21/03. Elect Chairman for the current meeting.

Cllr Jefferies proposed that Cllr Randall act as Chairman for the meeting. There were no other nominations.
Cllr Jackson seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

21/04 Declarations of interests & vote on any dispensations applied for.

Cllr Jefferies is a Ward Cllr on the SBC Planning Committee

Cllr Rawlings joined the meeting at 19.10

21/05 Approve Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Committee.

Cllrs had reviewed the TOR prior to the meeting.

Cllr Harris joined the meeting at 19.15.

Cllr Jefferies proposed that the TOR be approved. Cllr Harris seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

21/06 General discussion and first steps for first formal meeting.

Points raised:

  • A new hall is needed but where would it go? Current location is out of the way.
  • Would the other end of the Rec field be better? Parking and vehicle access is then an issue
  • Extra funds are needed. Wootton Bassett raised funds from local businesses supporting them
  • Perhaps there is land in the area that could be donated for use
  • The Cllrs present would be happy to ask local businesses to help with sponsoring and fundraising
  • The Clerk is to send Cllrs the informal FB poll on what residents wanted to see in the area
  • There is £55,000 in allocated reserves at the moment with extra funds being added from the 2021/22 budget
  • Planning permission will be required.
  • The council has access to grant finder, who will source grants for the PC for a 10% fee if successful.
  • If a trust is set up then Gov funding can be applied for
  • Will need to invite field/building users such as Football and Tennis to later meetings
  • Remembering that the Tennis Club will still need access to a clubhouse building
  • An adjacent field was offered many years ago to the PC who turned it down due to poor drainage.
  • Open a new dialogue with the landowners to see if land can be used for access or a new building subject to current leases in place

Next Steps approved as:

  • Discuss the results of the FB poll
  • Discuss a new FB survey – including a new location and other new relevant points. Can also create a Survey Monkey on-line poll
  • Make sure Tennis Club provision is included in talks
  • Include discussion about the pavilion
  • Talk about Tennis and Football leases. The Clerk is to add lease details to MS Teams
  • The removal of the existing building – what is involved
  • Ensuring local skilled people can be aware of the project to be able to assist

21/07. Dates and frequency of meetings

The committee will meet monthly starting Tuesday 4th May at 7.00pm.

21/08. Items for formal May agenda

As per next steps above.

21/09 Other items for next agenda.


Meeting closed 19.45

All Actions to be completed by the next Full Committee meeting unless otherwise agreed.


20/06 Provide Cllrs with the results of the informal FB poll on what activities/uses to have at the Rec field

20/07 Invite Tennis Club to appropriate meeting as directed by Committee

20/07 Add items for discussion to May meeting agenda.