18/87. Declarations of interests.


18/88. Approval of minutes from 10th December 2018

Page 1 – Cllr Mills is listed twice as an attendee – amend.

Correct various spelling mistakes

A proposal was made by Cllr Bates that these minutes be therefore accepted; Cllr Rogers seconded this and all Cllrs were in favour.

18/89. Matters arising and action points:

Matters arising:

It was confirmed that minutes will usually be briefer, however due to the Dec 18 agenda items a fuller documentation of the discussions were needed.
There were comments about the PCC’s presentation in regards to facts and figures given. It was suggested that the PCC be contacted either via his social media accounts or via email to provide further clarification. The Clerk is to chase up answers he was going to provide after the Dec meeting.
The Clerk is to specifically ask what funds have been approved from central gov. now for Wiltshire police.
It was confirmed that December minutes will go on website, and will have a note on parish noticeboards to advise they can be accessed via the website as there are too many pages to display. Anyone can provide this info on the community FB page. Will also be referenced in Ridgeway Bell.
Cllr Matt Harris asked if specific residents questions over the SHELAA process can be shared with Cllrs. The Clerk will send on details of requests.
Cllr Hill confirmed that £29.6 million has been confirmed for work at GWH.
Cllr Sunners advised he has asked SBC about LED bulbs in rural locations. Ward Cllr Sumner advised that these bulbs are to keep long term costs down as they need replacing less often, which lowers the cost of a team coming out with a cherry picker. Ward Cllr Sumner will ask SBC If there is a version of light that can be used in rural areas that isn’t as bright and will report back to the Clerk


All Actions to be completed by the next Full Committee meeting unless otherwise specified.


17/76 Ask Ward Cllrs to chase cutting back of trees obscuring sign on A346 Plough Hill. ONGOING, WAITING FOR HIGHWAYS. Cats eyes and white lines to be renewed as well.

White lines have been repainted but overgrown trees not cut back yet. New pothole has appeared and 40mph signs painted on road not refreshed. Ward Cllr Foley is to chase up.

18/59 Investigate CCTV for Rec Hall carpark- ongoing. 2 quotes for EGPA committee to vote on

18/79 Reply to SBC in regards to vote on 3 SHELAA sites. DONE

18/82 Reply to SBC on planning application for Carisbrook Terrace. DONE


17/68 All Cllrs to do on-line GDPR training. Only Cllr Rogers has done this so far.

Cllr Brady

18/61 Submit ACV for Calley Arms to SBC. Document created, Cllr Brady to pass to Clerk for action.

18/90 Vote on SBC draft policies and protocols document.

There were no specific comments to make to SBC so it was decided to delegate to Clerk a reply to SBC, based on any comments that are sent to the Clerk via email before the deadline is up.

Cllr Matt Harris proposes that the Clerk reply to SBC on the above document. Cllr Hill seconded. All Cllrs in favour.

18/91 Vote on planning application S/18/1979 retrospective for nursery at Chiseldon primary school – planning committee only.

There were no comments on this application

Cllr Hill proposes that the application go back to SBC with no objection. Cllr Costigan seconded. All planning committee Cllrs in favour.

18/92 Vote on approving £90 costs for Clerk to go on planning webinar course – Finance committee only.

Proposed by Cllr Walton, seconded by Cllr Matt Harris and all Finance Cllrs in favour.

18/93 Community Safety, Cllr Sunners reporting. Plus Memory Café.

The crime stats are on the Wiltshire Police website. The Nov stats are available. 916 crimes in South Swindon. 15 crimes in the area with 4 being drive-offs from the petrol station.

The next NHW meeting is Monday 28th Jan at 6.45pm at the Rec hall.

The next South Swindon Safety forum is 31st Jan – Cllr Walton has volunteered to go with Cllr Sunners.

There were 2 recent break-ins at New Road and Badbury are experiencing some crime also. There was a burglar caught with double glazing tools, to remove the glazing to access properties.
Residents will be urged via the website to secure properties and vehicles and leave a light on when not home if possible.

The next Memory Café is Friday 24th Jan in Church Hall from 10.30am

BIOS is running as normal in general.

18/94 Ward Cllr reports.

Ward Cllr Sumner reporting.

Advised that there is a link to the PCC’s consultation on the police precept increase is on the community FB page and comments are taken until 31st Jan.

There are new SHELAA sites coming forward. They will be made public by the end of the month. He will be able to report more on these in the Feb full council meeting. The SBC comms team will report on this before the end of Jan.

He will make sure the planning team give us notice of this. The next statutory consultation will probably be June with a 6 week formal consultation. This is probably the final one before the end of 2019 depending on the first outcome. They aim to be in a position to report to the inspectorate by 2020 for a judicial hearing. They will get a hearing within 6-9 months. Hopefully ratified by 2021. They hope to be in control of the housing land supply by then.

He re-iterated that the colour of SHELAA land on the map (green or red) doesn’t affect when a planning application can be submitted.

