16/30. Declarations of interest.

Cllr Rawlings is an allotment holder

Public recess.

No public

16/31. Approval of previous minutes from 16th June 2016.


Page 1 – 16/19 Change the seconder of the Vice Chair to be Cllr Harris.

Page 2 – 16/25 – change spelling of duel carriageway to dual carriageway and change name of garage to be Texaco. Also note that the new bus service from West Berkshire is the no.47 service.

The minutes of the meeting held on 16th June were then approved on a proposal by Cllr Hill, seconded by Cllr Brady; all those at the meeting in favour.

16/32. Matters arising/Action points.

Matters Arising

Cllr Rawlings advised that the garages at Castle View Road had now been knocked down. Swindon Borough Council are to remove the built up surface and tarmac it. The sheet fencing will also be removed.

Action for Clerk to write to allotment holder 4B to remind them of their contractural agreements for allotment tenants.

In reference to item 16/146. B.Cllr Sumner will not be taking any action on this so the item has been passed on to SBC Highways department.

Bus service update – it’s been advised that West Berkshire 47 service will now provide some of the services that the proposed new mini bus service would have provided.
Cllr Brady will talk to the Parish Council where she lives to find out how they run their local community transport service as they have a very active community bus service.
The mini bus contract had gone out to tender and it was then realised that the cost would be prohibitive. Cllr Brady is going to investigate as another option is required for the Parish.
The Clerk will look into what community grants may be available.
The proposed new parking layby at the top of New Road is being handled by the Housing Dept of SBC.

Action points – ongoing

Action for Cllr Rawlings – talk to Rob Core about the bank erosion at Mays Lane and Butts Road.
This is the responsibility of the Chiseldon House Hotel. Cllr Brady will talk to them about this. Ongoing action. Engineers from SBC are to visit the site.

16/136 Action for Cllr Rawlings – Ask SBC if Downes Road demolition can be utilised for parking spaces. Ongoing action

16/136 Action for Cllr Rawlings – weight limit signs at Badbury and Draycot Foliat – Ongoing action.

16/7 – Action for Cllr Rawlings – Road signage at Badbury Park needs to be repaired and restored where appropriate – Ongoing action.

16/136 – Action for Cllr Harris – to talk to Rachel Sandys about Hodson bridge bank erosion – Cllr Harris to chase. Ongoing Action. Contact Jason Humm at Highways if no response.

16/28- Clerk to draft a plan for planters around the village.

16/18 – Cllr Hill to read the Transport plan document and report back to the Environment committee meeting.

All other action points completed.

16/33. Allotments.

Nothing to report – see matters arising.

16/34. Dog bins.

Nothing to report.

16/35. Highways

There are issues with vehicles parking on road junctions and obstructing traffic views. There is one example at Well Close where Cllr Rawlings has spoken to PC Draper about a resolution. If there are any issues with pulling out of a side junction due to a parked vehicle then a photo passed onto to PC Draper would be of benefit.

There may be a change of responsibility to what was first discussed in terms of footpath maintenance. Cllr Brady is going to talk to Kirsty Cole at SBC about this as more funding will need to be made available from SBC to cover this.

The bus bays at the Landmark Hotel are still not in place. This was going to be done in April. Cllr Rawlings to chase Suzanne Coles about this, and escalate to Jason Humm if not resolved.

Barnes have won the school bus contract to school year end 2018. The R29 service will run through Badbury. B.Cllr Sumner has advised that children will be collected from the centre of Badbury.
The school bus service is to be condensed so that the R25 will no longer be running which means the R23 will be full. There will therefore be a new double decker service in place.
Chiseldon Primary school currently does a mini bus service to and from Badbury Park.
If these children want to go to Ridgeway school once they reach 11 the parents will have to talk to the Ridgeway school to see what bus service can be provided.

Cllr Hill questioned whether the Parish Council should write to the Headmaster at Ridgeway school with our concern over whether they will still be collecting children from Badbury Park. Cllr Brady is to action this.

There is going to be a new CofE Comprehensive school built at Wichelstowe for Sept 2018 opening. This is within the Chiseldon catchment area.

Children over 16 in education will now have to pay for school transport to the Ridgeway school. This will be £396.00 or £455.00 a year depending on their location in relation to the school.

16/36. Street furniture.

Planters in the Parish – a deadline was agreed of Feb 2017 for responses and then a plan will be formulated on locations and type of planter etc.

6 Station Road has received a letter about the overgrown hedge. There are bollards outside the property for unknown reasons at the moment.

Home Close management company – the hedges need trimming. Action for Clerk to find out who manages this – Cllr Costigan may know.

16/37. Village appearance.

Nothing to report

16/38. Environmental Services

Cllr Rawlings report that Allbuild are doing a good job. It has been noted that if home owners place boulders on public grass areas and there is any damage or injury as a result of this then the home owner is liable. This has been added to FB and the website and we now have a letter to post through residents doors advising them of this. Cllr Brady to post a letter through the door of a house on New Road.
A larger bin is being purchased for the area opposite the Esso Station on New Road.

16/39. AOB.

It was commented on that someone is selling cars outside their property on the Marlborough Road. There is no law prohibiting this.
Cllr Rawlings reported that there was an oversight with the placement of the bench on the track leading to the Butts Road Industrial Estate. This is not council land and belongs to the Calley Estate. We are waiting for Savills to advise if it can stay.
Cllr Rawlings to report to SBC that a street sign on New Road near Turnball has been damaged. Also a sign at The Canney has already been reported for repairs. Cllr Rawlings to chase this up with SBC.

Cllr Hill reported that James O’Neal the Commercial Manager of Stagecoach is going to be reviewing the number of people using the no8 service in October 2016.

There is a requirement for a traffic mirror at Turnball. Cllr Brady to email Jason Humm at SBC about this.

Cllr Mills advised that he knows the person who did the ironwork for the planters in Wroughton so can provide a contact for us if needs be.

The A346 traffic island still says “New traffic Island” after many years – can we get SBC to remove this sign. Cllr Rawlings to request this.

The meeting closed at 8.22pm.