18/50. Declarations of interest.

Cllr Clarke is a member of the Football Club

Cllr Rawlings is an allotment holder

Public recess.

No public

Julie Porte and Rachel Whatley from the Chiseldon Tennis Club

18/51.  Approval of previous Environment, General Purpose and Amenities minutes from 16th July 2018.

No changes

The minutes of the meeting held on 16th July 2018 were approved as an accurate representation, proposed by Cllr Bates, seconded by Cllr Hill; all those at the meeting were in favour.

18/52.  Matters arising/Action points for EGPA Committee.

Matter arising: Clerk advised there had been a possible booking enquiry from St John’s ambulance with regards to regular hall hire.  The Clerk will update the committee with any more information received.

Action points from July 2018

Summary of Action Points


  • 17/116 Arrange for Probation team to clear the sludge at the road edge at The Canney.  Ongoing. Cllr  Brady and Rawlings to walk village to check other sites. Canney still needs doing by probation team.
  • 17/123 Create a new allotment lease to include Maintenance of trees on plots, planning of new trees and containment of roots. Exit conditions of the plot and charges for rectifying plot. Done – on agenda.
  • 17/141 Further follow up with SBC on library funding. Ongoing. Cllr Brady to talk to Jane Beaumont.
  • 17/144 Provide Mike Ash at SBC with details of drainage needs at The Canney. Remove as with Ward Cllrs now.
  • 18/09 Investigate portable sports flooring in interlocking squares. Closed action – not suitable for table tennis use.
  • 18/38 Report to Ward Cllrs that Canney Green doesn’t drain water due to dip in pavement.  SBC clear the drains but they soon become full. Ongoing.
  • 18/40. Add costs of new bin at Strouds Hill to August agenda for approval. Done.
  • 18/42 Ask for Tennis Club summer camp info so it can be promoted. Done.
  • 18/43 Ask Cllr Walton to provide costs for car park improvements to Aug agenda. Done – On agenda.
  • 18/45 Add see-saw decision to August agenda. Done.
  • 18/46 Order new bench and arrange installation. Ongoing – bench ordered.
  • 18/48 Do BIOS reminder on FB and website. Done.

Cllr Walton:

  • 18/22 Talk to Brian Boston at the TC about the inspection of the courts. Done – on agenda.
  • 18/25 Talk to contacts about starting prices for Rec carpark improvements.  Done – on agenda.

Cllr Clarke:

  • 18/47 With Clerk – make sure Merretts work schedule is followed. Ongoing – need to wait for rain.

18/53 Buildng & Amenities Priority – Tennis Club update

Report from Julie Porte.

The veranda roof is leaking – the club will deal with this.

They are chasing up the paint supplier for the courts paint. The brown spots are cosmetic.

Small holes will be filled in with tarmac and Phil Kerley the coach will be spraying weed killer.

They will do regular leaf blowing to keep the leaves off the courts.

They will be getting a new smaller promotional banner, and are looking for separate fixings so the fences do not need to be used.

There were 77 children who attended the summer camp. Some were members and others just came along for sessions during the holiday. 5 new children signed up as a result.

Cllr Jefferies asked whether the coach paid a fee to the club to use the courts for the camps? Julie confirmed that Phil was not charged for using the courts. They advised that Phil “pays” them back in other services such as weed killing. It was suggested that Phil may want to pay back a % of what he earns from these camps.

Phil spent 2 days at Chiseldon Primary school, but sadly this didn’t get much of a response back. He directs children from all over the area to Chiseldon Tennis Club.

In regards to matches, the ladies team are doing very well in division 1. The men are in division 2 in 4th place.

Their membership numbers are down in total to 42 members.
It was noted by Cllr Brady that fund raising for the clubs future still needs to be looked at in general to ensure adequate funds moving forwards. The netball club hiring the courts would have been a good income generator.

They used to have large companies hiring the courts for corporate or team events. They will look at promoting this again.

They used funds from Sports Swindon to create 1000 flyers. They offered free coaching to new members on these flyers. They didn’t get much positive feedback from this.

The current membership fees are £110 per adult and between £6 and £30 a year for juniors. There are no other costs apart from coaching fees.

The next set of club minutes will be sent to the Clerk.  The Wroughton Solar fund is now going live for the next round of grants. The club will apply or a grant for a defib on the recreation field.

There is an action for the Clerk to look at the business rates for the TC, as they receive a letter advising them of a zero charge for rates, yet they pay a % of the Rec hall rates each year in their annual invoice from the Parish Council.

They will be doing an event near Halloween.

