Public Recess

Cllr Eric Shaw responded to a question from Mr K Herron from the Full Council meeting on 9th January 2017 concerning parking related matters in Windmill Piece. Cllr Shaw has visited the location and passed on information to SBC for action.

No new questions were raised from the public

16/93. Declarations of interests.

2 planning applications for Cllr I McMurray

16/94. Approval of minutes from 9th January 2017

No Amendments

The minutes were proposed as approved by Cllr I McMurray, seconded by Cllr G Mills and all those at the meeting were in favour.

16/95. Matters arising and action points:

Matters arising:

Page 3 16/89 – Cllr Jefferies requested an update on the Hodson Bridge situation. Cllr Shaw informed the meeting that evaluation/investigation work was currently taking place. CPC had sent it a letter to contest the future closure of the bridge. Cllr Shaw indicated his support for the PC’s position.

Action Points:

Cllr Brady 16/81 – Ongoing – will be picked up by the Environment committee
Cllr Brady 16/91 – done

Clerk Action Points on external bodies – ongoing
Clerk 16/91 – Done
Clerk 16/84 – Done
Clerk 16/86 – Done
Clerk 16/86 – Done
Clerk 16/88 – Done
Clerk – 16/89 – Done
Clerk – 16/92 – Done

Cllr Shaw – Matters arising 14.11.16 – Done

Cllr Walton – 16/81 – Completed. Listed status highly unlikely to achieve.

16/96 Ward Councillors reports.

Cllr Sumner
Pumphouse Lane at Badbury – the HGV notice has been erected. A tree has fallen at the bottom of the lane and broken the footpath sign.
There is no HGV sign required at Medbourne Lane. The dirty road sign on the A346 has been reported to Highways.
Thames Water pipeline traffic – the appropriate vehicle notice has been re-enforced.

Cllr Shaw:
B4005 Chiseldon to Burderop potholes and cracks in road surface have been reported. Cllr Brady then sought clarification of the closure of Butts Road and the status of the repairs to be undertaken.
Chiseldon Firs – SBC have been requested to clean and clear the area.
PARKING – parking issues on Hodson Road within the proximity of Turnball and New Road. Ward Cllr Shaw requested the Parish Council confirm its position on the installation of yellow lines. Chair Cllr Brady presented a resolution to the Council – ‘ does the CPC support the installation of yellow lines in the vicinity of Hodson Road in which recent traffic problems have arisen’.
Cllr Jefferies proposed this motion, and Cllr Beaumont seconded this. The motion was then voted on.
The results were:
10 Cllrs for the yellow lines
2 Cllrs against – Cllr McMurray and Cllr Sunners
Cllr Brady abstained from voting.

This motion was therefore carried by majority

Ward Cllr Shaw requested that CPC write directly to the Philip Martlew in Highways to confirm the Parish Council support

Cllr Sunners commented on the recent decision of SBC to reduce the funding to Youth Engagement Team by £135K.
Ward Cllr Sumner responded by highlighting the difficulty faced by SBC Ward Cllrs in budget planning.

16/97. Presentation from Heather at the National Flood Forum

Heather presented to the Council the ways in which the National Flood Forum can assist Parish Councils. Cllr Brady thanked Heather for her time at the end of the presentation.

16/98 Police Report

Cllr Sunners reported on the crime report from PC Best in relation to crime statistics for Chiseldon Parish during Jan 2017. All Cllrs had previously received this information.
Cllr Sunners proposed that in future this agenda item be referred to as Community Safety – to include the police report. He gave a brief rationale for his proposal which was seconded by Cllr Walton. All Cllrs voted in favour of this proposal.
Action for Clerk to update the agenda.

Cllr Jefferies suggested that any issued raised under Community Safety could also be considered under the Recreation Committee agenda item “Care of Vulnerable People”.

16/99 Library Update from Cllr Hill

Cllrs were issued a written report prior to the meeting. Cllr Hill spoke briefly in regards to his report. He was thanked for his time by Cllr Brady.

16/100 – Review of Committee reports and Correspondence

Finance: Cllr Harris advised that the council is required to review its Financial Regulations periodically. Following an internal audit, the Clerk has recommended that the regulations be amended to reflect updated to make reference to updated Accounting legislation, namely: The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2011 and Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015, and to remove references to petty cash as the Council no longer operates petty cash or accepts cash as a means of payment.
Cllr Harris requested that the Parish Council adopt the new draft Financial Regulations document. This was proposed by Cllr Rawlings, seconded by Cllr West and all those at the meeting were in favour.

Environment: Cllr Rawlings reported that there are a number of actions outstanding with SBC at the moment.
Proposed by Environment Committee and approved by Finance committee – an additional 2 hours litter collection has been approved for each of the following areas within the Parish – Hodson, Badbury, Draycott Foliat and Ridgeway View

Transport report from Cllr Hill:
Cllr Hill updated the committee on the contents of his transport report

Plumbing work is now complete at Rec Hall and Pavilion. Cllr Sunners thanked Cllr Walton for his overseeing of the work carried about by the probation team on the new football compound.

Planning: Cllr McMurray updated the committee on the latest information in regards to Slipper Lane and the building works.

Badbury Park: Cllr West provided the committee with updates.

16/101 Christmas Lights for 2017 – rescheduled for discussion post April new financial year.

16/102 Litter Pick on 4th March

Cllr Brady briefed the meeting on the arrangements for the 4th – Cllr Brady confirmed a schedule of roads and areas across the parish will be emailed to Cllrs, all Cllrs were requested to nominate the roads they will deliver leaflets to. Stock of leaflets would be available from Clerk or Cllr Sunners

16/103. AOB

Cllr Beaumont commented on the hedge in Castle View Road that needs cutting. Requested that the exact location be identified by Cllr Beaumont and passed to Clerk.

Cllr Beaumont also asked if the cut down tree in The Crescent would be replaced?

Cllr Sunners – Commented upon the increased complexity of work undertaken by the PC and implications for reviewing Parish Council meeting protocols. Cllr Brady advised this would need to comply with Standing Orders and the Clerk would confirm what is legally acceptable

The meeting closed at 21.16