23/66 Public recess. No public

23/67. Approval of apologies given.
Absence with apologies:  Cllr Jenny Jefferies was unwell. Cllr James Whitehead had a commitment

A proposal was made to approve the apologies given. The proposal was seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

23/68. Co-option of Cllrs.  No candidates

23/69. Declarations of interest. none

23/70. Approval of minutes from 10th July 2023. No changes

A proposal was made to approve these minutes as an accurate account of the meeting with the above change. The proposal was seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

23/71. Action points from previous meeting.  Not updated as Clerk not present.
23/72. Policy and Community report. Cllr Sunners
Cllr Sunners provided details of crime stats for Chiseldon and Badbury Park for the period of June 2023.

He had met with PCSO Justine Trueman on the 4th August as part of the routine meeting schedule agreed.

Cllr Sunners recommended Cllrs visit the Wiltshire Police website to read the Chief Constable’s ‘open’ letter to the PCC. In doing so, Cllrs would be informed of the many initiatives currently being undertaken by WP which should serve to reassure the public.

23/73. Ward Cllrs reports. Ward Cllr Elliott for Chiseldon and Lawn Ward.
A report of items discussed with Jon Harris, the head of SBC Strategic Highways and Transport.

  1. The surfacing work on New Road by The Pats had been undertaken as this was particularly bad after the trenches had been dug to establish the state of the foundations.
  2. Funding for further investigative work in collaboration with Highways England has been received. And was planned for this year.
  3. The dropped kerbs report would be studied, and further discussion held.
  4. The 20mph zone was discussed and had the support of his department.
  5. The blocked drains in Draycott Road, Hodson Road and by The Pats were reported – and I was advised at the meeting that these had now been cleared.
  6. Suggested EV Charging Points locations required – SBC has some funding to install.
  7. Suggested Bus Stop Shelters locations required. As above.
  8. Planning Enforcement – Three Trees Stables – reported this to SBC approx 6 months ago and their officer made a visit which was inconclusive, but diary dated a follow up inspection about now. I chased this up and they are booking a compliance visit to the site.

Items 6 and 7 will be added to the next PC planning meeting for discussion and vote.

23/74.  Review of available CIL funds from SBC and vote on where CPC can request the funds are transferred for its own use on community projects.
The funds and their allocations were discussed and a list will be drawn up of what requests to make to SBC for the Clerk to submit. The list will be added to the councils website on the planning page.

A proposal was made to approve areas of funding to request from SBC so that they can be used direct in the parish for the benefit of residents. The proposal was seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

23/75. Review and vote on signing the “Licence to Occupy” agreement from the DVSA for the camp stone to be placed on their site.

A proposal was made to approve the signing of the Licence to Occupy agreement. The proposal was seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

23/76. To vote on hosting the ICCM memorial safety course in the Rec hall. This provides the Clerk with a free place on the course.

A proposal was made to approve the ICCM course at the Rec hall. The proposal was seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

23/77. FINANCE. To review and approve the changes to the Sanders Webworks pricing structure.

A proposal was made to approve the pricing changes from Sanders. The proposal was seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

23/78. FINANCE. To approve the signing of the forms for the Unity bank credit card for council purchase.

A proposal was made to approve the signing of forms for a Unity credit card. The proposal was seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

The credit limit is to be discussed at the next available Finance meeting.  The RFO is to apply for the minimum amount approved in the meantime.

23/79. To note the correspondence with regards to a residents tree report and our insurance companies response. Further actions to be voted on if required.
The report was noted.

A proposal was made for the Clerk to get quotes for the group of trees between the residents property line and the Rec field to be cut down and take to an EGPA meeting for approval. It was noted that the tree at the front of the property does not belong to CPC.

23/80. Approval of the asset register and bad debtor policy.
A proposal was made to approve the 2 policies. The proposal was seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

23/81. PLANNING. Review and vote on any planning applications received by Swindon Borough Council after the agenda is published. There were none.

23/82. Committee reports

Finance – Transaction reports to be reviewed at the next meeting.

EGPA – Cllr Rogers.  Brief report of committee activities received.

Planning – Cllr Jefferies. No report as not in attendance.

Risk Assessments – (Months are deleted from this report once all items are complete)

July assessments were:

Rec Hall/compound and carpark – Cllr Rawlings to do. Completed. No issues.

Rec field – volunteer needed. – Completed by Handyman. No issues.

Trees owned by CPC – Sir Henry Calley, Butts Road, Rec field – Cllr Jefferies to do.

August assessments are:

Outside gym – Cllr Sunners to do

Pavilion on Rec field – Cllr Sunners to do

Allotments – Cllr Jackson to do

Interments and funerals – Clerk to do

Cemeteries x2 – Cllr Jackson to do

Handyman tasks and safe lifting – Clerk to do with Handyman

Cemetery Maintenance  – Handyman to do.

Leaflet Delivery – Clerk to do

Tree Planting – Handyman to do

Correspondence feedback for Cllrs – None

23/83. Items for next agenda.


Meeting closed 20.15


All Actions to be completed by the next Full Committee meeting unless otherwise specified.


23/29. Chase up Badbury hedge cutting and white line painting issues with Ward Cllr Sumner.

23/44. Create monthly Ward Cllr rota when details are known.

23/73. Add bus stops and EV charging points to next planning agenda.

23/74.  A list to be drawn up of CIL funds that can be requested from SBC for the parishes use. The Clerk is to email the list to SBC and update the PC’s website.

23/76. Arrange ICCM memorial inspection course.

23/77. Update Sanders and RFO that pricing structure change approved.

23/78. RFO to apply for Unity credit card on minimum spend basis.  Credit limit to be approved at next applicable finance meeting.

Ward Cllr Hopkins and Elliott

20/16. Investigate end of Badbury footpath being blocked. Waiting for SBC officer update.

23/10. To find out the current situation with regards to public footpaths and maintenance after the Countryside Access talk that SBC did not attend.