17/117 Co-opt new Councillor

Ms Michelle Harris had applied for the role of Parish Councillor. There were no other nominations.

Ms Harris addressed the council.

Her belief is that a Cllr is a Community Leader, who wants to help the people of the parish and change it for the better.

She believes she can benefit the council with her skillset and also her standing in the social housing community.

She can add diversity, improve community wellbeing and help bring a sense of pride within the community, residents and Cllrs.

There were no questions for Ms Harris from the Council.  Ms Harris then left the room for discussion and vote.

Cllr Brady proposed that Ms Harris be co-opted as a Parish Councillor; Cllr Bates seconded this proposal and all Cllrs were in favour.

Ms Harris was invited back into the room and took her place at the table as Cllr after signing the acceptance of office book.

Public Recess

5 members of the public

Mrs Eggert who lives on Hodson Road wanted to raise the continuing issue of vehicles approaching Chiseldon on Hodson Road at increased speed.  This is causing danger when she exits her property on Hodson Road corner.

Mr Bill Crowley from Ridgeway View wanted to raise the issue of the mess left behind by the travelers who have recently vacated the Chiseldon Firs site.

The amount of money spent on clearing up the site is a waste if the area is not secured thoroughly in the first place.  The blocks that are currently in place are not effective as the travelers are just going over farmers fields and knocking down fences and hedges.

Ward Cllr Foley has provided Mr Crowley with her contact details as she wishes to discuss this further with him.

17/118 Declarations of interests


17/119 Approval of minutes from 11th December 2017

Correct one spelling mistake.

No other amendments

A proposal was made by Cllr Rawlings that these minutes be therefore accepted; Cllr Matt Harris seconded this and all Cllrs were in favour.

17/120 Matters arising and action points

Matters arising


Action Points from Dec 2017


  • 17/76. Ask Ward Cllrs to chase cutting back of trees obscuring sign on A346 Plough Hill. ONGOING – Need to wait for Highways
  • 17/109. Report back to SBC with the Parish Councils comments on the policies and protocols review. DONE
  • 17/110. Report back to SBC with Parish Councils comments on the 2036 local plan review. DONE
  • 17/112. Send approved letter to SBC solicitors in support of removal of travelers from Chiseldon Firs site. DONE
  • 17/113. Book the Clerk on the RoSPA playground inspection course and add future payments to the next finance agenda. DON AND COURSE ATTENDED AND PASSED
  • 17/115. Talk to Allbuild about allotment water tank lids. REQUESTED CORNERS SMOOTHED OFF
  • 17/116. Send letter to John Martin from the PC thanking him for his work as Cllr. DONE

Cllr Walton:

  • 17/102. Talk to Spar and Patriots Arms about new siting of defibrillators. Cllr Walton is to take this on. ONGOING

Ward Cllr Shaw: 

  • 17/97. To ask Nigel Hale on the progress of moving the bus stop sign from the hedge at Draycott Foliat. ONGOING – WAITING FOR BUS COMPANY
  • 17/97. With Ward Cllr Foley – chase up SBC planning enforcement visit to Esso Station ref advertising signs blocking traffic views. ONGOING – Cllr Brady requested this still be looked at as signs not approved by planning. Cllr to send clerk photos of any obstructions

17/121 Discussion on Chiseldon Firs Security

Cllr Brady updated the meeting to confirm the travelers have left the site and photos have been taken and displayed on FB by a resident about the mess left behind. These were also sent to SBC for their records.

The current security is inadequate as a 4×4 vehicle can move the concrete blocks.
The illegal access resulted in environmental issues which SBC have to pay to clean up and it prevents walkers from using the railway path.
Dogs running loose are also a danger to traffic.

It was confirmed that SBC are arranging a clean-up and looking at enhancing security.

Ward Cllrs will take back any items noted or action points and pass on to Mike Ash at SBC.

Cllr Sunners had visited the site and reported that empty gas canisters were at the site, along with burnt out and destroyed vehicles, and caravans.  The toilet block has been destroyed.

It has also been reported that the site is still accessible via back routes and also the metal gate at the main entrance has not been secured.

Cllrs Brady’s question was what can be done to re-assure residents, when there is also a legal requirement to have the site available for travelers. What responsibilities do SBC and the Police have?

The Parish Council are determined that the site is either secured properly or closed.

The camp was last used legally in 2015. At the time SBC appeared to have more resources in place to look after the area.  Mike Ash had a dedicated team for the site.

Ward Cllr Foley advised that SBC took over the site from Wiltshire Council in 1997. Authorities have to have designated sites and this is one of two sites within the Borough.

