16/121. Declarations of interest.

Cllr Rawlings is an allotment holder

Public recess.

No public

16/122. Approval of previous minutes.

No changes. The minutes of the meeting held on 17 December were approved on a proposal by Cllr Hill, seconded by Cllr Harris; all those at the meeting in favour.

16/123. Matters arising/Action points.

Page 2, (Minute 15/116 action points) Bus Bays for Landmark Hotel. Cllr Hill advised that this was still in progress and scheduled to happen.

Page 2 (Minute 15/117 action points) Confirmation that funds for the new noticeboard were coming out of the current year’s budget (financial year ending March 2016)

Page 2 (Minute 15/118 action points) Stagecoach bus damage to grass verges. The Clerk is to keep a list of all damages reported to the office or to Councillors.

Page 2 (Minute 15/118 action points) Cllr Rawlings confirmed he had dealt with the issue of the removal van damaging the verge at Wells Close. In this case the residents have rectified the damage.

Page 3 (Minute 15/120 action points) Leaves in Canney Close were collected the week before Christmas, Cllr Hill has passed on our thanks to B.Cllr Foley.
Fences at the Landmark hotel have been fixed.
Some of the residents of Stroud’s Hill have cut the grass themselves and cleared up the dog mess.
The car with the flat tyre on the corner of Stroud’s Hill and the High Street was taxed and MOT so was legally parked.

Action points

Clerk – 15/114 – Regarding notice period for tenants to vacate allotments. SLCC have advised we are correct to do so with a 40 day notice period if the tenant violates our contract terms. Cllr Brady suggested contacting Steven Taylor at SBC to get appropriate wording for the letter to the tenant. Clerk to make contact to ask for wording.

All other action points have been actioned.

16/124. Barnes Coach Discussion

The committee welcomed Nigel Hale from SBC and Peter Kordula from Barnes Coaches.

Cllr Rawlings outlined our concerns with regards to the frequency of accident near misses in Badbury between Barnes Coaches and other road users, and the size of the coaches used. A question was asked as to whether these large coaches were necessary.

Mr Kordula advised that they pick up 25 children from rural villages so they need a large 41 seater coach. 5 children are collected from Meadow Way in Badbury.

Cllr Dudman raised the question as to whether SBC could run this service themselves using the Thamesdown buses which were smaller in size.

Mr Hale explained the contract process they go though and that Barnes Coaches were the successful contractor so they may use the size of vehicle they see fit. It was asked if Barnes coaches could put on a smaller coach for this service to try to ease the problem.

Mr Kordula advised that their fleet is made up of larger coaches and these coaches do further jobs throughout the day once the school run is finished, so larger coaches are needed.

The question was raised that would these coaches no longer be able to pass through Badbury once the “Unsuitable for HGV” signs were in place. Mr Hale said that coaches would probably be exempt from this.

Mr Kordula did confirm that Barnes coaches should only be going though Badbury for the school runs.

Cllr Dudman raised the question that two years ago residents of Badbury were required to cut down overhanging trees at their own costs to allow Thamesdown buses to start a double-decker bus route through the village. This route never went ahead but villagers still paid the cost of tree trimming. Mr Hale replied that the Thamesdown request was a legitimate one at the time so they had to comply with the request and ask for the trees to be trimmed.

Cllr Harris asked if Barnes Coaches had any plans to introduce smaller coaches to their fleet. Mr Kordula said there was no plan to do this.

Mr Hale commented on SBC’s Transport plans, and several Councillors commented that this had not been seen. Clair Wilkinson (Clerk) gave Mr Hale the Clerk’s email address and requested that a copy be emailed to the Clerk’s office. Clerk will follow this up to ensure it arrives.

After asking if there were no further questions, Cllr Rawlings thanked Mr Hale and Mr Kordula for attending and both left the meeting.

16/125. Allotments.

Plot 1b has been given 2nd letter with immediate notice to quit. Plot has been offered to next person on the waiting list.
Plot 10a. Clerk to contact Steven Taylor at SBC for appropriate legal wording of final notice to quit letter. Current plot holder had quoted the Allotments Act to the Clerk in dispute of their notice to quit so the Clerk is keen to ensure this matter is correctly handled.

16/126. Dog bins.

Clerk to ask Parish Website co-ordinator to update the map showing the location of the most recent dog bin. (End of Church Street near Parsonage Farm by the white gate as you enter the wash pool)

16/127. Highways

Cllr Rawlings proposed that the issue of the short life span of the Hodson Bridge be referred back to the Ward Councillors for referral to Robert Buckland MP. This was seconded by Cllrs Dudman and Hill, all those at the meeting in favour.
Cllr Hill reported that a parishioner had reported to him that the Hodson turn signs are too large.
Another parishioner has reported that the left hand turn sign when coming from Wroughton to Chiseldon is missing. Can SBC erect another? Cllr Rawlings to ask SBC.

16/127. Highways continued

It was discussed whether we could request double white lines at the Hodson turning. Budgets were discussed and it was mentioned that there may be a budget for a single white line.

Cllr Rawlings reported that the Hodson signpost was to be moved due to its current low visibility.
Cllr Harris posed the question of whether we could get “No overtaking” signs.

16/128. Street furniture.

The amount of rubbish around the Spar shop was commented on. A suggestion was whether the Parish Council could work together with the Spar owners to add a new rubbish bin outside the shop. Cllr Brady is going to contact Dawn the owner to open discussions.

16/129. Village appearance.

It has been reported that the upgrade to the garage on New Road has increased the amount of rubbish around that area. It was suggested the Parish Council write to Euro Garages who own the garage to suggest further rubbish bins be provided in the area. The Clerk is to action this.

It was commented that thanks be due to the Patriot Arms for moving their exterior promotional signs away from the road so traffic views are no longer obstructed. Clerk to write a Thank you letter to the Patriot Arms.

16/130. AOB.

Cllr Hill will talk to B.Cllr Shaw in regards to the postbox near the Spar. Still needs permanently fixing in place and there is no date plate on the box to indicate when the next collection is. Reports are that the box is not being used much with people still preferring to hand their mail in at the Post Office counter at the Spar.

Cllr Sunners is to talk to Cllr Shaw about 3 broken street lights in the Parish. 3 in Chiseldon in Church Lane, Turnball and Mays Lane. Cllr Sunners will email Cllr Shaw and CC the Clerk so the Clerk can keep a record of these.

The meeting closed at 8.07pm.


Cllr Brady

16/128 To make contact with the Spar shop owners to discuss joint funding of a rubbish bin outside the shop.

Cllr Hill

16/130 Talk to B.Cllr Shaw about the postbox outside the Spar.

Cllr Sunners

16/130 Email B.Cllr Shaw in regards to 3 street lights broken in Chiseldon.

Cllr Rawlings

16/127 Ask B.Cllr’s if they have removed the left hand turn sign from Wroughton to Chiseldon as a parishioner has reported it missing.


16/125 Seek advice from Steven Taylor at SBC concerning the wording on a letter giving final notice for tenants being asked to vacate an allotment.

16/129 Write a Thank you letter to the Patriot’s Arms for moving their signs so traffic views were not obstructed.

16/129 Write a letter to Euro Garages to request more bins around the garage to help with littering.

16/123 Clerk to keep a list of all Stagecoach Coaches damage to grass verges. Remind all Cllr’s to pass on any information regarding this.

16/126 To ask Website coordinator to update the website with the site of the latest dog bin.

16/124 Make sure we get a copy of SBC’s Transport Plan from Mr Hale or a colleague in SBC.