22/186 Approval of apologies given. None received.

Non-attendance with no apologies – Cllrs Barnes, Bates, and Randall.

22/187. Declarations of Interest.  None.

22/188. Public recess.  No public

22/189. Approval of rowan memorial tree and plaque in the Sir Henry Calley Memorial Garden.

4 foot rowan tree with plaque to be planted alongside stone wall with Holy Cross churchyard.

A proposal was made for the tree and plaque to be planted in the noted location providing the family accept that CPC will keep the tree trimmed to a height that will prevent issues in the future due to excessive size.  The proposal was seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

22/185. Items for next agenda.    None
Meeting closed 19.21


All actions to be completed by the next Full Committee meeting unless otherwise specified.

None from this meeting. See 20th Feb 2023 minutes.