SBC currently have 1 liaison officer, Kanica.
Ward Cllr Foley is to ask for a meeting with Mike Ash to make sure the other access routes to the site are secured as the old military roads are being used.

SBC are looking seriously at all other approaches to securing the site.  Ward Cllr Foley will talk directly to Mr Crowley about this.

The PC also need to talk to Sustrans who manage the path in regards to the travelers driving down the paths.

Ward Cllr Shaw has written to MP Robert Buckland to ask if the police can act on an illegal entry. He would like the law to change so that an illegal entry can have the police remove them.

They will also be approaching local farmers to install gates.

Cllr Brady advised that regardless of legal or illegal entry the environment needs to be managed, e.g. human waste on the paths.  Moving forward there is a need to make sure the waste is contained and isn’t a threat to others.

Cllr McDonald asked if it might work better if permanent traveler groups were allowed to settle there.  Ward Cllr Foley advised that it’s only a transient site and different groups of travelers often do not get along and don’t want to mix.

Cllr Brady asked Ward Cllrs for regular updates from SBC. The PC want to put information on FB and the website to make sure residents are informed.

17/122 Ward Councillors reports

Ward Cllr Shaw advised that the abandoned vehicle on Butts Road had been removed and that roadworks are due to start on the 9th for 3 days.

They are still waiting for an update in regards to visibility on the Build Out in New Road.

They advised that the SBC “lagan” system has been retired and there is a new system called “My Account”. This doesn’t report back on updated or completed issues as it did before.  The system is currently being reviewed.

Cllr Brady confirmed that H&S issues would be marked as priority when sending to Ward Cllrs.

Philip Martlew at SBC has been contacted to provide an update on the double yellow lines on Hodson Road as they are due to be installed. The weather is the current reason for the delay.

17/123 Update on Planning, Highways and Transport Development Committees list of top 6 items for review/action

Cllr Brady updated the Council on the 6 items identified by the committee for investigation and action where possible,
These are:

  • M4 J15 improvements
  • New road exit to A346
  • New road Build Out
  • High Street/Mays Lane improvement
  • Parking in Chiseldon/Parish
  • Roundabout at new road, Hodson road, Draycott road

A document is being drafted to draw up the issues for each area and the required solution. Once approved the PC can then go to SBC and other agencies to discuss working together to improve these issues.

17/124 Vote on named Data Controller for the Parish Council

Cllr Brady proposed that the Clerk be named as the Data Controller for the council. Cllr Harris seconded this proposal and all Cllrs were in favour.

17/125 Approval of the 2018/19 precept

Cllr Harris advised that other the last 3 months the Finance Committee has been looking at the budget costs based on recommendations from the other Committees. The Finance committee are also looking to plan ahead for future years to ensure the stability of the precept, parish funds and parish responsibilities.

There are long term projects already being budgeted for which are the improvements to the football pitches and for a new Rec Hall/sports facility.

Other projects budgeted for are:

  • Vehicle activated speed signs
  • Possible subsidence at the Museum – money for insurance excess and investigation costs
  • Public consultation costs for new planning applicatons etc
  • Extend and resurface the Rec Hall carpark
  • Plus other small works

To enable this, the precept would need to increase to approx. £135,000. This is a 28.6% increase from last year.  (£105,000 last year.)
However the tax base has also decreased due to Badbury Park and Coate no longer being in the Chiseldon parish.  Even if there were no precept additions the cost per household would still increase.

The band D cost would be £43 a year, which is 81p per week

Cllr Bates is concerned over the costs going up each year and asked if we shouldn’t hire the church hall instead of replacing the Rec Hall.

Cllr Rawlings believes the hall is a luxury and also a cost of £7000 a year for litter picking is excessive.

Cllr Brady advised that by taking over service items from SBC the PC knew that they could provide better and faster decisions on work undertaken.  It is also known that the SBC funding will come to an end soon so the PC needs to ensure it is self sufficient or these services will not occur.

SBC have withdrawn these services as they cannot afford to run them so Parishing needs to be funded by CPC.

Cllr Costigan also noted that the PC is getting better at creating new projects and improving the area.

Ward Cllr Foley advised that parishing is to do with protecting local services. More SBC funds are being diverted to children and adult social care which means that SBC cannot respond to local needs quick enough.

She believes the parish looks better since CPC took over the services and that the PC is being strategic about the values and are morally correct.  She supports the PCs budget decisions.

Cllr Rawlings is against the value increasing each year and questions when the increase is going to stop.

Cllr Sunners asked what level of confidence do Cllrs have in supporting the & increase of the precept.  He is not confident and questions whether residents would want a replacement Rec Hall for example.

He is however in favour of the proposed planned developments.

