16/131. Declarations of interest.

Cllr Rawlings is an allotment holder

Public recess.

No public

16/132. Approval of previous minutes.

No changes. The minutes of the meeting held on 14 January were approved on a proposal by Cllr Hill, seconded by Cllr Sunners; all those at the meeting in favour.

16/133. Matters arising/Action points.

Matters Arising

Clerk – Action for item 16/124 – Amend numbers of children being collected from rural areas to 25, with 5 from Meadow Way in Badbury.

Clerk advised that action 16/125 for the allotment plot termination has been resolved

Page 3 action 16/127. It was clarified that a single white line was the only option because of the width of the B road it for required for.

Action points

Action 16/128 for Cllr Brady is outstanding however Cllr Sunners commented that Dawn is providing a valuable local service and does respond to any litter issues. Likewise Cllr Sunners keeps the area litter free, and also the area around Strouds Hill. He would like to see the Police postbox installed first, as would Dawn as it would encourage regular police visits.

New action to postpone this for now and re-visit in the summer. Clerk to keep a note to re-visit this.

Action for Clerk – make a note to re-visit the need for an extra bin outside the Spar in the summer of 2016.

Action for Clerk – ask Ward councillors if Thamesdown buses can provide a smaller bus to do this service, instead of Barnes coaches.

Action for Clerk – In May 2016 write to Mr Nigel Hale of SBC asking that when the contract for the coaches goes out to tender, that they specify a maximum of 25 children will be on the route so the transport needs to be the appropriate size on the tender.
Action 16/130 – Done, except waiting for the date plates to arrive.
Action 16/127 – Emailed twice but had no response. Cllr Rawlings will keep trying to get this resolved.
Actions 16/123 16/124 16/125 16/126 16/129 all completed.

Action for Clerk to send out the website link for the transport plan.
Action for Cllr Sunners to review and report back at the next Environment meeting.

16/134. Allotments.

Plot 10a. Final termination letter was written with the assistance of Chippenham town council Clerk and posted to plot holder. Notice period expires the end of February 2016 at which time the Clerk will offer the plot to the next person on the waiting list.

Cllr Rawlings advised that new wire for the outer allotment fence needs purchasing and installing. There is money allocated in the budget for this and is approximately £130-170.00 per 50 metre roll and 100 metres will be needed to be purchased, plus the labour costs.
Cllr Rawlings to contact allotment holders to see if they are willing to help with the labour on this job.

Action for Clerk to send Cllr Rawlings the contact details of the allotment holders.

Action for Cllr Rawlings to contact holders to ask for their help with the fencing.

16/135. Dog bins.

Only issue is that the dog bin at Hodson Road/Home Close junction is leaning.

Action for Clerk to ask Lee Wells to check it and fix/report back.

16/136. Highways

In regards to the transfer of Parish Services, Cllr Rawlings doesn’t feel we are ready to take this work on due to the amount of work not carried out by SBC.
Cllr Brady suggested we create a list of all outstanding work and contact the Ward Councillors to get this rectified but suggested we leave this until after the EGM.
Cllr Rawlings asked if the committee were in agreement, which they were.

Cllr Brady then suspended further discussion within the Environment Committee with regards to quotes obtained for parishing work until the dedicated meeting for Parishing that is being held in March.

Cllr Brady reported that she has a meeting with Janet Regan, who’s superior at SBC is Mike Ask, the Head of the Housing Association to discuss the following.
The situation at New Road with the removed hedge is not acceptable. 3 housing officers have visited the premised but nothing further has been actioned.
The tenants have been given the requisite number of warnings against their tenancy agreement but no further action has been taken.

The grass verge/parking issue at New Road continues to be an issue. There are 3 solutions; remove the grass and tarmac the area, suspend parking (with no real means of enforcing this) or authorise off street parking and creating something that is suitable for the purpose.

Cllr Brady asked Cllr Rawlings if he would like to attend this meeting on the 28th Feb at 4.00pm to which he confirmed he would.

Cllr Sunners also commented on the visual state of the verges in these areas, and also in Windmill Piece.
Cllr Hill commented that maybe they should be given their own parking spaces and made aware by SBC that they take responsibility if they reverse out of their spaces and are hit by another vehicle.
Cllr Brady agreed with this point as did Cllr Harris.
Cllr Rawlings advised that the garages at the rear of these properties is being knocked down, so perhaps this creates an opportunity for parking?

Action for Cllr Rawlings to approach SBC about this.

Hodson Bridge – It was commented on by Cllr Harris that perhaps we should get Rachel Sanders from the Highways agency involved in this discussion, the committee agreed this was a good idea.

Action for Cllr Harris to contact Rachel Saunders.

Cllr Brady asked if we had placed a formal request for a weight restriction in Badbury and also Draycott Road. Bob Saunders had advised that if a formal request went through he would try to get it passed by the Borough Council.

Action for Cllr Brady and Cllr Rawlings to write a proposal for this.

Cllr Dudman reports that in the old part of Badbury, houses had started to see cracks in them due to the large vehicles going through the village.

Parishioners question over the T junction with New Road and the A346. This has always been refused in the past as SBC say they are too many services under the road for the work to be carried out.
It was agreed we would try again with SBC to get them to look at this.

