Public recess.

A resident asked if the Parish Council would support the idea of a village picnic for the Queen’s 90th birthday, which is on 12 June 2016, either at the CVPA or the Recreation Ground, alongside regular village coffee mornings. After a brief discussion the Council was supportive of both ideas and suggested that the resident try to pull together a small organising committee via the Parish Facebook page to develop proposals for the picnic. The Council also suggested that the resident could apply for a Jubilee Fund grant. The resident agreed to contact the Clerk, who will help to promote the request for volunteers.

15/107. Declarations of interests.


15/108. Approval of minutes.

Page 1 (Resignation of a Parish Councillor). Cllr Hill asked if a letter of thanks was to be sent to Neil McFadyen and Cllr Brady confirmed that a letter would be sent.

Page 4 (minute 15/101- fifth para under Borough Councillors’ Report). Cllr Bowles pointed out that the resident proposing community leisure facilities at the school had been referred to the Recreation Committee rather than the Environment Committee as previously stated.

Following these changes, the minutes of the meeting held on 14 September were approved by Cllr Hill, seconded by Cllr Bowles; all those at the meeting in favour.

15/109. Matters arising.

Page 4 (minute 15/101 – B.Cllr Bennett’s report under Borough Councillors’ Report). Cllr Dudman asked if there was any progress with regard to the HGV sign for Badbury. B.Cllr Shaw told the meeting that the matter had also been raised by the Chair of Liddington Parish Council and he would follow up with B.Cllr Bennett.

Page 4 (minute 15/102 – second para under Bus update). Cllr Dudman told the meeting that football coaches were still being used to transport school children through Badbury, rather than the smaller buses that had been promised. B.Cllr Shaw agreed to look into the matter.

Page 6 (minute 15/105 – item eleven under Correspondence). Cllr Dudman pointed out that traffic in Turnball was likely to worsen following the introduction of a build-out in New Road. Cllr Jefferies asked what stage the plans for a build-out had reached and B.Cllr Shaw indicated that nothing was
15/109. Matters arising. (continued)

likely to be decided until the next financial year but he would update the Council as soon as there were any developments. Cllr Brady also told the meeting that traffic volumes would be closely monitored as part of any scheme.

Page 6 (minute 15/105 – item ten under Correspondence). Cllr Hill reminded the meeting that North Wessex Downs AONB had requested someone to sit on their Council of Partners and Cllr Brady agreed to attend the next meeting to see what would be involved.

Page 6 (minute 15/105 – item eleven under Correspondence). Cllr Cabrera reported a resident’s complaint regarding the servicing of dog bins at Chiseldon Camp. The Clerk confirmed that the matter had been resolved but asked Cllr Cabrera to keep monitoring the situation and report any further problems.

Action points.

B.Cllr Bennett will be asked to confirm future plans for traffic surveys in Badbury. The Clerk agreed to send him an email to this effect.

Cllr Wright confirmed that a meeting had taken place between SBC representatives and the Coate Residents Association.

Cllr Brady informed the meeting that a Village Tea will take place at Chiseldon House Hotel on Saturday 21 November, between 3pm and 5pm. She undertook to circulate a copy of the invitation list and invited all Councillors to attend. B.Cllr Shaw asked that dates for forthcoming South Locality meetings be promoted as part of the event.

Cllr Costigan told the meeting that the final costings for the Tennis Club project will be circulated this week and sub-committees will be receiving their year-to-date spend and an end of year forecast this month.

Cllr Dudman had tried to speak to B.Cllr Bennett about problem stones and B.Cllr Shaw agreed to take this forward.

The Clerk reported the Finance Committee’s recommendation that the Badbury Park Community Association apply for a Jubilee Fund grant. This had been passed on to the Association.

All other action points had been actioned.

15/110. Update on Chiseldon Firs.

Cllr Brady welcomed Mr Michael Ash to the meeting. Mr Ash is Head of Housing and Community Safety for SBC and attended the meeting in order to deliver an update on the transit site for the travelling community that is located three miles South of Junction 15 on the Marlborough Road, known locally as Chiseldon Firs.

Swindon Borough Council provides one permanent site for travellers (just off Junction 16) and this transit site, which is for short-term use. Chiseldon Firs has been empty for the past few years and the intention is that it should only be used on an occasional basis. The site is maintained in order to help SBC deal with illegal encampments (the Public Order Act states that is an alternative site can be offered then illegal encampments are required to move to it or to move on).

Generally the Firs is not a popular choice for the travelling community as it is a fair distance from the centre of town. Those who chose to use the site are required to sign a license agreement, pay a refundable deposit and undergo an ID check.

