Public Recess.  3 Members of the Public to comment on S/23/1207

23/69. Approval of apologies given.

Apologies: None. Non-attendance with no apologies: Cllr Barnes, Cllr, Cllr Rawlings

23/70. Declarations of Interest.   None

23/71. Approval of minutes from 28th September 2023.   No changes

A proposal was made to approve these minutes as an accurate reflection of the meeting. The proposal was seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

23/72. A motion was requested to suspend standing orders to allow item 6 on the agenda to be brought forward to discuss S/23/1207 Wroughton Airfield hanger L6. Retention of building and hardstanding and new gated entrance . – The proposal was seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

A proposal was made to vote “to object” to these plans, firstly on the grounds the Inspectors decisions should be implemented before any new planning requests are considered. It was also agreed that we should request the application be considered by the SBC planning Committee, a new request for also be objected to, the reasons for which will be submitted to SBC for their portal. The proposal was seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

Laurence Elliott also agreed to raise the issue to the Head of Planning.

23/72. Action points from previous meeting.

In the absence of the Clerk, action points were held over to the next meeting apart from the following items which were included as agenda items.

Clerk 22/77. Ask SBC if there are any S106 or CIL funds due to arrive.  Clerk to ask Ward Cllrs to follow this up.  Now only CIL to action.

Clerk 23/52. Carry out items listed for public consultation for the 20mph zones – Survey distributed

Clerk 23/63. Clerk to ask PC’s NHP Consultant for guidance on areas flagged up in green open spaces.- Completed

Clerk 23/64. Clerk to write to the estate asking for specific feedback on Rec ground project and meeting. – Completed

Clerk 23/65. Finalise questionnaire with emailed input from Cllrs – Completed

Clerk23/66. Ask SBC Highways officers to meet with the committee ref New Road and Hodson Road – Completed

Clerk 23/68. Get update on layby work for October meeting – on this agenda

23/73. PLANNING.Discussion and vote on S/HOU/23/1136. Increase in roof height and amendments to windows and doors of existing conservatory. Beech Grove, High Street Chiseldon

A proposal was made to vote “support the application” to these plans. The proposal was seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

23/74. Neighbourhood Plan.   Nothing to report.

23/75. Rec ground hall and grounds improvement update.

A meeting has been set up for the Monday 13th November with the Estate.

23/76. Highways. Review any updates with the 20mph change consultation plans.

Circulation has been started on the agreed questionnaire, it was also asked if the Clerk could see if there was any information on the impact of similar plans available (Wales was raised as an example)..

23/78. Highways.  To vote to approve in principle the approximate costs to SBC for the permits to create the 2 laybys – Windmill Piece and Draycot Foliat.

A proposal was made to vote not to accept the new costing at this time, and allow consultation talks to take place with the SBC. In the event of failure, we would request £60,000 be added to next years budget. The proposal was seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.


The Clerk was asked to invite SBC Highways Officers to a meeting to provide a full outline of the works and schedule for New Road and Hodson Road re-building.  This is to include any weight restrictions being put in place.

Cllrs to confirm a list of required questions before the letter is sent.

23/79. Items for consideration on 23/24 budget for planning/transport and highways works.

A proposal was made and seconded, and supported by all councillors to request £10,000 be added to the fund for Rec ground improvement works.

23/80. Items for the next agenda. None.

Meeting closed at 20.40


Clerk 22/77. Ask SBC if there are any S106 or CIL funds due to arrive.  Clerk to ask Ward Cllrs to follow this up.  Now only CIL to action.

Clerk 23/63. Ask Ward Cllrs to chase up NHP response from SBC Planners.

Clerk 23/68. Advise SBC of issues on Plough hill ref overgrown greenery.

Clerk 23/76. Try to find successful 20mph schemes around the country for comparison.

Clerk 23/78. Arrange meeting with SBC ref New Road and Hodson Road.

Clerk 23/79 – Advise RFO of items to be added to 24/25 proposed budget.

Cllr Jefferies 23/52. Ask WC Elliott about PO box for consultation replies.

List of CPC planning application votes

Application and property CPC decision Date voted on
S/HOU/22/0497. Wheatley, High Street. 2 storey rear extension. Supported with conditions April 22
S/22/0556. Saracens, Turnball. Single storey rear extension & separate sun room. No objection April 22
S/22/0595 & S/LBC/22/0604. Change of use for Bothy on Burderop Estate to 1 dwelling. Includes listed building application. No objection April 22
S/22/0695. Burderop Park: Alterations to the mansion, Tudor wing and north wing to facilitate a change of use from offices to a dwelling and erection of a detached garage, plus alterations to the stable block, cottage/ restaurant and walled garden bothy without compliance with condition 2 (Approved Drawings) from previous consent S/LBC/20/1339. Approved May 22
S/HOU/22/07151 The Orchard, Chiseldon. Single storey rear extension. Front porch. Garage conversion to habitable space. Detached garage & increase in roof height & dormer window to rear. Approved May 22
S/AMEND/22/0657. Chiseldon Farm, Ypres Road. Draycot Foliat.  Provision of Use class B8 storage use in addition to Use classes B1(a) and B1(c)  – now both Use class E – and alterations to the approved elevations and floor plans of building 2 (former grain store) No objection May 22
S/HOU/22/0764 Single storey rear extension. 13 Sambre Road. Approved May 22
S/22/0814. National Data Centre, old Burderop Hospital Site, Wroughton. Construction of a temporary car park and 2 metre high fencing (retrospective) Supported with conditions June 22
 S/OUT/22/0796. Land to the rear of Staddlestones, Butts Road, Chiseldon.  Outline application for the erection of 1 self-build dwelling, & assoc infrastructure. Access not reserved. Rejected. Conditions listed in event of SBC approval. June 22
S/HOU/22/1054  9 Draycott Road. First floor front extension No objection July 22
S/HOU/22/0965. 48 Norris Close. Rear dormer window. No objection July 22
S/22/1008. Chiseldon Farm barns. Ypres Road. Draycot Foliat. Change of use & re-siting of menage. No vote. More info requested July 22
S/22/0741. Walled garden and Burderop Park. Tented structure for temp. residential accommodation (approx. 3 years) and thereafter a plant nursery office No objection July 22
S/HOU/22/1132. 23 Carisbrook Terrace. Alterations to front porch and single storey rear extension. No objection Aug 22
S/LBC/22/1113. Former Cottage/Restaurant Burderop Park. Alterations to the Cottage/ Restaurant building to internally re-order residential  unit RC04, re-introduce an entrance door on the north elevation of the former restaurant and re-introduce a window at first floor level of the former restaurant (amended proposals following listed building consent S/LBC/20/1339). No objection Aug 22
S/HOU/22/1228. 3 Dairy Road Chiseldon.  Single storey rear extension and 4 dormer windows.

