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16/56. Declarations of interests.

Cllr Ian McMurray has a conflict with 2 outstanding planning applications.

16/57. Approval of minutes from 12th September 2016

Page 1 – Add Cllr Sunners to the list of apologies
Page 3 – Change date of October meeting to read 10th Oct.

The minutes were then proposed as approved by Cllr Keith Bates, seconded by Cllr David Hill and all those at the meeting were in favour.

16/58. Matters arising and action points:

Matters arising:

Cllr Hill asked after Cllr Jefferies. Cllr Brady confirmed that Cllr Jefferies had been contacted in regards to her role on the Parish Council moving forward.

Page 1 – Cllr Hill commented on item 16/51 in regards to Cllr Heenan contacting us in regards to the bus changes. Nigel Hale’s email said it was on behalf of Cllr Heenan but there has been nothing direct from Cllr Heenan. However due to the success of the residents petition, the required outcome has occurred anyway.

Page 1 Library Consultation. Cllr Sunners asked B.Cllr Sumner if there had been any response to this. It was advised that the Cabinet would make a decision in November and the final decision agreed upon in December. Residents can attend the cabinet meeting.
Action for the Clerk to update FB and website with details of the cabinet meeting.

Action Points:

Clerk Action Points – Ongoing action – find out what external bodies the PC should belong to.

Cllr Brady and Cllr Sunners 16/44 –a date for a meeting with the Police Superintendent. There has so far been no response to Cllr Sunners phone calls. An email to Robert Buckland on this subject had an automated reply that a response would be provided in early September. Nothing has been heard back to date. Cllr Brady will try to get a Snr Wiltshire police officer to brief the Parish Council on the future police model at the Dec meeting

Item 16/51 – Cllr Rawlings attended the mobile library meeting where the Parish Councils views were submitted. There were no conclusions at this meeting and the information will be passed back to SBC.

16/59. Policing Update

PC Draper could not attend the meeting and a report was passed on to the Clerk who read out the details as follows:

Crime Figures August 2016

Dwelling x 1
Non-Dwelling x 2 (Two Motorcycles recovered from one address and returned to owner and male Charged with Burglary)
No Burglary offences in August after 16/8/16

Theft x 10 (9 related to commercial premises)

Criminal Damage
Criminal Damage x 4 (Two domestic related/suspects identified in three of the offences)

Vehicle Offences
Vehicle offences x 4
No similar offences after 20/8/16

Crime Figures September 2016

Dwelling x 1
Non-Dwelling x 1

Theft x 4 (All related to commercial premises)

Vehicle Offences
Vehicles offences x 2

Action for the Clerk to update FB and website with this information.

Action for Cllr Brady to research annual trend stats for local crime source Wiltshire Police site – pass to Cllr Sunners

Cllr Sunners confirmed a recent reduction in local crime statistics – recent arrests had been made and custodial sentence given

16/60 Borough Council Reports by Cllr Sumner

There is already a “No through Road” sign at Pumphouse Lane in Badbury, but this can be replaced with an “Unsuitable for HGV” sign if we wish.
Cllr Rawlings and Cllr Brady advised that this seems a good idea.

B.Cllr Sumner advised that he feels this would be better at the far end of Medbourne Lane as it is traffic coming from Liddington that is the problem.

If they added the HGV sign they would have to remove the No through road sign.
Cllr Sumner was advised this decision would be deferred to the Environment meeting for a vote on 13th October. Cllr Sumner will be advised of our decision.

The Landowner at Pumphouse Lane has started to clear the bank so the drains can be repaired. They will be inspected this week to see if work can start.

2 dead trees were reported to Cllr Sumner who has reported this to the relevant SBC dept.

Cllr Foley and Cllr Shaw submitted a written report in their absence which was circulated to all councilors.

Going forward a list of requests made to SBC via our ward councilors will be posted on the web site. Status update from SBC will be requested from the Ward Councilors prior to each Parish Council meeting and to ensure residents are updated on each issue – all status responses from Ward Councillors will be posted on the web site.

