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Cllr Mills and Cllr Jefferies arrive at 19.37

Cllr Costigan arrives at 19.40

17/36 Co-opt of Councillor

Matt Clarke presented to the Council his reasons for placing himself forward as Parish Councillor.

Matt Clarke then left the room for the Council to discuss.

Cllr Jefferies proposed that Matt be co-opted as a new Parish Councillor. This proposal was seconded by Cllr Bates. All Councillors were in favour.

Matt Clarke was invited back into the room, and advised he had successfully been co-opted as a new Councillor.

Cllr Clarke then signed the Acceptance of Office book and took his place at the Council table.

17/37  Presentation from Alison Waine and Jordon McEwen from SBC in regards to new PSPO to bring in new dog fouling laws.

Alison advised that the team make a large number of visits to the Parish currently to monitor for dog fouling. They are unable to issue fixed penalty notices at present. They must witness dog fouling occurring in order to prosecute. In future they hope to be able to delegate powers to members of the public to issue fines. This is currently not in force.

The Anti Social Behavior legislation of 2014 means they can issue public protection orders. What they want to introduce borough wide is the ability to ban dogs from enclosed play areas and issue on the spot fines. The public consultation is active at the moment and ends in September 2017.

Some areas will be exempt from this order such as agricultural land.   Guide dog owners and owners with some disabilities will be exempt also.

Currently the use of photos cannot be used to prosecute offenders, but they hope to soon have the power to allow local people to issue on the spot fines.

Current bags of dog waste that are left behind are not covered by the fouling laws. However when the team are on patrol, if they see this happening they can issue a litter fine for this. The question was asked whether we can ban dogs from Parish Council land. We must have evidence of excessive fouling to enable this to happen. If there is a problem are it needs to be documented to be able to ban dogs. Members of the public can report an incident and the culprit will receive a warning letter.

CCTV footage can be used in fines and prosecution if the image is clear enough.

What now…?

The Parish Council will update FB and the website with this information.  We will engage with the local primary school to have a poster competition to ask people to stop doing this. This will be moved to a committee for further discussion and to form a future plan. It was noted that dog waste bags can be placed in household rubbish bins.  Double bagged ideally.

Alison and Jordan left the meeting at 20.13

17/38  Declarations of interests.


17/39 Approval of minutes from 12th June 2017.

Page 4 – Correct spelling mistake

A proposal was made by Cllr Hill that these minutes be therefore accepted; Cllr Mills seconded this and all Cllrs were in favour.

17/40 Matters arising and action points:

Matters arising:

Page 1 – Cllr Bates asked if the comment on additional parishing services meant that more items had been taken on.  The Clerk confirmed that this wasn’t the case, a list was sent round to remind all Cllrs of the services taken on in April 2017, which had already been voted on in Environment and Full Council.

Page 2 – Cllr Hill commented on Cllr Foleys Ward Cllr report, the Esso Station extension is almost complete yet their rubbish bins are located outside.  This needs to be monitored as per the conditions of their planning approval.

Page 2 – Cllr Hill commented on the New Road Build Out area and when traffic lights were present for road works. Local residents were concerned over the positioning of the traffic lights which still caused confusion when exiting and The Canney.  The traffic lights will be back in place 5 more times in the next 6 months.

Ward Cllr Shaw commented that SBC may not know about these traffic lights as companies such as Sky and BT do not need permission to do road works.

It has been noted that photo’s should be taken on any problem areas and the information sent to the Clerk who can report to SBC any unsafe areas.

Page 5 – Carrisbrook Terrace. The front garden of no27 has a new block paved drive and the pallets used for delivery of materials are stacked on the pavement outside the property.  Cllr Hill will send over information so the Clerk can deal with this.

Action Points:


16/107. Ask Ward Cllr Shaw if he has found out why the A346 does not have street lights going toward M4 – ongoing, Cllr Shaw to advise. COMPLETED, CLLR JEFFERIES WILL ASK FOR TRANSPORT DEV COMMITTEE TO PURSUE.

17/24. Add the SBC webcam link to the FB page and website for checking when recycling area is not busy. COMPLETED

17/24. Send all Cllrs the extra parishing work info. COMPLETED

17/25. Send Cllr Foley our original communication on planning application for Esso service station COMPLETED

17/25. Send Cllr Foley our official status on the New Road buildout so an update from SBC can be provided. COMPLETED

17/26. Talk to Tracy, the Clerk at Stratton St Margaret about their agreement with STORM. COMPLETED. STRATTON ST MARGARET HAVE NO CONCERNS OVER STORM’S SERVICE.