There are currently three families in residence and they are due to move on at the end of this month. Officers are visiting the site every other day in order to ensure that there are no problems and no complaints have been received.

15/110. Update on Chiseldon Firs. (continued)

Cllr Jefferies asked about the size of the site and was told that it consists of twelve large pitches that could potentially accommodate a maximum of 20 caravans but that this level of occupancy would be unusual. There is a locked barrier that prevents further (unauthorised) caravans from entering the site but which allows the free movement of cars to and from the encampment.

Cllr Dudman reported previous instances of damage being caused to site facilities but PC Draper was able to reassure the meeting that no recent damage has been reported.

Cllr Brady thanked Mr Ash for attending the meeting and informed him that the Council welcomes the level of transparency and vigilance being demonstrated with regard to this site.

15/111. Police Report

PC Draper told the meeting that, nearly halfway through October, there have only been five reported crimes in the village (three of which relate to either the garage or the Recreation Ground). This is broadly consistent with previous months.

There have been a number of issues with regard to motorcycles being used at the Recreation Ground but these have died down since three young people have been identified. PC Draper is currently working with the Youth Offending Team to determine the best course of action with regard to these offences.

Cllr Jefferies suggested that the lack of local facilities for young motorcyclists was something that the Borough Council might like to consider and Cllrs Dudman and Walton concurred, stating that it would be disproportionate for a criminal record to be the outcome.

Cllr Sunners reported one shed break-in in the vicinity of the Recreation Ground and reminded the meeting that outbuildings are still vulnerable to theft. He then enquired as to the success of the new 20mph signs that have appeared in Wroughton. B.Cllr Shaw stated that these had been approved at a Locality level to see if they have any impact and PC Draper commented that whilst it is, regrettably, not unusual for drivers to exceed a posted limit, lower limit signs do have the effect of reducing overall speed.

PC Draper then addressed parking restrictions in the vicinity of Chiseldon School. He stated that the police are working in partnership with SBC inspectors to educate drivers as to the purpose of the restrictions and to enforce them more regularly. Cllr Brady reported an increasing number of difficult interactions between drivers and local residents and both PC Draper and B.Cllr Shaw agreed that the situation requires ongoing monitoring and liaison with the Governing Body for the school. Cllr Jefferies suggested taking another look at the access points for the school as many schools now have pedestrian-only entrances.

Finally, PC Draper told the meeting that speeding vehicles are now one of the top three priorities for the local policing team. There are particular problems along New Road and through Badbury and the Community Speedwatch effort has produced some very useful, if concerning, data. A resident echoed this concern and also pointed out the danger of tractors speeding through the village. Cllr Brady told the meeting that a temporary camera is being organised for Draycott Road and PC Draper agreed to contact local farmers with regard to speeding farm vehicles.

At this point PC Draper and Mr Ash left the meeting.

15/112. Parish Plan Update

The Clerk reported that the next meeting of the Parish Plan Steering Group would take place later in the week.’ Place walks’ have been advertised, with a limited amount of interest so far, and these will continue to be pursued. The Chair of the Group will be attending the Village Tea in November and there are plans for a variety of further consultation activities including attendance at village meetings and a leaflet drop.

15/113. Badbury Park Update.

Cllr Wright told the meeting that the recent Badbury Park barbecue had been attended by approximately 80 residents. She herself had attended, along with Cllr Rawlings, and around 30 residents have already agreed to join a new Community Association.

15/113. Badbury Park Update. (continued)

Cllr Wright and Mr John Roe have also met with both Father Roger Powell and Mrs Margaret Goddard from the Good Neighbours Scheme. Mrs Goddard will be providing advice and guidance to the new Association and Father Roger will be helping Mr Roe to deliver the November edition of the Ridgeway Bell door to door at Badbury Park.

Recent issues with regard to cycle paths and the removal of hedges have proved difficult and need to be born in mind when future plans are submitted.

15/114. Borough Councillors’ Report

B.Cllr Shaw has investigated the issue of vehicles parking on grass verges and told the meeting that it is not an offence to park a vehicle (other than an HGV) on a grass verge unless it causes an obstruction or there is a byelaw in place to prevent it. The Parish Council could introduce a byelaw but enforcement would still be an issue. The Clerk undertook to look into what would be involved in introducing a byelaw.

The old storage unit at Castle View/Downs View is due to be removed by the end of the year. With regard to the removal of a hedge opposite the garage on New Road, a retrospective application for permission has now been received and B.Cllr Shaw is awaiting a decision on that.