Action for Clerk to do this.

Cllr Brady asked the question to Cllr Sumner about a sense of tension from Ward Councillors in regards to the Parish Council going direct to SBC officers for assistance.
Cllr Sumner explained that if issues are reported to the Ward Councillors then it can be logged with a reference number for tracking. If everyone reports it, it clogs the system.

Cllr Brady confirmed that all SBC communications of this type would go via the Clerk to the Ward Councillors and responses from the Ward Councillors should duly be channeled through the Clerk. However if a satisfactory response is not received then the Parish Council may have to go direct to the relevant SBC dep , however, it is hoped this will be kept to a minimum.

Cllr Sunners commented that some issues are being resolved quickly, but parishing had caused some grey areas.

Cllr Sumner urged the Parish Council to progress conversations with SBC now with regard to additional services it might be required to take over post April 2017 when more services are expected to be withdrawn.

It was noted and confirmed that CPC have already appointed legal council to create an addendum to cover the extra work which will be added to our existing contract with SBC and will negotiate with SBC finance regarding the extra funding to cover the additional work . This will be completed prior to December 2016.

Cllr Rawlings asked Cllr Sumner if he can find out why certain speed watch areas have been removed from the approved list of sites.

There is a transport report available from Cllr Sumner which covers Badbury, the Clerk is to issue this to Cllr Rawlings, Brady and Hill for their views.
The Clerk is also to find out the proposed road closure date for Butts Road.

Cllr Sumner then left the meeting at 20.12

16/61 – Review of Committee reports and Correspondence

Finance: Cllr Harris presented the income and expenditure reports. They were approved on a proposal by Cllr Rawlings, seconded by Cllr Costigan and all those at the meeting were in favour.

It was confirmed that the Jubilee Fund was suspended so new regulations can be decided on.
The new expenses policy and form has been circulated and the Council’s insurance renewed.

Environment: SBC Housing officers met with the Committee last month and were very informative.
The Clerk confirmed to Cllr Rawlings that the winter fuel letters are just for information so residents know how to contact SBC.
Speedwatch. Now that SBC have reduced the places the team can visit, citing no risk assessments in place. (Risk assessments had previously been carried out)
They are down to 2 places on Hodson Road and New Road. SBC will need to put down monitoring strips again and arrange for someone to do new risk assessments.

Cllr Rawlings confirmed that action taken by the Police as a result of speed watch are:
36-46 mph – a letter sent to the driver from speedwatch
If over this speed a letter is sent from the police
This is after the 3rd offense.

Action to Clerk to add Cllr Mills to the Sept Env minutes, showing him in attendance.

Transport report from Cllr Hill

The bus service 8 will be removed due to lack of users. It will be replaced with service 80 and 81 which will connect Chiseldon to Wroughton.
There will be new bus stops and shelters at Alexandra Park. The Wroughton service will remain at every 15 minutes and will go to Wichelstowe first before going to Old Town.
These changes will take effect on the 5th November.

The Swindon train station will close over Christmas for electrification works. It is expected to be very noisy, even heard in Chiseldon.

There will be storage of materials at RAF Wroughton, with lorries travelling through Chiseldon.

The J16 M4 works contract has been signed by a local company who have a good reputation.

Cllr Brady confirmed at the recent Highways presentation in the Steam Museum, SBC had offered to hold a meeting to provide an update on work planned for J15 M4 – meeting yet tbc

Action for Clerk to get details of road closures from Cllr Hill so she can provide public updates.

Cllr Hill asked about the evening buses after April 2017. Will the Parish Council be asked to contribute to costs after the cabinet meeting?
It was advised we are waiting for Wiltshire decision on their proposed £5.5 million cuts. We will know in December what changes are being made.

