16/61. Declarations of interest.


Public recess.

No public

16/62. Approval of previous minutes from 15th September 2016.


The minutes of the meeting held on 15th September were approved as an accurate representation, proposed by Cllr Walton, seconded by Cllr Harris; meeting carried the motion unanimously

Note that Cllr Mills and Cllr Hill arrived at 19.20 and 19.27 respectively.

16/63. Matters arising/Action points.

Matters Arising

Cllr Walton advised that the probation team should have painted the flag pole by the end of the week.

Action points – ongoing

Actions 16/136, 16/146, 16/138/16/7, 16/35,16/39 x2, Public recess from 12th Sept,16/56 with Cllr Rawlings are now all on the Master List of work outstanding with SBC, and will be monitored and updated by the Clerk on a monthly basis.

16/136 – Action for Cllr Harris – to talk to Rachel Sandys about Hodson bridge bank erosion – Cllr Harris to chase. Ongoing Action. Contact Jason Humm at Highways if no response.
Action passed to the Clerk to contact Ward Councillors to act on this on our behalf, and to the added to the Master work list.

16/146 Action passed to Clerk to create a letter to the Care Home in Badbury about parking

16/28- Clerk to draft a plan for planters around the village. Ongoing but first draft has been presented to the Environment committee for 2017/18 precept.

16/32 – Clerk to look at community bus grants – ongoing

16/51 – Clerk to write letter to residents about damp and winter fuel issues – letter is created, needs to be printed and distributed.

16/51 – Clerk to write to Jason Humm about update regarding on parking bays at New Road. Clerk to now add this to Master work list and contact Ward Councillors direct to chase update.

16/54 – Cllr Walton to measure allotment plots – ongoing but progress has been made.

16/39 – Cllr Brady to email Jason Humm about traffic mirror at Turnball. Action passed to Clerk to be added to Master work list and contact Ward Councillors direct about this.

16/51 – Cllr Brady advised that bylaws can be applied for by a parish to stop people leaving their cars on public land. More work needs to be done to investigate the specifics of this.

16/56 – Cllr Brady to talk to Jason Humm about road tables being used on Hodson Road and Patriots Arms. Action passed to Clerk to be added to Master Work list and contact Ward Councillors direct about this.

All other action points completed.

16/64. Allotments.

The Committee was not able to vote on 2016/17 prices for allotments due to plot sizes not being known. Moved to November meeting.
Cllr Walton confirmed that Dick Poole is vacating all his plots at the end of December so the Clerk can then re-allocate them.
Clerk is having trouble contact anyone on the waiting list but will keep on trying.

16/65. Dog bins.

Nothing to report

16/66. Highways

Nothing to report but Cllr Hill has asked the Clerk to make sure the need for a new crossing on the A346 to allow pedestrians to reach the bus stop on the far side of the road and the new proposed bus stop location on the A346 are on the Master Work list for following up with SBC

The road tables were reviewed and the Committee believe these are a good traffic calming method. The Clerk has an action to write to the Ward Councillors requesting these on Hodson Road and in the area around the Patriot’s Arms and add this to the Master Work list.

16/67. Street furniture.

The Committee has voted its approval for the 3 new bins at the A346 Bus Stop Badbury side, opposite the Esso Garage and at the Calley Memorial Hall bus stop. There will able be a request to move the existing rubbish bin on the A346 school side, to be closer to the bus stop. Clerk to action this with AllBuild.

16/68. Village appearance and Cemeteries.

The question was asked about having leaves cleared this Autumn. The Clerk is going to contact AllBuild for a quote. The Clerk to also contact Rob Core to confirm SBC plans for tree clearance

Cllr Hill has received a question from residents about the hedge at New Road.
Cllr Walton advised that it was June 2015 when the hedge was last properly cut by SBC. Action for Clerk to ask Rob Core to get his team in to cut it properly ASAP.

There are also queries about the hedges at Canney Green and the back of No27 Canney Green near the cycle barrier. Cllr Hill is going to show Cllr Rawlings these sites.

Trench safety at Butts Road Chapel.
The quote from Allbuild of £550.00 for wooden sleepers was reviewed. The Clerk advised that Allbuild said iron railings would be approx. £1000.00

The Committee felt that for an extra £500.00 that iron railings presented good value for money over a number of years, were more in keeping with the historical building and area of outstanding natural beauty.
The Clerk is to get a full quote from Allbuild on iron railings.

Cllr Walton will provide a temporary solution in the meantime that means there is no risk of anyone falling into the trench.

The trench safety long term solution will be completed and budgeted for in this financial year.

16/69. Environmental Services

Nothing to report.

16/70. Budgets and projects for 2017 precept

The only outstanding Environment activity from 2015/16 is the plastering and decorating of the chapel.
A new suspected ceiling and improved heating was added to this list and the new total estimated at £5,000

The Clerk presented to the Committee a rough price guide for planters in the parish. The maximum total for this was approx. £2,500 which was added to the budget for consideration.

Cllr Sunners raised the idea of new signage in the Parish, to promote it being a parish and also include a new updated logo.

The Clerk advised that the cost of a new sign for CVPA was £37.00 including VAT so this provides an idea on prices. Cost estimate to be projected for 2017 re signage update with new logo

The Committee all approved this idea, and Cllr Harris will talk to the website developer company we have engaged to update the website, to get additional costs for this. Quote to be obtained for 2017 forecast

Cllr Sunners to talk to the Primary School to ask the Headmaster if the children can submit ideas for a new logo which the web company can adapt. –

16/71. AOB.

Change of signs at Badbury to prevent HGV’s going down Badbury Bottom. The committee were unable to make a decision on how the signs were to be changed. It was suggested we request a sign for Badbury Bottom stating the maximum width for vehicles. An additional sign was suggested for the Care Home to read “Care Home this way” or similar.

This issue to be discussed further at the November Environment meeting.