19/40. Declarations of interest.


Public recess. none

Apologies: None Absence without apologies: none

19/41. Approval of previous EGPA minutes from 23rd May 2019.

No changes

The minutes of the meeting held on 23rd May 2019 were approved as an accurate representation, proposed by Cllr Sunners, seconded by Cllr Jefferies; all those at the meeting were in favour.

19/42 . Action points from May 19.



18/137 Monitor properties at Turnball & Slipper Lane for overgrown foliage into road and write letters if needed. ONGOING

19/06 Order new noticeboard for Ridgeway View (done) & arrange installation – to be completed by next meeting

19/07 Get SBC approval for new posts at Strouds Hill & also ask SBC to replace rotten one, with post supplied by CPC. Approved – waiting for SBC to complete work

19/12 Ask handyperson to quote number of hours to bury allotment water tank pipe. CLOSED – Getting probation team to do this

19/13 Add item to July/Aug agenda ref rolling new carpark at Rec – Add to July.

19/16 Add grants sub-committee to next EGPA agenda. DONE

19/17 Write letter to land owner about tractor speed and safety. DONE

19/25 Add Vice Chair item to June agenda. DONE

19/27 Canvass wider area of village via letter, FB and website ref Strouds Hill seating. Add to June agenda. DONE

19/30 Advise Tennis Club that approval given for internal storage. DONE

19/34 Get further quotes for tree work on Rec field. DONE – ON AGENDA

19/35 Purchase CVPA flooring materials for handyman to do repairs. NOT NEEDED – RECEIVED S10 funds for repairs

19/36 Update cemetery regulations. DONE

19/39 Write to SBC thanking team for A346 verge cutting. DONE

19/43 PARISHING PROGRESS. Purchase of petrol strimmer for handyman usage.

The Stihl brand of strimmer was decided upon, with Cllr Bates approaching local companies to get a package deal for safety equipment as well. Handyman will be consulted for the final decision.
The Parish Council’s garage will be utilized for storage. Costs to be approved by Finance Committee

A motion was raised by Cllr Rogers to purchase a Stihl strimmer & safety equipment subject to Finance Committee approval. Seconded by Cllr Jefferies and all Cllrs were in favour.

19/44 – VILLAGE APPEARANCE – Strouds Hill seating proposal

A wider selection of residents was leafletted to get opinions for seating. The deadline to reply is the end of June.
The item will be voted on at July committee meeting.
Original residents leafletted will be advised their views will still be considered.

19/45 VILLAGE APPEARANCE – War Memorial on New Road

The quotes from Allbuild and James Camilleri were reviewed.

A motion was raised by Cllr Rawlings to approve the quote by James Camilleri at Limeway for £400.00. Cllr Bates seconded and all Cllrs were in favour. To go to Finance Committee for approval.

19/46 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Tennis Club report

The report from the club was read out by the Clerk.

Cllr Rawlings and Bates are to meet with the handyman to discuss the issue of water getting onto the courts from the Rec field. Cllr Sunners is happy to have a key for the gates to open up the extra parking for softball and the softball team to be given a key as well.

19/47 – BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Pavilion – Path from Referee room

Quotes from Allbuild and iDec reviewed. The quote from Allbuild of £550 plus VAT was approved. This is a 2019/20 budgeted item so can go ahead without Finance approval.

19/48 – BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES –Allotments – Probation team to bury water pipe.

It was agreed to ask the probation team to do this work. Cllr Rawlings to make the request.

19/49. BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Rec field tree cutting

Morgan trees quoted £850 to remove the Ash tree or £550 to crown it. Matt Griffith could not quote at this time due to workload. Cllr Rawlings is going to ask after a 3rd quote with a contact he has.

A motion was raised by Cllr Bates that £850 be approved for tree work at the Rec and that if Cllr Rawlings quote was more competitive then this is the quote that would be accepted. Cllr Jefferies seconded and all Cllrs in favour.


A motion was raised by Cllr Rogers that the STORM quote of £125 plus VAT to repair the leak be approved. Cllr Jefferies seconded. All Cllrs in favour. Finance Committee to approve.


No items on the agenda however Cllr Rawlings advised that the rope bridge bolts had broken. He will find the paperwork from when the last set of ropes were ordered and advise the Clerk.


No items on agenda but wood from the fallen tree in the business park will be stored and sold for firewood.

19/53 COMMUNITY PRIORITIES – Football Club update

No issues. The report from Matt Clarke was sent to the committee.

19/54 COMMUNITY PRIORITIES – Grants sub committee

It was agreed that outside sports equipment would be a good item to look at getting a grant for.
Cllr Rogers has a contact for local outside activities which she will pass on.

19/55 Vulnerable people and BIOS

Memory café – June was supposed to be last session. As these have been successful hopefully the church will allow the hall to be used for longer.

Bios working well still, 5.15 Thursdays term time.

Cllr Jefferies mentioned bus no80 changes and no service for children going to St Johns due to Wilts Council funding cuts. SBC are talking to Wiltshire Council who fund this service.
Stagecoach will only run services that cover costs. Hopefully one service re-routed so care home staff can get back to Swindon.

19/56 Items for next agenda None.

The meeting closed at 20.53



18/137 Monitor properties at Turnball & Slipper Lane for overgrown foliage into road and write letters if needed.

19/13 Add item to July/Aug agenda ref rolling new carpark at Rec

19/43 Finance committee to approve final costs of petrol strimmer & safety equipment.

19/44 Write to Strouds Hill residents advising their original views on seating will still be noted.

19/45 Finance committee to approve costs for Limeway to repair the Memorial Stone on New Road

19/49 Finance committee to approve costs of £850 for the removal of Ash tree on Rec ground.

19/50 Finance committee to approve costs of £125.00 for STORM to fix leak at Rec hall