Cllr Sunners advised we are still working with contractors on getting quotes for lighting work, fencing and plumbing.
The lighting and fencing to be voted on in the Recreation Committee on 17th October.
The BIOS continues to draw a good number of children on a Thursday evening.
Allbuild are now emptying the bins at the CVPA and Rec Ground. Cllr Sunners is doing the weekly checks.


Cllr Rawlings reported that we still have some outstanding Badbury Park applications, and that the appeal for 11&12 Coate demolition was lost.
In regards to the Methodist Church appeal on Turnball, it was noticed that a home owner on the opposite side of the road had altered the retaining wall of their front garden without planning permission.
The residents of Turnball and Cllr Shaw have supported the Methodist Churches appeal.

Badbury Park :
Cllr West reported that there are ongoing issues with the committee. A formal letter to the CGR has been submitted by the BPCA.

CPC are in full agreement that the phase 3 CPC will be a robust rejection of the proposals by SBC to remove the Badbury park community from Chiseldon Parish and to any changes to our historic boundaries

Action for the Clerk to find out how and in what manner we find out about the CGR decision.

The use of the Badbury Park footpaths by horse riders was also mentioned. Need to keep an eye on damage from the horses and take action as required.

16/62 New Parish Council website

Cllr Harris advised that the current site is personally hosted by Paul Maycock who has requested we move the site by Dec 2016 to allow him more space. Cllr Harris obtained 3 quotes for a new website to be created.
The Clerks role has grown as a result of Parishing responsibilities and there is no longer any time to devote to the maintenance and upkeep of a parish website

Cllr Harris advised that Sanders Web Design quote looked best. They provide 5 hours of ongoing assistance a month to add new content. We can also request extra work at an hourly cost.

Cllr Harris also recommends we purchase the domain to add authenticity to the site.

Cllr Bowles asked how long this work would take as there are concerns over creating content then having to change it again due to the CGR outcome.
Cllr Harris expects the work to take 1 to 2 months.
It was also noted that email is on the same server so that will have to be moved also.
Individuals such as the Clerk can also update the website with content should it be needed.

A vote to accept this quote was proposed by Cllr Harris, seconded by David West and all those at the meeting in favour.

16/63 Paperless meeting trial

The Clerk explained a plan to trial having paperless meetings to cut down on costs and waste.
Cllr Harris, Wright, Sunners, Costigan and Rawlings to trial this.

16/64 Ridgeway Stone memorial wreath

Cllr Brady advised that it was agreed earlier in 2016 that the Parish Council would like to show respect by making the Ridgeway memorial stone with a wreath. It was agreed to do this and the Clerk will approach the Vicar to see if he can say a few words on the 11th when the school children visit the memorial on New Road.

16/65. AOB

The list of 2017 surgery dates was sent round the room with a request for councillors to sign up for a slot.
Strategy meeting – the output from this meeting is to be circulated and at the next Environment and Recreation meeting a list of 2016/17 projects and funds to be agreed on.
The Finance committee will then need to review these costs ready for applying for the precept.

It was confirmed that David West will put himself forward as Vice Chair of the Finance Committee at the next Finance meeting.
It is noted on these minutes at the request of Cllr Bowles that an omission was made in the attendance list for the Strategy meeting and Cllr Bowles was not invited so she did not have opportunity to attend and share her views.

The Clerk is to make sure Cllr Bowles has the output from the Strategy meeting.

The bins at the bus stops on the A346 Badbury side, Esso Garage and Calley Hall are too small and rubbish is overflowing.
Action for Clerk to see what approval has already been given for new bins and approval sought for the remainder.

Cllr Hill commented on cycle route 45 and 282 that leave Chiseldon village, will these routes benefit from the extra funding as mentioned in the correspondence? Action for the Clerk to try to find out.

Action for the Clerk to send out the Parish Plan Consultation report to all councillors.

Paul and Claire Maycocks consultation report will be circulated in the Ridgeway Bell.

The Burderop consultation meeting is on Tuesday 11th Oct. Cllr Hill is to send the email information to Cllr Bowles and Cllr Brady.

The meeting closed at 21.14