Action for Cllr Rawlings to contact Ward Councillors on this matter

Action for Clerk to contact Parishioner and update them.

Build out at New Road – this is now going ahead with the revised plans. Some Councillors are concerned about the location of the Build out and whether it will cause traffic problems further along the road and at the T junction with the A346.
It was agreed that we want SBC to monitor this effectively over the next 6 months and report back to us on any further decisions. We would also like SBC to talk to us before they monitor the area as we would like to specify the things to be monitored and have this agreed in advance.
Concerns also raised about whether SBC would indeed remove the build out after 6 months if it was found to be causing extra problems.

Action for Cllr Rawlings to talk to Ward Councillors about working with us to create a specification for monitoring the Build out, report back to us the results of their findings and also assure us that the Build out will be removed if it’s found to cause further problems.

Action for Clerk to talk to relevant Parish Councillors about publishing this correctly in the Bell, Website and FB page.

16/137. Street furniture.

Cllr Rawlings hasn’t heard back from B.Cllr Shaw on the parking posts at the Care home, he will follow up.

Action for Cllr Rawlings to follow up with Cllr Shaw.

16/138. Village appearance.

Mays Lane and Butts Road have an erosion problem with the banks sliding down which is narrowing two already narrow lanes. Cllr Brady and Cllr Rawlings to talk to B. Cllr Shaw about this.

Action for Cllr Brady and Cllr Rawlings to arrange to talk to B.Cllr Shaw about this.

16/139. AOB.

Ash Die Back disease query from a Parishioner. The Clerk advised that the Forestry Commission website has information on the procedures to follow for this.

Action for Clerk to create an article for approval to go in the Bell, Website and FB page.

Cllr Hill advised that the bus bay opposite Meadow Stores is being re-painted.

Esso Garage on New Road – after previous communication with the Store Manager it was agreed that we’d like to see their litter picks extend out to the local area, rather than just be on their grounds. Also that they move their large bins to the back of their land and also secure them better in windy weather so rubbish does not escape and make the situation worse.

Action for Clerk to talk further with Store Manager on this request.

It was reported that the advance stop sign at the Burderop T junction is being hit by lorries.

Action for Cllr Rawlings to report to SBC.

Cllr Dudman reported that the potholes in Badbury are getting bad again.

Action for Cllr Rawlings to report back to the Ward Councillors for action on this.

Cllr Sunners commented in general that the change in complexity of matters we face as a Parish Council will likely produce some difficult debates and decisions but as we are committed to work in the best interests of the Parish we will work through these.

The meeting closed at 8.28pm.


Cllr Sunners

16/130 Update – check if these are all fixed.
Email B.Cllr Shaw in regards to 3 street lights broken in Chiseldon.

16/133 Read the Transport plan document and report back at next Env committee meeting.

Cllr Rawlings

16/127 Ask B.Cllr’s if they have removed the left hand turn sign from Wroughton to Chiseldon as a parishioner has reported it missing. – Keep chasing this as not actioned.

16/134 Contact allotment holders to see if they are willing to help with the labour of repairing the external allotment fence.

16/136 Contact SBC to see if the garage demolition near New Road can be utilised for parking spaces for those on New Road.

16/136 Work with Cllr Brady to write a proposal for a weight limit at Badbury and Draycot Foliat.

16/136 Contact Ward Councillors ref T junction at A346 and its need for road improvements due to traffic volume.

16/136 Talk to Ward Councillors about working with us to create a specification for monitoring the success of the New Road Build out. Also get assurances that the Build Out will be removed if it’s found to be unsuccessful.

16/137 Follow up with B.Cllr Shaw about the parking posts at the Care Home

16/138 Work with Cllr Brady to arrange to talk to B.Cllr Shaw about the bank erosion at Mays Lane and Butts Road.

16/139 Report back to SBC that advanced stop sign at Burderop T junction is being hit by lorries.

16/139 Report back to Ward Councillors that potholes in Badbury are bad again


16/128 Make a note to re-visit the need for a bin outside the Spar in Summer 2016

16/133 Ask Ward Councillors if Thamesdown buses can provide a smaller bus to do the school run that goes through Badbury instead of Barnes Coaches.

16/133 In May 2016 write to Mr Nigel Hale at SBC asking that when the contract for coaches for the school run goes out to tender that they specify the maximum number of children the service is for and request that appropriate sized coaches/buses must be used as part of the tender submission.

16/133 Send out the Transport plan website link to Env Councillors

16/134 Send Cllr Rawlings the contact details of the allotment holders

16/135 Ask Lee Wells to look at the leaning dog bin at the Hodson Road/Home Close junction.

16/136 To contact Parisioner to advise on update on T junction with A346 and also Ash Die Back disease.

16/136 Talk to Parish Councillors about writing a report for the Bell, FB page and Website to cover the New Road Build Out.

16/139 Create article for publication about Ash Die Back disease and get approval for its release.

16/139 Talk to Esso Store Manager about further plans to combat litter from the store.

Cllr Harris

16/136 Contact Rachel Saunders at the Highways agency for help with Hodson bridge.