17/29. Report back to SBC that option 3 is the choice for CTSG from CPC. COMPLETED

17/30. Re-schedule finance review of committee against budget to July agenda. COMPLETED

17/31. Add M4 J15 update to next full council meeting agenda. COMPLETED

17/32. Talk to Haydon Wick Clerk about remaining an apolitical council – ask for advice. Add this agenda item for 3 months’ time. COMPLETED. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE.

17/33. Add composition of committees to July main council agenda. COMPLETED.

17/34. Check deadline for SBC new school bus proposal so CPC can get their reply in. COMPLETED.

17/35. Write to resident at 27 Carrisbrook Terrace with regards to fly tipping at the rear of their property. COMPLETED. NO NEED TO WRITE AS RESIDENT OWNS THE LAND.

Ward Cllr Shaw

16/107. Ask Ward Cllr Shaw if he has found out why the A346 does not have street lights going toward M4 – ongoing, Cllr Shaw to advise. COMPLETED, CLLR JEFFERIES WILL ASK FOR TRANSPORT DEV COMMITTEE TO PURSUE.

Cllr. Jeffries

17/24. Email Cllr Mills the concerns over lack of lighting on the A346 heading towards the roundabout so he can add to the Transport Committees list of concerns to work on. COMPLETED

Cllr Foley

17/24. Request that SBC planning team have a meeting/training session with CPC on their land supply plan, what makes a relevant planning objection and challenges faced by 106 agreements being challenged. Richard Bell to be invited also.  COMPLETED, WAITING FOR SBC TO SCHEDULE IN TRAINING, CLLR SHAW WILL ALSO RAISE THIS.

Cllr Harris

17/30. Send committee Chairs their expenditure against budget for next full council meeting. COMPLETED

Cllr Brady

17/32. Talk to Stephen Taylor at SBC about how we can create a document for the PC remaining apolitical. COMPLETED. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE.

17/41 School Bus Consultation

Currently 6th formers who go to Ridgeway School have to pay £409 per year for a pass to allow them to use the relevant bus from Chiseldon to Wroughton. From Sept 2018 SBC want to take this service away. Parents will have to make alternative arrangements for children to get to school.

The consultation so far as received the most responses from the Chiseldon parish area. There is a proposal with this consultation that makes the Ridgeway School exempt from this change.

Cllr Hill proposed that the Clerk sends the Parish Councils comments back stating the opposition to this proposal, and we support the proposal that the Ridgeway catchment area be exempt from changes. This was seconded by Cllr Rawlings and all those at the meeting were in favour.

17/42 Ward Councillors reports.

Cllr Shaw:

Potential loss of evening bus services. Cllr Shaw advised that Ward Cllrs had asked Nigel Hale for a statement on how many people currently use this service.

They will try to keep the service running as long as possible.

Cllr Shaw commented that SBC is one of the best authorities in the UK when it comes to dog fouling legislation and other councils will be looking to see what SBC do.

There is a large tree stump at the bottom of Plough Hill, Cllr Brady brought this to Ward Cllr Shaw’s attention and he will get SBC to check on this.

The reported pot holes are being dealt with. The Hodson Road patching has been done, however the High Street near the Spar hasn’t been fully patched and remains a hazard to cyclists.

The road going down Plough Hill is in a poor state of repair. It was last surfaced 4 years ago. This needs to be brought up in the Transport Development Committee.

Cllr Shaw would support a request for this to be reported to SBC and resurfaced.

Cllr Brady asked about the progress of the yellow lines in Hodson Road/New Road. The Road Traffic Order will end in mid to end July and Cllr Shaw will have talked to Philip Matlow at SBC before the next Parish Council meeting and can report back on progress. This covers the layby in New Road also.

In regards to housing, Cllr Shaw will send the email from housing to the Clerk as it provides an update on various issues.

Cllr Shaw is trying to arrange a meeting with regards to Windmill Piece, he will keep the council informed.

Cllr Shaw happily reports that none of the Swindon high rise buildings have the same panels as those on the Grenfell tower block.

Cllr Hill asked if the Butts Road resurfacing was still going ahead. There are large sections of road to be replaced. Cllr Shaw will ask for a map to show the areas being resurfaced.

17/43 Update on Standing Orders

Cllr Brady read out the amended comments to the council.

Cllr Hill proposed the committee accept the changes to this document. Cllr Harris seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

Ward Cllr Shaw left the meeting at 21.00

17/44 Proposed Committee changes.

Cllr Brady went through the document supplied before the meeting, the Environment and Recreation Committee would be merged, the Planning and Transport Development Committee would be merged and the Finance Committee would remain the same.

