16/40. Declarations of interest.

Cllr Rawlings is an allotment holder

Public recess.

No public

16/41. Approval of previous minutes from 14th July 2016.


Page 1 – 16/31. Change bus service name to “West Berkshire”
Page 1 – 16/32 Add that the service is the West Berkshire 47.
Page 1 – 16/32 Change allotment plot to 4B and also on page 3 action points.
Page 3 – Actions – 16/39 for Cllr Rawlings – Change “New Road” to read “Marlborough Road”.

The minutes of the meeting held on 14th July were then approved on a proposal by Cllr Walton, seconded by Cllr Brady; all those at the meeting in favour.

16/42. Matters arising/Action points.

Matters Arising

16/36 – The hedge at 6 Station Road is still overgrown. Cllr Hill proposed the Clerk phone the agents Carter Jonas to advise that the new owner has 1 month to cut the hedge otherwise the Parish Council will arrange for this work to be done and will invoice the owner for the cost of the work.
Cllr Brady seconded this proposal and all those at the meeting in favour.
Action for Clerk to ring Carter Jonas to advise due to safety issues.

16/39 – Cllr Hill advised that Stagecoach will now be reviewing the no.8 bus service in December 2016 and not October 2016.

16/28 – Clerk reported that there is a fee charged for planting in area’s owned by SBC. Cllr Brady will look to offset this amount when negotiating an extra parishing payment with SBC.

Action points – ongoing

16/138 – Action for Cllr Rawlings – talk to Rob Core about the bank erosion at Mays Lane and Butts Road.
This is the responsibility of the Chiseldon House Hotel. Cllr Brady will talk to them about this. Ongoing action. Engineers from SBC are to visit the site. Cllr Rawlings to chase with B.Cllr Shaw and Foley.

16/35 – Action for Cllr Rawlings – Bus bays at Landmark hotel – Ask B.Cllr Shaw and Foley to chase this up.

16/136 Action for Cllr Rawlings – Ask SBC if Downes Road demolition can be utilised for parking spaces. Ongoing action

16/136 Action for Cllr Rawlings – weight limit signs at Badbury and Draycot Foliat – Ongoing action.
Badbury Bottom still needs a sign.

16/7 – Action for Cllr Rawlings – Road signage at Badbury Park needs to be repaired and restored where appropriate – Ongoing action.

16/39 – Action for Cllr Rawlings – Chase SBC in regards to the damage to the road signs in New Road near Turnball and The Canney.

16/39 – Action for Cllr Rawlings – Chase SBC in regards to removing the “New traffic Island” sign at the Marlborough Road junction.

16/136 – Action for Cllr Harris – to talk to Rachel Sandys about Hodson bridge bank erosion – Cllr Harris to chase. Ongoing Action. Contact Jason Humm at Highways if no response.

16/28- Clerk to draft a plan for planters around the village. Ongoing

16/32 – Clerk to write to allotment holder 4B after Cllr Walton has reviewed their plot.

All other action points completed.

16/43. Allotments.

It was proposed that another committee member take over the allotment responsibility due to Cllr Rawlings being an allotment holder. Cllr Walton volunteered for this task. Cllr Harris proposed this action, Cllr Brady seconded and all those at the meeting in favour.
Action for Clerk to send Cllr Walton the allotment plans.
Cllr Walton is to inspect plot 4B to see whether 4 weeks notice should be given.

16/44. Dog bins.

Action for Clerk to promote the location of the dog bins on FB and the website, and remind everyone to pick up after their dogs. Also a reminder to please not use the rubbish bin opposite Oakleys Spar and to use the dog bin at the entrance to the Strouds Hill car park.

16/45. Highways

Cllr Hill had reviewed the Transport Plan from SBC and reported back that the main purpose of the plan was to encourage people to stop using their cars for transport. It reported that 83% of people movement in Swindon is via car. It was trying to promote car shares and walking as alternatives.
There was a discussion on a new railway station near Acorn Bridge, however it should be noted that this report was out of date as the end date was April 2016.

Cllr Brady reported that Northleach Parish Council are going to provide her with information and also visit the Environment Committee with advice on how they set up their own community bus service.

The SBC bus consultation deadline is 22nd August, the Clerk is to write our response ASAP to be sent back.

Action for Cllr Brady to also write to Robert Buckland MP with the Parishes views.

16/46. Street furniture.

There is currently no feedback on the removal of the bench from the Butts Road Business Park lane.

Boulders on grass verges, action for Clerk to update FB, website and Ridgeway Bell to advise on legal position of this with regards to liability.
97 New Road has been advised by email.

The boulder letter to be sent out to any other properties that need to be informed.

16/47. Village appearance.

There is to be a leaflet drop to Home Close residents advising them that they need to keep hedges on public footpaths cut back to allow easy access. Clerk to arrange this.

Cllr David Hill is to report back to the Clerk on the grass cutting at Canney Green and also an Audi parked on grass near Foundary Rise which is stopping the contractor from cutting the grass. Local PCSO’s have already asked for it to be moved without any luck.

It should also be noted that any boulders that members of the public put on land owned by SBC will fall under the responsibility of the resident should there be an incident, accident or injury.

16/48. Environmental Services

There are extra area’s that CPC have been advised are now their responsibility for which we are receiving no funds from SBC. These areas are to be compiled by Cllr Rawlings and sent to Cllr Brady so she can talk to Kirsty Cole. Cllr Walton to talk to Rob Core to make sure the list is up to date and no further areas will be allocated to CPC.

The areas include: Badbury – Pump House Lane corner; Footpath at Badbury and Badbury Bottom; Grass near the road on the A346, to include the ½ meter nearest the road.

The hedges on New Road near the Patriot Arms and also the Hodson Road hedge, Rob Core from SBC has confirmed the PC are not responsible for cutting these.

16/49. AOB.

Badbury Park Community Association are having a meeting on Tuesday 16th August to discuss further their views on the parish boundary changes. If they put their views in writing to SBC it will be taken into consideration.
Members of the Parish Council will attend this meeting to assist with knowledge sharing.

Cllr Bates commented on the lack of safe walking/cycle route from Chiseldon to Wroughton if the bus services are stopped.

Cllr Brady reported on the recent meeting at Wroughton with regards to the library changes. The closure of Wroughton library in its current form will go ahead, and the most popular solution moving forward is to half the size of the building, and rent out half to gain income for running the library in the other half.
The main costs are staff salaries. The approx costs per year without staff costs are £12k.
SBC should be able to supply a stock contribution and provide the building to Wroughton for a peppercorn rent. It will be renovated in advance. A large amount of volunteers would be needed to run this service.

Stephen Taylor from SBC will be chairing a meeting in regards to the mobile library service. The Clerk will received emailed details for this.

There is a public meeting at the Ellendune Centre in Wroughton at 7.00pm on Thursday 18th August.
Clerk to update FB page and website.

The meeting closed at 8.33pm.