16/19. Vote for new Chair and Vice Chair of Environment Committee.

Cllr Bates nominated Cllr Rawlings to continue as Chair. This was seconded by Cllr Brady and all those at the meeting were in favour. Cllr Rawlings then carried on with chairing the meeting.

Cllr Harris then nominated Cllr Brady to continue as Vice Chair, this was then seconded by Cllr Bates and all those at the meeting were in favour. Cllr Brady then accepted the post of Vice Chair

16/20. Declarations of interest.

Cllr Rawlings is an allotment holder

Public recess.

No public

16/21. Approval of previous minutes from 19th May 2016.


Page 3 item 16/18 – Change the Salisbury Red service to read “might start to run every 2 hours if the no.8 service goes”.

The minutes of the meeting held on 19th May were then approved on a proposal by Cllr Bates, seconded by Cllr Harris; all those at the meeting in favour.

16/22. Matters arising/Action points.

Matters Arising

16/12 – HGV sign for Badbury – there has been a delay in this due to SBC having to talk to utility companies. Cllr Rawlings to follow up with B.Cllr Sumner.

Badbury Park Eastern Exit – traffic flow needs adjusting as vehicles exiting this junction are nearly going into oncoming traffic. Needs to be reported to ward councillors.

Action points – ongoing

16/133 Action for Cllr Sunners to read the transport plan document – handed over to Cllr Hill to complete.

16/146 Action for Cllr Rawlings -Parking posts at the Care home. Waiting for Ward Councillor Bennett to advise.This action to be carried forward until the local elections have occurred in May 2016 but B.Cllr Foley is also investigating. Can now talk to B.Cllr Gary Sumner.

Action for Cllr Rawlings – talk to Rob Core about the bank erosion at Mays Lane and Butts Road.
This is the responsibility of the Chiseldon House Hotel. Cllr Brady will talk to them about this. Ongoing action.

16/136 Action for Cllr Rawlings – Ask SBC if New Road demolition can be utilised for parking spaces. Ongoing action

16/136 Action for Cllr Rawlings – weight limit signs at Badbury and Draycot Foliat – Ongoing action.

16/7 – Action for Cllr Rawlings – Road signage at Badbury Park needs to be repaired and restored where appropriate – Ongoing action.

16/146 Action for Clerk – follow up with Allbuild about the new gate at SHCMG. Ongoing action. Has now been ordered, waiting for installation.

16/136 – Action for Cllr Harris – to talk to Rachel Sandys about Hodson bridge bank erosion – Cllr Harris to chase. Ongoing Action.

All other action points completed.

16/23. Allotments.

Need to finish digging the trench and then put the wire fencing up, Cllr Bates will help Cllr Rawlings with this.

Allotment holder has been written to about long grass and weed clearance on their plot.

Plot holder 10a needs a reminder letter to advise that the grass pathway next to their plot needs to be cut. Clerk to action.

16/24. Dog bins.

Nothing to report.

16/25. Highways

Cllr Wright updated the committee with regards to the road opposite DayHouse Lane. People are crossing near the Texaco Garage to get to Dorcan school. There is no crossing on this dual carriage way. They also need to cross the road to get to the bus stop. Our ward councillors need to help with this. There also needs to be a bus stop at the Dorcan Link road. Badbury Park residents association will also write a letter.
B.Cllr Eric Shaw is working on getting a new post box for the development.

(19.35 Cllr Walton arrives)

Cllr Hill then reported on the School transport document review he had undertaken.
His recommendations were proposed by Cllr Rawlings, and seconded by Paul Walton. All those at the meeting were in favour.
Action for Clerk to send an email letter back outlining our views.

Cllr Hill then reported back on the meeting he and Cllr Rawlings had with B.Cllr Dale Heenan.

They had been told that most of the bus services in the borough are now commercial services where SBC put money into the service. An operator needs to give 90 days to pull a service. There is 1 service sponsored solely by SBC that runs Alexandra Park.

Thamesdown have confirmed a new service (Service no. 47) being provided by West Berkshire council. It will not visit Chiseldon. If the Parish Council can sponsor this it will make a stop in Chiseldon. The figures for this are not yet known.

If everything goes to plan there will be 2 new mini bus services.

The Parish Council will need to decide in early 2017 if we can help to fund this. The no.8 service will stop at Badbury Park once up and running. The no.80 will run 2 to 3 times a day from next year.

Cllr Walton advised we need to seek Parishioners opinion of this, and put something in the Ridgeway Bell.
Also need to ask about the students who go to New College in Swindon.

Clerk to email Dale Heenan and Nigel Hale for an update on the mini bus services now West Berkshire are putting on 2 mini bus services.

Cllr Wright then left the meeting at 19.46

Cllr Brady and Cllr Harris will talk to Claire Maycock about engaging the public on this within the Parish Plan.

16/26. Parishing.

The contract has now been signed. There have been some teething issues but nothing that cannot be resolved.
There is more work than was first thought at Badbury. There is a footpath that needs clearing. Cllr Rawlings need to talk to Rob Core about this as it isn’t on our map of areas that need clearing. Cllr Brady advised that if it isn’t on our maps then SBC should still have responsibility to clear this.

Clerk to ask Lee at Allbuild to clear the bin opposite the petrol station on New Road.

Grass cutting – need to wait a month or so as the grass has been so long. Need to catch up on the strimming also. Once the grass is at an acceptable level the mowers will mulch the clippings.

Hedge on New Road. The 2 ends are to be cut shortly. The rest of the hedge will be trimmed to remove the brambles and then cut properly once the birds have finished nesting.

Action to Clerk to add “Environmental Services” to all Environment agendas. Also to add a comment to the next Ridgeway Bell article to ask residents to bear with us during this transition period.

16/27. Street furniture.

Clerk to chase Arthur Witchell with regards to his updates for the Environment meeting – to be postponed to July agenda.

16/28. Village appearance.

A proposal was put forward to look into providing planters in 2017. Cllr Walton proposed and Cllr Brady seconded. All those at the meeting were in favour.
Action for Clerk to put together some information on where to place them, also planting bulbs and get prices and volunteers to maintain them. Also ask about “adopt a planter” scheme.

16/29. AOB.

Using stones at Badbury to protect the verges. Clerk to write to SBC to see if we can use these there.

Clerk to also write to the Bumblebee Conservation trust to seek advice on how the Parish Council can assist residents to increase bumblebee population.

Cllr Hill raised a proposed that further Environment meetings start at 7.15pm. Cllr Walton proposed this and Cllr Brady seconded. All those at the meeting in favour.

At Esso Station a bollard has been knocked over – Clerk to email ward councillors to get this repaired.

The meeting closed at 8.24pm.