Discussed again at Sept 22 meeting. No objection voted on again.

No objection Aug 22
S/COND/22/1302. Discharge of Condition 13 (Lighting Scheme) from permission S/21/1760 for Erection of a replacement Data Centre (containing data halls, associated electrical and AHU Plant Rooms, loading bay, maintenance and storage space, office administration areas and plant at roof level), emergency back-up generators and emission stacks, diesel tanks and filling area, electrical switchroom, a water sprinkler pump room and storage tank, a gate house, site access, internal access roads, hard/soft landscaping, and rainwater infiltration pond to allow for levels changes in two landscaped areas. At: National Data Centre, Old Burderop Hospital Site Burderop Wroughton Swindon. No objection unless there are further comments from SBC Sept 22
S/22/1360. Erection of a Stretch tent. Calley Arms No comment Sept 22
S/22/1432. 5 High Street. Erection of 1 dwelling. Supported. Oct 22
S/HOU/22/1280. 10 The Crescent. Erection of single storey front and side extension and front canopy. Supported Oct 22
S/HOU/22/1408. 12 John Alder Close. Erection of a rear ground and first floor extension along with internal alterations and associated landscaping work. Objected Oct 22
S/HOU/22/1471 29 Home Close Single storey rear extension Supported Oct 22
S/HOU/22/1516 Sevimli. 1A High Street. First floor extension & extension to garage No comment

No comment

Nov 22

Jan 23

S/HOU/22/1564 7 Sambre Road. Erection of porch Supported Nov 22
S/22/1656 The Sarsens, Turnball. Rear storey extension & sun room No objection Nov 22
S/22/1268. Alpina. Marlborough Rd. Demolition of dwelling and erection of 1 new dwelling. Objection Jan 23


S/HOU/22/1614. Vena. Turnbull.  Single storey side extension No objection Jan 23
HVG Licence. Operator OH2061698. Draycot Foliat No objection for 1 rigid body with lift axle. Jan 23
S/22/1425. The Old Dairy. 3 barns for accom. No objection Feb 23
S/HOU/22/1796. Rosslyn 5 New Road. Car Pork No objection Feb 23
S/23/0139. Burderop Park House. Demolition of pavilions, change of use for offices to 25 dwellings, erection of 52 dwellings, new access and assoc works. Without compliance with condition 14 (closure of access) No objection Feb 23
S/22/1425 Revised. The Old Dairy, Badbury.   3 barns for 20 rooms of accommodation. Current objection. March 23
S/COND/23/0087. Discharge of conditions. Badbury House Farm 5 dwellings. Objected to condition 6, approved others March 23
S/LBC/23/0284. Corner Thatches, 11 High St. Chiseldon.  Electric vehicle charger to front of house. Approved March 23
S/HOU/22/1425. Updated. Erection of 3 barns for 20 ensuite bedrooms. The Old Dairy Badbury Approved April 23
S/HOU/23/0399 creation of driveway from adopted highway. 67 New Road Objected April 23
S/22/1268 Revised. Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 1 dwelling. Alpina. Marlborough Road. No further comment April 23
S/HOU/23/0428. Change of use of garage to living accom and change of parking use to private parking. Support with condition April 23
S/HOU/23/0447. 2 storey side and single storey rear extension. 7 The Crescent Support April 23
S/HOU/22/1614. Single storey side extension. Vena, Turnball. Support April 23
S/23/0139 REVISED. Demolition of the pavilions, change of use of offices and ancillary buildings to 25no. apartments/ dwellings, erection of 52no. dwellings, construction of new access and associated works without compliance with Condition 14 (Closure of Access) of previous permission S/19/1765 – Variation of Condition 14 from Previously Approved Planning Application S/21/1920.

Burderop Park House, Burderop Park Wroughton

No further comment June 23
S/AGRI/23/0813 Prior Approval application for the infilling of former dairy settlement lagoon and return of area to grass. Burderop Farm Dairy, Dairy Road Chiseldon. Support Aug 23
S/HOU/23/0988. 25 Station Road. Front single storey extension No objection Sept 23
S/23/1207. Hanger L6 Wroughton Airfield.  Retention of building and hardstanding. New gated access Objection Oct 23
S/23/HOU/1136. Beech Grove High Street. Increase in roof height, amendments to existing windows and doors. Support Oct 23