Cllr Brady has asked Cllrs to take this information away and think about it to see if the changes can be implemented by Sept 2017.

Cllr Costigan commented that this approach seems to make sense as it makes the council more efficient. However when it is implemented the budgets need to be considered.

There is an action for Cllr Harris to look at reconfiguring the budget and the current chairs to consider the blending of the committees and their activities.

The Councillors are to email Cllr Brady with their views and she can put together documentation. There will be a vote in the August council meeting.

In August Cllrs will need to talk about how they are placed within the new committees.

Cllr Sunners commented that he also thought this was a good decision as the Recreation Committee is a small committee with some large decisions to be made. The load needs to be spread for the responsibility for actions taken.

17/45 J15 M4 Update

Cllr Mills reported back on responses from Highways England. They were given our initial proposals and replied to say the A346 isn’t a strategic road for them and the A346 is the responsibility of SBC.  Cllr Mills still believes that the Council should challenge this stance.

There were questions raised on J16 and J15 in terms of similarities. The Wichelstowe development had £48 million borrowed for infrastructure improvements. Another £50 million was borrowed by SBC to facilitate the development. This raises the question of why SBC cannot borrow funds to make required improvements to J15.

Cllr Martin advised on the joint council meeting held with Liddington and Wanborough.  Wroughton were invited but didn’t attend. The common issues were discussed and the next steps are to work though the modelling information given.

17/46 Finance Review of spend against budget.

Cllr Harris advised that this a guide for all committees so they can spend their budgets appropriately within the financial year. It will be published on the Parish website in due course.

17/47 Community Safety

Nothing to report from the police in regards to crime trends or issues.

It is unlikely from now on that the council will have a police representative attend council meetings.

Cllr Sunners reported on the meeting with himself, Cllr Brady, the Clerk, PC Sophia Best and Inspector Dave Hobman.

The drop box at the Spar is to be removed, Sophia’s team will report back on issues and crime trends likely to affect the parish. The Parish Chapel will be used by the team as a meeting point where the public can pop in if they see the vehicle outside.  The Clerk is meeting with Sophia at the Chapel on Wednesday. They will use the Chapel as a base when waiting for a call out.

Sophia had reported that known local offenders are being monitored. They will also try to make a visit to the Youth Mobi.

17/48 Shared Access proposal – mast or floodlights at Rec ground for mobile communications.

The proposal was discussed in terms of what has been presented so far.  There are pros and cons to this.  The Clerk is to invite Shared Access to the next full council meeting.

17/49 Review of Committee minutes and documents


June’s payments and receipts had not yet been approved by the committee so they require a vote tonight.

Cllr Brady proposed that they be accepted as accurate, Cllr Costigan seconded this and all Cllrs were in favour.


The STORM documents have been received and will be reviewed on Thursday.

Transport report from Cllr Hill:  

The bus stop flags on the way to Wroughton are still to go in. Stagecoach has been chased and have been asked if when they visit Swindon can Chiseldon be first. They said yes.

Cllr Hill doesn’t think Mary Martin will carry on funding the evening buses due to lack of use. Wroughton are campaigning against this as this service serves all of South Swindon.

Passengers must record their journeys on the buses for the use to be recorded.


Cllr Sunners advised that the CVPA work is ongoing. The Rec Hall work is also ongoing. The  Pavilion shower walls will be fixed shortly.


The Esso Station build need to be monitored. The New Road planning application hasn’t been submitted yet. The corner field on Hodson Road for Hannick homes hasn’t been submitted yet.

Burderop Park are currently talking with the Historical Society about the main house. This means CH2M will be on site for longer.

The manor house development looks crowded and encroaches onto neighbouring streets.

Transport Development:  

Nothing to report.

17/50 AOB

Cllr Brady commented about volunteers wanting to open a book exchange at the Chapel. Council members thought this was a good idea.

The Environment agenda needs an item about refurbishing the Chapel doors.

Cllr Mills asked about future services SBC will pass to parishes and what are other parishes are doing and what else will be passed over. Cllr Brady advised we will only take on work the council can handle. It will be discussed fully each time.

The meeting closed at 22.06


All Actions to be completed by the next Full Committee meeting unless otherwise specified.


17/37. Update FB and Website with regards to new info on dog fouling.

17/48. Invite Shared Access to August full council meeting.

Cllr Hill:

17/40. Send the Clerk the information about Carrisbrook Terrace.

Cllr Harris:

17/44. Reconfiguring the committee budgets for change to committee structure                                      .