There are now 71 occupied homes at Badbury Park and permissions have been granted for approximately two thirds of the total development. The provision of dog bins is currently the responsibility of the developers and B.Cllr Shaw has asked for them to be approached in relation to the issue. B.Cllr Shaw also confirmed that precept funding for Badbury Park should start coming in next year.

Numerous potholes on the B4005 have been reported and holes on High Street and Mays Lane have also been added to the list, although there is no date for completion of this work as yet. Some trees in Canney Close have been reported to SSE as they are overhanging power lines. Complaints have also been made about the illegal addition of pizza advertisements to local road signs.

The yellow lines in Turnball have been delayed due to illness within the team but there is a push to re-mark and complete them, if at all possible by the end of this month. Problem parking in Well Close has also been taken up and B.Cllr Shaw will share a copy of his letter on the subject with the Clerk.

The Washpool Area Restoration Project will shortly be receiving a £1k community grant from SBC and B.Cllr Shaw encouraged the Badbury Park Community Association to consider making an application for a similar award.

The next South Locality meeting will take place on 26 January at Wroughton Junior School.

Cllr Hill reported some damage to the zebra crossing pole near Meadow Stores and B.Cllr Shaw noted the problem.

At this point B.Cllr Shaw left the meeting.

15/115. Bus update

Cllr Hill had circulated his bus update by email prior to the meeting. He highlighted the fact that a health centre will now be going back into what was the bus waiting area in Swindon and the Stratton Green bridge will now be closed from November this year to February 2016. He also reported the introduction of a new bus route – the 157 – to cater for after school activities.

15/116. Financial report

Cllr Costigan presented a summary of income and expenditure for the month of September. The payments had already been approved at the Finance Committee meeting on 28 September but, for information, Cllr Costigan reported the following.

– Payments. The September list of payments totalled £4,888.94, including VAT of £296.45. Most of these payments were routine, with the exception of some new cemetery maps, a poppy wreath for Remembrance Sunday and the replacement of two goal posts at the Recreation Ground.

– Receipts. As the second tranche of the precept has now been received, income in the month totalled £19,474.21.

Cllr Costigan confirmed that the Council remained in a solid financial position but caution should be exercised for the remainder of the year due to the significant expenditure that has been required at both The Old Chapel and the Recreation Ground. Cllr Costigan also reiterated the need for any unusual expenditure to be put before the Finance Committee before it is agreed.

Cllr Costigan then told the meeting that both the Environment and Recreation Committees would be given year-to-date expenditure summaries and a year-end forecast at their October meetings. They would also be asked to consider their budget bids for the 2016/17 financial year.

15/117. Committee reports.

Composition of committees

Cllr Brady asked the Chairs of each sub-committee to look at the balance of representation on their committees and ensure that membership and responsibilities are being shared equally across the Council. If anyone would like to swap between committees then they should feel free to let Cllr Brady know.

Cllr Hill highlighted the need for a Parish Council representative at South Locality meetings and Cllr Walton volunteered to attend. Cllr Sunners said that he also attends from time to time.

Environment, General Purposes & Highways.

Cllr Rawlings presented the minutes.

The plaster has now been removed from the wall at The Old Chapel and Cllr Walton is looking at reconnecting an old drain outlet to assist with the damp problems.

A group of volunteers has been assembled to fit the two new benches donated by residents.

Cllr Rawlings recently attended an interesting meeting on Rights of Way and will be looking at some of the issues raised. Two footpaths in Badbury will soon be out of action for some time due to the installation of new water pipes.


Cllr Walton presented the planning status and encouraged Councillors to contact him if they had any queries.

Recreation & Community.

Cllr Sunners presented the minutes.

The local resident who is looking at a possible indoor sports facility at Chiseldon School has sent an article asking for volunteers to the Clerk, who will publish it in the Ridgeway Bell.

The issue of lighting at the Recreation Ground will be re-considered by the Recreation Committee alongside other potential improvements to storage, security and the access track.

The Recreation Ground is currently being very well used with football, tennis and a local choir all in evidence last weekend.

15/118. Correspondence.

