the surgery. The Clerk will send out the date list.

Cllr Mills will talk to the Clerk about a large scale map for the annual meeting.

Cllr Brady advised that Cllr West has resigned from the council. She encouraged Cllrs to think of any prospective new Cllrs.

Meeting closed at 21.15pm


Summary Of Action Points


  • 17/76. Ask Ward Cllrs to chase cutting back of trees obscuring sign on
  • Public Recess – March 2018. A346 Plough Hill. ONGOING, WAITING FOR HIGHWAYS
  • 17/151. Write to Mrs A Dudman about her queries over the precept. ONGOING
  • 18/06. Add agenda item to April full council meeting to brief council on items discussed in Strategy meeting. FOR JUNE 2018 MEETING
  • 18/09. Invite SBC Highways rep to visit Hodson Road to review site for speed activated sign

Ward Cllr Shaw:

  • 17/133. Send out list of 2018 surgery dates for volunteers
  • 17/133. Investigate why vehicles are parked on verges at New Road layby. ONGOING

Cllr Sunners:

  • 17/137. Request information from SBC on what constitutes a breach of safety specific to Highways. ONGOING

Ward Cllr Foley:

  • 18/04. Progress shops/pubs becoming safe places for dementia sufferers. ONGOING. WAITING FOR SBCSend over information about Memorial Stone at Ladysmith Road