17/142 Declarations of interest

  •  Cllr Rawlings is an allotment holder
  • Cllr Clarke is Chair of the Football Club

Public recess

Fiona Allen updated the Committee in regards to the new netball club.  There has been a lot of interest, with 35 responses. There has been a lot of interest from Wroughton and some from Manton.

There is some junior interest.

There is coaching interest from a lady who used to coach children in Ogbourne St George.

Sessions will most likely be a Wednesday evening and need to talk to the Tennis Club about their status within the Parish Council, as to whether they become part of the club or are separate.

Need to talk to the TC about kit. They already have the grant paperwork for the memorial hall. They are also talking to Wiltshire netball about coaching in a return to netball basis.

They will create a small committee to oversee this work.

(Cllr Paul Walton arrives at 19.35)

Fiona is going to approach the new sports teacher at the school also.  Cllr Bates commented that they have netball markings on their play area, and posts ready to play netball on.

Cllr Sunners commended Fiona on her hard work.

Fiona leaves at 19.39

17/143 Approval of previous Environment, General Purpose and Amenities minutes from 15th January 2018

Amended Cllr Bates to show as absent on page 1 and correct spelling mistake on page 3.

The minutes of the meeting held on 15th January 2018 were approved as an accurate representation, proposed by Cllr Brady, seconded by Cllr Walton; all those at the meeting were in favour.

17/144 Matters arising/Action points for EGPA Committee

Matter arising


Action Points from Jan 2018

Cllr Walton & Cllr Clarke

  • 17/97 – Investigate costs of pitch improvements further and report back in Nov EGPA meeting. CARRY FORWARD STILL WAITING TO HEAR FROM 1 COMPANY.


  • 17/102 – For next EGPA agenda, rubbish bin at Spar, to include Cllr Sunners report back. CLLR SUNNER TO REPORT BACK AS PART OF MARCH GREAT BRITISH SPRING CLEAN. ONGOING
  • 17/102– Make sure new play equipment at CVPA is covered by insurance. ONGOING. Need to calculate new for old costs for all equipment.
  • 17/116 – Arrange for Probation team to clear the sludge at the road edge at The Canney.  ONGOING CLLR  WALTON AND HILL TO MEET  ON SITE
  • 17/116 – Find out who owns the land near Mays Cottage on Mays Lane where brambles are overgrown and affect pedestrians.  ONGOING
  • 17/116 – Check land boundary at Chiseldon House Hotel to ensure they are maintaining any overgrown areas that are on Mays Lane and may affect pedestrians. DONE. HOTEL WILL TRIM BACK AS REQUIRED
  • 17/118 – Ask Allbuild to provide a cost for repairing the metal dog bin at the Rec ground. ONGOING. CLERK TO CHASE
  • 17/122 – Remind Cllr Walton that the final tennis court inspection quote is required ASAP. ONGOING
  • 17/123 – Create a new allotment lease to include Maintenance of trees on plots, planning of new trees and containment of roots. Exit conditions of the plot and charges for rectifying plot. ONGOING
  • 17/123 – Write to allotment plot holder 13A asking them to cut the grass around their plot. Also ask plot 9A and 9B to cut their grass once they take over their plots. DONE
  • 17/123 – Ask Allbuild to smooth off the edges of the allotment tanks and provide more handles. DONE
  • 17/132 – Write to plot 9 old allotment holder to ask them to remove their waste or the PC will remove and charge. Also ask Allbuild how much to remove the waste. DONE, AREA CLEAR
  • 17/134 – Create new flyers for Great British Spring Clean. Add purchase of more litter pickers to Feb EGPA agenda.  DONE
  • 17/136 – Investigate whether the PC need to do PAT testing on TC flood lights. ONGOING. NOT PAT BUT MAY NEED 5 YEAR FIXED WIRE TEST
  • 17/138 – Clerk to update the weekly inspection sheet for the pavilion for Cllr Sunners to record the shower flushing. DONE
  • 17/139 – Add Rec Hall flooring to Feb agenda for discussion  DONE
  • 17/141 – Report two broken street lights and branch over Strouds Hill path. DONE
  • 17/141 – Ask SBC for the current policy on enforcing fines for fly tipping from homes. ONGOING. NEED TO CHASE SBC
  • 17/141 – Further follow up with SBC on library funding. ONGOING

Cllr Rawlings

  • 17/134. Talk to SBC about pickers, jackets and rubbish bags for 3rd March Great British Spring Clean. DONE

Cllr Brady 

  • 17/134. Create a plan with zones for the Great British Spring Clean. Clerk to supply a map DONE

Cllr Clarke & Cllr Walton

  • 17/107. Meet with 3 pitch improvement quote contractors to arrange to get a “like for like” pricing structure.  CLLR WALTON TO CONTACT THE 3rd COMPANY

Cllr Walton 

  • 17/135. Investigate the problem of mud sliding onto the Tennis Courts from the car park area.  Clerk to advise TC this is being investigated.  DONE DRAIN TO BE CLEARED
  • 17/136. Contact the 4 companies who quoted for the Tennis Club inspection to make sure like for like service is offered and also a written report.  Report back in Feb meeting.

Cllr Sunners 

  • 17/139. Talk to table tennis organisers to see how their match on the new Rec Hall flooring was.

Mike Ash noted that he can arrange drain clearing at The Canney as this now falls under his area of responsibility.   He will also look into whether new drains are needed on the footpath near the cottages.

