The minutes from the February meeting were approved. 

Overview from Andrea Pellegram:

The draft of the NHP approved this evening will go to SBC planning dept.

They will check to see if SEA screening is required, as per legislation.  Not expected to need this. A letter will be provided to confirm SEA screening is not required.

SBC Ecologist will review the document. The Ecologist will be asking if they want to make any changes ref the new Jan 23 legislation.

A Nature Recovery Strategy (NRS) section needs preparing. Wilts Council are taking the lead but a slow process so far to get updates.

SBC will feedback on the current NRS and Andrea can then make amendments.

The document will then go to Regulation 14 consultation which is open for 6 weeks. This can be shared via a variety of media including a meeting for residents to ask questions. Andrea will provide the Clerk with information needed to arrange this.

Andrea will then review the documents and consider the responses (1 month lead time)

2 documents are needed; Basic Position Statement (The rationale) and Consultation Statement. This document proves the community was involved in the project.

Once these are finalised, this is the full submission draft.

The next stage is the Regulation 15 which is the SBC submission.

The next stage is the Regulation 16 which is where SBC consult with statutory consultees.

SBC then prepare a summary of feedback and provide us with a list of examiners for us to chose from. Andrea will assist with this.

There are no specific qualifications for someone to be an examiner.

What the examinator says about the documents is the final verdict.

The final documents are then prepared and the NHP goes to referendum.

The full draft NHP was reviewed page by page, suggested amendments offered.  Andrea will finalise and send over to Clair.  The document was approved pending these changes.

Action for Clair to find a cover photo for the document in landscape mode.

Action for Clair to compile the final acknowledgement list for page 8 of the doc.

Andrea will provide any further requirements to Clair for action.

Meeting closed 20.34