The Chiseldon House Hotel had said they wouldn’t hold the keys anymore for the public courts but Julie is hoping to talk to them to change their mind. The Spar was mentioned as an alternative location.

The dates for the hall painting have been confirmed with the club and this will include the Tennis Club side.

They are thinking of expanding the veranda so that people can watch matches being played.

Julie and Rachel leave at 20.03.

18/54 PRECEPT for 2019/20

Funding for library provision was discussed. Cllr Hill advised that SBC sell off their old books cheaply.

Cllr Brady feels library funding isn’t required this year as there is the option to create something at the Friday coffee morning, plus the Wroughton library is available. The Sports and Social club have a book swap facility also.

Castle View Play area. There is a requirement for £3500 to repair the flooring at the play area.  The committee will request £5000 to allow for further repairs and improvements and accept if this drops to £3500 for the essential repairs.  There is a need to apply for grants next year for larger scale improvements.

Cllr Michelle Harris commented on facilities for older children and adults. The outside gym equipment looks popular.  It would also benefit those in the area with no children.

Large double coach doors at Old Chapel. The doors have been neglected for the past few years in the precept but are not in more urgent need of repairs to stop them becoming unusable.  The Clerk will try to get a quote in time for the finance meeting but a maximum amount of £2000 will be requested for this work.

The single gate at the Sir Henry Calley Memorial Gardens is rotten and needs replacing. £500 will be requested for this for a new metal gate.

The noticeboard at Ridgeway View is falling apart so £500 will be requested for a new board.

An amount of £100 will be requested to lay a path from the referees room at the pavilion to the front of the pavilion to avoid mud in winter.

The transitional funding from SBC will stop in 2019/20 so this will need to be taken into account for parishing work.

It was suggested that 5% be added to contractors costs to factor in price increases from them.

18/55 PARISHING – New bin near the Spar

The emptying of the existing bin 3 times a week has already been approved, so it was decided to see how this works before making a decision whether to add a new bin in this area.

18/56 PARISHING – Moss removal from pavements

The Allbuild costs for this work are:

  •  £56.00 plus VAT for moss prevention spray.
  • £120.00 plus VAT for 1 day to spray all areas.
  • £80.00 plus VAT jet wash hire.
  • £264.00 plus VAT labour.

It was confirmed this was a H&S issue as 2 people fell over on slippery pavements last winter.

A proposal was made by Cllr Brady to approve this quote. Cllr Walton seconded this proposal and all Cllrs were in favour. To be passed to the Finance committee.

18/57 PARISHING – Further tree work at Rec ground

Morgan trees quoted £480.00 no VAT to crown and reduce height of a tree that is dying at the Recreation ground.

A proposal was made by Cllr Walton to approve this quote. Cllr Brady seconded this proposal and all Cllrs were in favour.  To be passed to the Finance committee.

Cllr Clarke chaired the meeting for the next 2 items.

18/58 VILLAGE APPEARANCE – Allotment tank lids

A quote from Allbuild for £125 plus VAT was received for new plywood lids.

A proposal was made by Cllr Hill to approve this quote. Cllr Brady seconded this proposal and all Cllrs were in favour.  To be passed to the Finance committee.  Cllr Rawlings did not vote.

18/59 VILLAGE APPEARANCE – Allotment. Amendments to lease for Nov 2018 onwards

The updated lease had been circulated to Cllrs prior to the meeting.

The main amendments were:

  • Charge new tenants a £50 deposit to be paid back at the end of the tenancy if the plot is left in a suitable condition.
  • Permission required to grow trees
  • Firming up the definition of payment dates and amounts for plots
  • Privacy statement

A proposal was made by Cllr Walton to approve this quote. Cllr Jefferies seconded this proposal and all Cllrs were in favour.  To be passed to the Finance committee.  Cllr Rawlings did not vote.

18/60 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITITES – Tennis Club fence repairs

One tension wire on the fencing was damaged by the probation team some time ago. It was agreed in principle for the Parish Council to pay for these repairs.

Allbuild will be asked to quote.  The company who did the last fence repairs will also be asked to quote.

18/61 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITITES – Rec Hall car parking update

There is currently £5000 in the budget which needs to be spent this year.  So far an approx. quote from Tithegrove for the work is £9800.  The question raised was does the council take the rest of the funds needed for this from the reserves? In general it was decided that it was a valid request to make to the Finance committee.

The concept is to move the current railings approx. 15 meters onto the field to allow the parking area to be extended, as well as the surface improved.

