18/108. Declarations of interests.


18/109. Approval of minutes from 11th Feb 2019

No changes

A proposal was made by Cllr Walton that these minutes be therefore accepted; Cllr Hill seconded this and all Cllrs were in favour.

18/110. Matters arising and action points:

Matters arising:

Cllrs are advised to read Standing Orders with regards to election and appointment of Council positions. (Rule 61)
Cllr Brady confirmed that she is not standing at the elections.
All changes to only be discussed after 2nd May when election results are in.



17/76 Ask Ward Cllrs to chase cutting back of trees obscuring sign on A346 Plough Hill. ONGOING, WAITING FOR HIGHWAYS. Cats eyes and white lines to be renewed as well.

18/89 Follow up with PCC to replies he was going to give from the December presentation. Chase up gov. funding figures for 2019/20

Feb 2019 public recess Reply to resident with the question from public recess. DONE

18/101 Circulate original planning app response to SBC for Chiseldon Farm. Also look for any further SBC/AONB info to be used and reply to inspectorate with further comments if needed. DONE, NO FURTHER INFO SENT

18/103 Next planning meeting – shopping list of requirements for grants. DONE

18/106 Add Great British Spring Clean to Ridgeway Bell article. DONE

18/107 Provide info on Settlement Boundary & Open Spaces review at March meeting. ON AGENDA DONE


17/68 All Cllrs to do on-line GDPR training. CHASE CLLRS

Cllr Brady

18/61 Submit ACV for Calley Arms to SBC

Cllr Sunners

18/99 Report list of street lights not working to Clerk, DONE All repaired with sodium lights

18/111. Approve Strategy meeting minutes from 17th Jan 2019

A proposal was made by Cllr Rawlings that these minutes be accepted; Cllr Jefferies seconded this and all Cllrs were in favour.

18/112 Discussion & Vote on removal of Matters Arising and AOB from agendas on advice from WALC.

Cllrs had received info from WALC on why these agenda items are considered outdated and not required.

Also 3 days clear notice needed for agendas to be released before a meeting. No changes after this time. Advise Clerk in advance for items to request to go on agenda. Cllrs to be proactive in suggesting items before meetings.

Cllr Brady proposed removing Matters arising from all agendas and adding “Items for next agenda” as the last item on an agenda. Cllr Jefferies seconded. All Cllrs voted in favour.

18/113 Open Spaces and Settlement Boundary update from Clerk.

Request from SBC to do these tasks. Assess open spaces and see if boundaries lines need to be re-drawn. Cllrs have been tasked with these assessments. Will report back at committee meetings and results go back to SBC.

18/114 Ward Cllr Updates – Ward Cllr Sumner:

Public meeting in Badbury for Badbury site on SHELAA and J15 M4 update. Cllr Rogers and Clerk attended. Apologies for not mentioning to whole council.
The developer was there and will meet in 3-4 weeks’ time to review how plans are evolving.

J15 update given. Work starts Sept 19. Signs in place Aug 19. Highways England Scheme not SBC. WSP is controlling this project.
There will be traffic mitigation for Badbury residents. Most traffic is London bound so driving through Chiseldon will not help motorists.
No turn turn into Badbury from A346 a possibility.
Highways are looking at Badbury turning and will send plan to WSP.
Residents didn’t want a no right turn at Dayhouse Lane. Dayhouse Lane will shut as bridge is being re-built.

Cllr Brady asked about update on New Road application – WC Sumner confirmed it’s the same application.

The application will probably go to Committee for a decision. CPC can have a representative at this meeting.
The public can nominate a speaker. The rules of debate will not allow a lot of people to attend.

The Clerk to advise the resident’s group that that they will need to nominate a rep.

Cllr wanted another large M4 J15 update meeting. WC Sumner advised no further plans for a meeting.
Highways England have designed the plan to comply with Badbury Park requirements. Smart signalling on roundabout will allow more traffic out of Plough Hill.

Cllr asked about council tax bills. They will be out very soon.

Cllr Mills leaves the meeting at 20.09

Cllr mentioned 2 items from surgery – will update Clerk. Also, issues with green recycling renewal. SBC IT are working on this.

Written report from WC Mattock had been circulated prior to meeting.

18/115 Update & reminders on Communication process from Cllr Brady

Refer any residents queries to the Clerk or invite to attend a meeting.
Answer any questions with factual info only
Ask residents to check the website for answers
Likewise when press call for statements

18/116 Community Safety

No change to crime stats on Wilts police website
Neighbourhood Watch – elderly resident targeted by scam cold call. Has been reported by neighbour to police.
Memory café running well
Bios running well – 5.15pm Thursday term time.

18/117 – Committee reports

Finance from Cllr Harris:

Feb finance figures reviewed. Confirmed Hot Chilli debit was removal of payment where the amount was never taken.

Cllr Rogers proposed this as an accurate representation of the figures for Feb 2019. Cllr Brady seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

Cllr asked about Living Wage decision by committee. Was advised all staff/contractors already paid above living wage and would rather spend the joining fee on staff salary increases when needed.

Cllr to email Clerk with concerns he has over perception of the PC to the public. Can be addressed as future agenda item – details required.

Environment, General Purpose and Amenities (EGPA): Cllr Rawlings

WC Mattock attended last meeting to hear about PC local concerns. No current action from SBC on blocked drains – have to wait until Chiseldon area is covered again.

Transport report from Cllr Hill:

Salisbury Reds fares have increased. Stagecoach West were not told about the change of dates for road closures for repairs so buses didn’t go along Mays Lane/Station Road. Clerk to report back to WC’s that bus companies need to be told of road closures and date changes.

Planning, Transport Development and Highways from Cllr Brady:

Nothing to report

Risk Assessment from the Clerk:

Nothing to report

18/118. Agenda items for next meeting

Need to change date for annual meeting to 29th April in future correspondence.

Meeting closed at 20.31


All Actions to be completed by the next Full Committee meeting unless otherwise specified.


17/76 Ask Ward Cllrs to chase cutting back of trees obscuring sign on A346 Plough Hill. ONGOING, WAITING FOR HIGHWAYS. Cats eyes and white lines to be renewed as well

18/114 Advised resident’s group ref New Road planning application – 1 representative can attend to speak

18/117 Advised Ward Cllrs that SBC need to tell bus companies when road closure dates change.


17/68 All Cllrs to do on-line GDPR training. CHASE CLLRS

Cllr Brady

18/61 Submit ACV for Calley Arms to SBC