They are currently talking to Wiltshire Council in regards to the updated NPPF which will be released in summer 2019 and looking at the housing numbers both authorities have to deliver. Wiltshire is expected to increase and SBC to decrease. However SBC still has a deficit of housing numbers.

He has spoken to Nigel Hale at SBC about the size of the school bus travelling through Badbury. There are no legal restrictions to the size of the vehicle used. Nigel is meeting with the bus contractor soon to review how many people catch this bus to see if a smaller size can be used. This also depends on the contractors availability. The access for the bus might change when J15 work starts. The nursing home road would be used which is very narrow so a smaller bus will be needed then.

There is no further info on J15 works at present. They are still aiming to start June 2019. They hope to have more public information soon.

The Islands Farm Science Park is allowing planning comments until 28th Jan. The facility will be a 24 hour distribution centre with a lot of large vehicles. The road they will be using was designed for residential traffic.

Fly tipping is getting worse as is graffiti.

Cllr Costigan asked about progress with Badbury park facilities. There are concerned residents in Chiseldon Parish, with regards to Badbury Park residents using the Chiseldon Doctor surgery. He doesn’t believe alternative surgeries are being suggested?

Cllr Rogers advised that when Badbury Park was built GP’s were written to, to ask for interest in setting up a surgery there. No GP’s came forward.

The gov. is providing extra funding in general for GP surgery provision.

Cllr Hill asked about the new bus station in Swindon. Ward Cllr Sumner advised a temporary area for buses to park is being created for when the station is demolished. A new Zurich building is being built in Spring 2019 subject to planning permission.

Cllr Brady asked Ward Cllr Sumner if we can invite someone from SBC to a council meeting to provide an update on works in progress at the moment. Ward Cllr Sumner indicated this should be possible.

Ward Cllr Sumner leaves 20.19

No written update from Ward Cllrs Foley and Mattock

18/95 – Committee reports

Finance from Cllr Harris:

The December complete figures had been circulated prior to the meeting and there were no questions.

Cllr Brady proposed this as an accurate representation of the figures for December 18. Cllr Rogers seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

Environment, General Purpose and Amenities (EGPA) from Cllr Rawlings:

Drains in Mays Lane are still blocked despite a request to SBC to clear them. Roads in some areas are dirty as well.
The annual litter pick will be added to the next EGPA agenda for discussion.
It was confirmed that the large layby in Broome Manor over the M4 bridge is not within the Parish but Allbuild will often clear large loads when they pass.

Transport report from Cllr Hill:
Reminder that Wellington St is Swindon is closed. This means no buses can get to the train station and cars may have to park further away. The Clerk to remind people on the website.
The electric railway lines now go as far as Bristol Parkway. The timetable will be updated as this makes the route quicker.

Cllr Hill is not standing for re-election in May so will step down in April, so someone will need to take on the transport rep role. This will be added to the next Planning, Transport and Highways agenda.

Planning, Transport Development and Highways from Cllr Brady:

Nothing to report.

Cllr Hill asked about the new homes in Manor Rise, off Slipper Lane. He asked if the road will have a new official name or whether it will be part of Slipper Lane? The answer was not known at present and the Clerk advised that until SBC adopt the street, the final tarmacking work will not happen.

Risk Assessment from the Clerk:

Assessments for the Financial Risk, Chapel and Museum, Rec ground, Pavilion and Rec Hall have been handed out, and the Financial and Chapel/Museum forms have been completed and returned.
Risk assessments for Jan are due for allotments and Butts Road and SHCMG cemeteries. Cllr Rogers volunteered to do these.

18/96. AOB

Cllr Hill advised that Ken Weeks, ex Chiseldon PC is being buried Thurs 17th Jan. Cllr Walton is attending for the PC.

The Clerk will add local elections info to the March Full council agenda and has already sent out a list of 2019 meeting dates.

The Living Wage will be discussed at the next Finance meeting – Cllr Sunners will advise the Clerk of the next stages to look at.

Meeting closed at 20.30


All Actions to be completed by the next Full Committee meeting unless otherwise specified.


17/76 Ask Ward Cllrs to chase cutting back of trees obscuring sign on A346 Plough Hill. ONGOING, WAITING FOR HIGHWAYS. Cats eyes and white lines to be renewed as well.

18/89 Follow up with PCC to replies he was going to give from the December presentation.

18/89 Send Cllrs the details of questions asked by the public about the SHELAA

18/90 Reply to SBC on their policies and protocol document with any comments from Cllrs

18/91 Reply to SBC planning with decision on application S/18/1979

18/95 Add info to website about Wellington Street being closed near train station.

Next planning agenda – new Transport rep needed after May

18/96 Add to March full agenda – May 2019 local elections


17/68 All Cllrs to do on-line GDPR training.

Cllr Brady

18/61 Submit ACV for Calley Arms to SBC