The tree on Canney Green needs trimming back (Not at PC level). Clerk to report to SBC via Ward Cllrs

When the mechanical sweeper visited Chiseldon recently it didn’t do Mays Lane and Turnball. Clerk to request this from Ward Cllrs.

17/145 – Chiseldon Firs Update

The police helped remove the last set of illegal travellers from the site.

The barriers on site have been upgraded.

SBC must provide a transient site for travellers.  Most travellers will not want to stay the Firs. Some will  stay for 2-4 weeks, provide a deposit and leave with no issues.

The illegal entry is the issue.  It becomes a trespass issue.  However as they are travellers on a travellers site they must be handled sympathetically by the Police and SBC.

They have to go to County court to get a possession order. Most travellers move on once the final stage of the order is near. They can use accelerated measures to move the case up the court list by listing anti-social behaviour etc

The police will step in for any breach of the peace.

The issue has been raised with Robert Buckland MP. A consultation is about to be launched but Mike isn’t sure if this is open for comment yet.  SBC will be invited to comment.

The current 2 tonne concrete blocks are back in place and new 2.8 tonne blocks have been added and bolted together. They have dug trenches in the fields to try to stop access over the land. The landowner is going to dig a trench on his side.

Legitimate travellers groups are asked for ID and a deposit.

Cllr Rawlings commented  on the mess from human waste outside the site.  Mike commented that this is unusual for the travellers. SBC did talk to them about this and the dog warden visited about dog issues.

Cllr Brady asked Mike to carry on updating the PC regularly so that updates can be provided to the community.

Cllr Hill asked if there was any reason for the last 2 illegal entries being Oct/Nov. Mike said this was unusual as the usual season is Spring to Sept.

Cllr Sunners commented on the benefit of the site being where it is as otherwise travellers could set up camp in the middle of the village in green areas.

It is the criminal behaviour that is the issue as it makes people nervous.

Mike advised the site has now been cleared and the abandoned vehicles and skips removed. SBC had to cover the cost of fire damaged skips.

Cllr Brady thanked Mike for attending the meeting and also his ongoing dialog with the PC and the Clerk.  The committee agreed.

Mike left 20.29

17/146 Village Appearance – Plum tree at Aliotments

The committee was happy for the allotment holder to trim the tree back herself.  Clerk to feed this back.

17/146 Village Appearance – Great British Spring Clean

Cllr Rawlings has ordered the extra equipment from SBC.

Cllr Brady has created a map with zones and will work with the Clerk to get these organised.

Meet at the hotel at 9.45am

The Bakers Arms, the Plough and Calley Arms are both ok to assist.

There is no need to buy extra litter pickers

17/148 Building and Amenities Priority – Tennis Club update

No update received

The TC Chair Julie Porte sent her apologies.

17/149 Building and Amenities Priority – Tennis Club inspection quotes

This item has been moved forward to the next meeting.

17/150 – Building and Amenities Priority – Rec Hall Temporary Floor covering

The flooring quoted is too costly in its current format (over £2000) so we will await feedback from the Table tennis club.


17/151 – Building and Amenities Priority – Mud on Tennis Courts

Cllr Walton advises that the drains need clearing – will ask probation team to do this.

17/151 – Building and Amenities Priority – Pitch improvement quotes

The 3 quotes have been presented via Cllr Clarke on a spreadsheet however the discussion now is whether the PC are qualified to pick the best option.  Cllr Clarke and Cllr Walton will discuss further and Cllr Clarke will talk to the FA about the quotes to get their advice.

17/152 – Building and Amenities Priority – CVPA checks

The quotes of £52.50 ex VAT for operational inspections and £57.50 ex VAT for the annual inspection had been presented to the committee.

Cllr Brady proposed that the council approve 3 ¼ inspection at £52.50 and the annual inspection at £57.50.  Cllr Walton seconded this and all Cllrs were in favour.

17/153 – Building and Amenities Priority – Replacement of frost heater in pavilion

The quotes from KT electrical and STORM were reviewed.
£250.00 ex VAT approx. for STORM and £249.79 ex VAT for KT Electrical.
Only 1 heater is required now.

Cllr Brady proposed the acceptance of the KT Electrical quote at approx. 1/3 of the price quoted.  Cllr Bates seconded this and all Cllrs were in favour.

17/152 – Building and Amenities Priority – New hall hire price

Cllr Jefferies proposed that the new hall hire from a local furniture restorer be quoted at £40.00 to gauge interest. Cllr Matt Harris seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

17/153 Community Priority – Football Matters

Cllr Clarke presented to the committee and advised apologies from James Lovell who has now taken over as the Chair of the club.

Cllr Clarke advised that the new sockets are working well.  The team are planning to add carpet tiles to the referee’s room.

The club would like to use the image from the Parish Council’s logo for their new uniform, and change the wording for the football club.

There were no objections to them doing this.

When they purchase their new mower the current shed isn’t big enough. They are going to try to get match funding from the Calley Hall grant to purchase a new shed. The team have asked if they can use the current garage within the Rec hall compound.  There were no issues with this.

17/154 Any other business

Cllr Sunners requested that a regular agenda item for vulnerable people and BIOS be added. It was agreed to add this to the next agenda. He also requested that other Cllrs visit BIOS on a Thursday evening.

Cllr Jefferies commended Jane Beaumont on her successful work on the Friday coffee mornings.  Cllr Jefferies is to talk to her about any help needed with the elderly.

The Clerk is to ask Kevin at KT Electrical to look at the PIR lighting at the Rec Hall.