Possible funding sources are the Memorial Hall grant, lottery funding or Sports England.  Cllr Walton will put together a spec for the work for the Clerk to go out to tender with.

There is an action for Cllr Brady and Cllr Clarke to find out about Sports England funding.

The Clerk, Cllr Brady and Cllr Jefferies will look into lottery funding.

There was a proposed to raise the release of extra funds from reserves with the Finance committee on the 23rd August.  Cllr Brady proposed; Cllr Bates seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

It was noted that the Tithegrove prices are at cost.


The Clerk updated the committee on the fund raising efforts that have been started by residents to fund new football goal posts.   There is still some decision to be made on the goal post choice but as long as SBC approve this, then the plan can go ahead when funds are raised.

18/63 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITITES – Approval of new see saw for Rec ground.

Of the choices provided so far by the Clerk, the “Glow Worm” see saw was preferred.  The costs are: £1517.00 plus VAT plus £78.85 delivery plus VAT. Total £1911.42.

Both Allbuild and iDec had quoted around £400 to install the equipment and heras fencing is to be supplied FOC by local businesses.

A proposal was made by Cllr Brady to approve this quote with iDec doing the installation. Cllr Hill seconded this proposal and all Cllrs were in favour.   Funds to come out of allocated budget.

18/64 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITITES – Increase cemetery costs?

Charges have not increased for 3 years yet services and contractors costs increase.  A 10% increase to current costs with immediate effect was agreed on.

These costs are one off costs to the next of kin and then the plot is looked after indefinitely after that without extra cost. (Unless there are gravestone issues which are H&S related)

Cllr Brady proposed to approve this cost increase, Cllr Rawlings seconds. All Cllrs are in favour.

18/65 COMMUNITY PRIORITIES – Football Club update

Matt Clarke reporting.  There is no heating in the pavilion, the club are requesting that heating be installed.  The Clerk is to get quotes for this.  1 heater per side with a timer switch.

Matt will be meeting with Allbuild to get a cost for the concrete path from the referees door.

18/66 Vulnerable people and BIOS

Memory clubs are in the process of being arranged at the Church Hall and at Downs View care home.

Now that colder weather will be arriving, residents need to be reminded to care for elderly neighbours.  The Clerk is to add meals on wheels info to FB and website.  Cllr David Hill is to provide this information.

Clerk to also promote the fire safety checks and Bobby Van visits.   Also keep doing the monthly reminders on the defib locations.

18/67 Any other business

Cllr Hill advised that the Canney green grass area hadn’t been cut at the same time as the other grass areas. The Clerk will check with Allbuild but it is probably that a different smaller mower needs to be brought in for that area and it will get done later in the week.

Cllr Walton will ask the probation service to cut back the hedges in this area, including the Snowberry bush near the dog waste bin.

Cllr Matt Clarke commented on how good the scarecrow trail was.  The Clerk has an action to write to the organiser thanking her.

The meeting closed at 21.23

Summary of Action Points


  • 17/116 Arrange for Probation team to clear the sludge at the road edge at The Canney.  Ongoing. Cllr  Walton and Hill to meet on site.
  • 17/141 Further follow up with SBC on library funding. Ongoing. Cllr Brady to talk to Jane Beaumont.
  • 18/38 Report to Ward Cllrs that The Canney doesn’t drain water due to dip in pavement.  SBC clear the drains but they soon become full. Chase this action.
  • 18/46 Order new bench and arrange installation. Just needs installing.
  • 18/53 Investigate business rates for Rec Hall and 20% paid by Tennis club. Work with Finance chair.
  • 18/59 Ask Allbuild and last fencing company used to quote for repairs to tennis court fence tension wire.
  • 18/63 Update list of cemetery costs and send to funeral directors.
  • 18/64 Get quotes for heaters in pavilion.
  • 18/60 Set reminders for cold weather warnings to help elderly neighbours and also promote meals on wheels, Fire safety checks and Bobby Van.
  • 18/66 Write to Scarecrow trail organiser thanking them for their work.

Cllr Brady & Cllr Jefferies:

  • 18/47 With Cllr Brady and Cllr Jefferies – Investigate lottery funding for Rec ground carpark.

Cllr Clarke:

  • 18/60 With Clerk – make sure Merretts work schedule is followed.

Cllr Clarke & Cllr Brady:

  • 18/60 Investigate Sports England funding for Rec ground carpark.

Cllr Walton:

  • 18/60 Send Spec to Clerk for Rec ground improvements

Cllr Hill:

  • 18/65 Provide Clerk with meals on wheels information.