  1. Weekly emails from Rural Services Network, including a special ‘Rural Policing Matters’ campaign: and a seminar on fuel poverty and services for older people on 18 November
  2. Copy of Swindon Borough Council’s Residential Design Guide for consultation – available for inspection at the Parish Office or at: (placed on noticeboard, website and on Facebook – comments are due by 21 October)
  3. Council Matters autumn newsletter from Came & Company insurers
  4. Information on the application process for school admissions from September 2016 (placed on noticeboard, website and on Facebook)
  5. Invitation to the Community First AGM on Wednesday 7 October 2015 (proxy vote given to Chair)
  6. Invitation to WALC Swindon Area Committee meeting on 17 September 2015
  7. Invitation to the SLCC Wilts Branch AGM on 18 September 2015
  8. Invitation to the Parish and Town Clerks’ forum on 7 October 2015
  9. Invitation to a ‘Rising to the Challenge’ design seminar from SBC planners on 7 October 2015 (Cllr Wright will be attending)
  10. Invitation to the Swindon rights of Way Liaison Group meeting on 7 October (Cllrs Rawlings and Brady may attend)
  11. Invitation to the Badbury Park Residents BBQ on 27 September 2015 (Cllrs Rawlings and Wright attended)
  12. Information on the next South Locality meeting on 5 October (placed on noticeboard, website and on Facebook)
  13. Presentation from SBC’s Head of Planning on the role of Parish Councils in the Planning Process (circulated to Full Council)
  14. Quarterly bulletin from North Wessex Downs AONB including details of their Annual Forum on 14 October and the Ridgeway Conference on 20 October (for tourism businesses).
  15. Communications from parishioners relating to allotments, sports facilities at the School, selling vehicles on the roadside, School Safety Zone, drop kerbs, extra dog bins, co-ordination of village events, the removal of a hedge at Coate and travellers at Chiseldon Firs.


The Local Government Association has produced a series of distance learning materials, covering a number of topics, in the form of workbooks and e-learning modules. Both resources are aimed at all councillors and will be particularly useful to new councillors. Please visit:

Pupils who miss more than 19 days of school during the forthcoming academic year will be classed as being persistently absent from the classroom under new government guidelines.

Stephen Taylor, Director of Law and Democratic Services at SBC, is offering a review session from 6pm to 7.30pm at the Civic Offices on 11 November to those councillors elected in May 2015 as an opportunity to reflect upon their first six months in office.

15/118. Correspondence. (continued)

During September and October, Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group will be holding a number of public events to seek the views and experiences of service users, patient representative groups, members of the public and carers. a full list of events can be found here: and an online survey is available until 1 November here:

Swindon Borough Council has launched a new website at which is fully compatible with smartphones and tablets to cater for the ever increasing number of users who access websites by way of mobile devices.

15/119. Any other business.

Cllr Sunners asked if the provision of defibrillators was still of interest to the Council. The British Heart Foundation is currently offering free machines and Cllr Sunners agreed to investigate further.

Cllr Hill asked if anyone would be willing to help the British Legion by becoming a poppy seller this year. Help is particularly needed at Badbury Park and interested parties should contact John Perrett. This year’s Remembrance Sunday Service will take place on 8 November.

Cllr Hill also reported a change in the 30mph limit through Badbury and Liddington and a possibility of short-term water cuts on 13 October.

Cllr Bates asked if the Clerk’s hours were being reconsidered given the current Clerk’s resignation and Cllr Brady told him that they were.

Cllr Rawlings reminded the meeting that there will be a village clean-up between 10am and 12noon on Saturday 31 October. The Clerk agreed to produce some flyers for this event.

The meeting closed at 9.05pm


B.Cllr Shaw

15/109 Look into progress with regard to an HGV sign for Badbury

Investigate the continued use of large coaches to transport school children through Badbury

Follow-up on the issue of stones being illegally placed on verges in Badbury

15/114 Share letter re: problem parking in Well Close with the Clerk

PC Draper

15/111 Contact local farmers with regard to speeding agricultural vehicles

Cllr Brady

15/108 Write a letter of thanks to former Cllr Neil McFadyen

15/109 Attend the next meeting of the North Wessex Downs AONB Council of Partners

Circulate the invitation list for the Village Tea

Cllr Cabrera

15/109 Monitor the situation with regard to dog bin servicing at Chiseldon Camp and report any further problems to the Clerk

Cllr Costigan

15/109 Circulate final costings for the Tennis Club project

Cllr Sunners

15/119 Look into the possibility of providing defibrillators

Cllr Walton

15/117 Attend South Locality meetings as a representative of the Parish Council

Committee Chairs

15/117 Look at the balance of representation across committees and consider any necessary changes


Pub recess Publicise the request for volunteers to help organise a picnic for the Queen’s birthday in 2016

15/109 Email B.Cllr Bennett with regard to traffic surveys through Badbury

15/114 Investigate the possibility of introducing a byelaw to prevent parking on grass verges

15/119 Produce some flyers to promote the village clean-up on 31 October