Cllr Harris reminded that Council that the Clerks salary was also increased to match market conditions and the council have taken on a Facilities Management company to ensure they are compliant with various H&S and legal requirements for the premises.

Cllr Brady noted that the precept would have risen anyway due to Badbury Park and Coate properties being removed from the calculation and also the % of funding from SBC for parishing decreasing. If all the extra costs are removed then nothing is being done to improve the area for local residents.

Only £12940 would be removed from the precept if all extra projects were taken off.

Cllr Henderson noted that if the extra costs were removed today from the precept but had to be added back in, in future years then the costs could go up.  Any funds added now and not used can be saved but if removed now may cost more in future years.

Cllr McDonald noted that facilities such as the Rec Hall need promoting more so that local residents are aware of it.

A proposal was then made by Cllr Matt Harris to approve the budget and precept at £135,000 for 2018/19.  Cllr Henderson seconded the proposal.  All Cllrs were in favour except Cllr Rawlings and Bates who voted against.

17/126 Review of recent snow/ice conditions

The Clerk noted that a new grit bin was installed at Downs Road.

The Clerk is to ask SBC to do a check of all grit bins to see if they need filling after their recent use.

Cllr Michelle Harris requested a replacement grit bin in Windmill Piece. The Clerk is to ask Ward Cllrs to arrange this.

Cllr Brady asked if there is a need for the community to help each other further when there is snow or icy conditions.   It was suggested people need to ask or offer help on FB.

The Ridgeway Bell will be used to provide details on how people can ask for help.

17/127 Community Safety including Police Report

Cllr Sunners advised on Neighbourhood Watch. Window stickers are available if anyone would like them.

The next meeting is 22nd Jan.

Cllr Henderson commented that visible police presence at Council meetings was lacking – no police visit for a year.  Should we be more insistent about the police attending?

It was decided to invite PC Best to attend the March meeting and move it to the Chiseldon House hotel for more visibility.  Perhaps include elements of the village tea party?

17/128 Review of Committee minutes and documents


Cllr Harris advised that the precept and budget made up most of the Jan 4th meeting.  The December finance figures have been approved and also circulated.

There were no questions on the Dec 2017 figures.

Environment, General Purpose and Amenities (EGPA)

Cllr West advised that most of the recent discussion and precept figures from EGPA were from how the council can improve the area for residents. Feedback is given on anything that Finance reject. Keep sending items to the Clerk before meetings so they can be discussed.
Cllr Sunners reported that BIOS is still successful.

Netball is due to start at the Tennis Courts and plans are underway to publicise it.

Transport Report from Cllr Hill

No report

Planning, Transport, Development and Highways

The Manor House development is coming to an end and SBC/Developers will be ask to tend to the road and pavement damage and also make sure the drains are cleared of builders waste/debris.

Whichway Cottage application will probably be rejected and Christmas Cottage application was rejected.

The Burderop Park changes were approved by the Committee. Work won’t start for another 2 years.

Nothing heard about the proposed New Road application.

17/129 AOB

Cllr Matt Harris re-iterated that Finance meetings are open to the public so please come along and listen in.

Cllr Sunners reported that John Martin was still happy to help with the Transport Plan. The Clerk is to let him know about future meetings.

The Dementia Friendly meeting is on 16th Jan. The Clerk will remind people via FB.

Cllr Bates and the Clerk to discuss the placing of the new litter signs at CVPA

Meeting closed at 21.28

Summary of Action Points


  • 17/76. Ask Ward Cllrs to chase cutting back of trees obscuring sign on A346 Plough Hill. ONGOING – Waiting for Highways
  • 17/115. Talk to Allbuild about allotment water tank lids. WAITING FOR WORK TO BE CARRIED OUT
  • 17/121. Contact Sustran ref securing the Chiseldon Firs railway path so that travelers cannot drive along the path
  • 17/126. Ask SBC to do a check of all grit bins to make sure they are full after recent use
  • 17/126. Ask SBC to install a grit bin at Windmill Piece
  • 17/127. Invite PC Sophia Best to March full  council meeting and hold it at Chiseldon House Hotel.  Include elements of the tea party event
  • 17/129. Advise John Martin of future Transport meetings he can assist with

Cllr Walton

  • 17/102. Talk to Spar and Patriots Arms about new siting of defibrillators. Cllr Walton is to take this on

Ward Cllr Shaw

  • 17/97. To ask Nigel Hale on the progress of moving the bus stop sign from the hedge at Draycott Foliat. ONGOING. WAITING FOR BUS COMPANY
  • 17/97. With Ward Cllr Foley – chase up SBC planning enforcement visit to Esso Station ref advertising signs blocking traffic views. ONGOING – Cllr Brady requests planning enforcement investigate placement of signs on site as no application approved.