19/175. Declarations of interest & approval of any dispensations.

Cllr Rawlings rents an allotment from CPC.

Public recess.

No public.

19/176. Vote for new Vice Chairman of the Committee

Item postponed due to lack of Cllrs attending. To be scheduled for the next meeting.

19/177. Approval of previous EGPA minutes from 17th Feb 2020. No changes

The minutes of the meeting held on 17th Feb 2020 were approved as an accurate representation, proposed by Cllr Bates, seconded by Cllr Duke; all those at the meeting were in favour.

19/178. Action points from Feb 2020.

19/62 Get green waste leaflet from SBC for Ridgeway View – via Ward Cllr Jefferies. ONGOING

19/130 CPC and football club to work on Grants for pitch work from FA. ITEM TO BE REMOVED AS CLUB TO CONTACT CLERK IF HELP NEEDED

19/137 Ask Ward Cllrs to get SBC to revisit the issue of the dip in the Canney Green footpath. Also item 19/154. CLERK HAS CHASE WARD CLLRS

19/151  ALL Cllrs to provide Clerk with contact details of new groups to hire Rec hall. REMOVING AS CLLRS TO PROVIDE AS AND WHEN

19/151 Purchase items for CVPA. ONGOING

19/152  Get quotes for removing concrete and turfing rocker area at CVPA. 1 more quote needed. DONE – ITEM ON THIS AGENDA

19/154 Ask Ward Cllrs to arrange road sweeper at end of Canney Close. CHASED UP AS SWEEPER WAS OUT OF ACTION.

19/155  Ask Ward Cllrs for progress of hedge cutting on New Road. CHASED WITH WARD CLLRS

19/155  Ask SBC Rights of Way officer about path at rear of Drs surgery/hotel. CHASED WITH WARD CLLRS

19/160 Give Cllrs more info on Washpool lease for March agenda. DONE – ON THIS AGENDA

19/167 Add new Rec hall doors to March full council agenda DONE

19/168 1 more quote needed for CVPA rocker flooring replacement – more information to the committee for March agenda. DONE

19/171 Provide information to Cllrs on SHCMG on allocation procedure of graves DONE – ON THIS AGENDA

19/174 March agenda – Elect VC for EGPA committee & inspection of trees for the parish after recent storms ON AGENDA – VC FOR COMMITTEE MOVED TO NEXT AGENDA


No items

19/180 – VILLAGE APPEARANCE – Washpool Lease

Cllrs advised on the terms of the lease for the Washpool area by the council from the Langton Estate.

A proposal was made by Cllr Bates to request to extend the lease. Cllr Duke seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

19/181. VILLAGE APPEARANCE. Swindon in Bloom competition

The committee decided that it did not want Chiseldon to enter the competition due to the rising cases of the Coronavirus and the need to practice social distancing.

19/182. VILLAGE APPEARANCE. Moss removal

The proposals for hiring machinery to do moss removal on pavements were discussed.

A proposal was made by Cllr Rawlings to hire Allbuild and their street sweeper for 4 hours work totalling £100 plus VAT to clear moss of pavements. Cllr Bates seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.


Leaving an area uncut on Strouds Hill for wildflowers

A proposal to leave a long strip on the lower section where the 2 trees are on the grass was made by Cllr Bates, seconded by Cllr Duke and all Cllrs in favour.


Quotes for inspection of all PC’s trees on the Rec field and 2 cemeteries we maintain.

A proposal to get quotes for this work was made by Cllr Duke, seconded by Cllr Rawlings and all Cllrs in favour.

19/185 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Tennis Club report

Emailed report received:

Steve Riddiford has been up on the roof and said the builders have done a good job but he hopes the black rubber used does not become brittle in the sun.

There are still a couple of small holes but he will repair these. Winter leagues have finished now our men and mixed A did well.

Good news that defib funding is complete we are glad that we (Charlotte ) helped secure funding.

Parking still needs to be discussed. I will contact Matt… Courts will be moss treated when weather improves. Small dinks will also be filled and painted as soon as possible.


Further flood protection needed at tennis courts – Julie Porte Chairman of the club to address the committee. Cllr Bates suggested the club take photos of areas affected and send over. There was also the suggestion for the club to purchase “flooding floats” which hold back excess water. This will be passed over to the club.

Julie Porte not able to attend – move item to next meeting.

19/187. BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Football Club report.

No rep present
No report received


No items


No items


No items

Hatch Heritage have measured up for new door frames. They will advise on internal measurements for the new doors.

19/191. BUILDING & AMENITITY PRIORITIES – CVPA – Replacing Rocker flooring with grass

2 quotes received. Allbuild £ 1600 plus VAT and THWC Group for £1782 plus VAT.

A proposal was made by Cllr Bates to accept the Allbuild quote for the works. Second by Cllr Duke and all Cllrs in favour.

19/192. BUILDING & AMENITITY PRIORITIES – CVPA – Forklift needed for new equipment delivery

2 quotes received. THWC Group for £220 plus VAT, and the equipment suppliers quote which was over £3400 plus VAT.

A proposal was made by Cllr Bates to accept the THWC Group quote for the works. Second by Cllr Duke and all Cllrs in favour.

19/193 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Cemeteries.New land requirement for when SHCMG is full

A proposal was made by Cllr Rawlings to talk to the Langton Estate about a possible future purchase of land near the SHCMG for a further graveyard. Seconded by Cllr Duke and all Cllrs were in favour.

The Clerk to email the estate manager.

19/194 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Cemeteries. Tarmacking the Chapel office path.

2 quotes received for the tarmacking of the path: Allbuild for £5400 plus VAT and Hardwick Homes for £2750 plus VAT.

Cllr Bates proposed that Hardwick Homes do the work. Cllr Duke seconded, all Cllrs were in favour.

Item to be taken to next full council meeting for approval as no budget item for this, but reserves of £2500 set aside so far.

19/195 Vulnerable people and BIOS

No items but keep a general eye on elderly and vulnerable during this time with Coronavirus predicted to get worse.

The council presume that the BIOS visits will stop for the time being.

It was agreed to postpone the March parish litter pick to later in the year.

19/196 Items for next agenda

Election of VC for the committee

The meeting closed at 20.05