17/11 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Rawlings is an allotment holder

Public Recess

No public

17/11 Vote for New Chair

Vote for new chair took place –Cllr Brady nominated Cllr West for Chair, seconded by Cllr Walton – All were in favour.   There were no other nominations.

17/12 Vote of New Vice Chair

Vote for new vice chair took place – Cllr Harris nominated Cllr Rawlings, seconded by Cllrs Mills – All were in faviour. There were no other nominations.

17/13 Approval of Previous Minutes from 13th April 2017

No amendments

The minutes of the meeting held on 13th April 2017 were approved as an accurate representation, proposed by Cllr West, seconded by Cllr Mills; all those at the meeting were in favour.

17/14 Matters Arising & Action Points

Matters Arising

No comments

Action Points – Ongoing

  • Cllr Rawlings – 16/108 – Ongoing. Cllrs Hill, Mills and Martin will attend a meeting to discuss this with SBC
  • Clerk – 16/28 – Long term action plan. Cllr Jane Beaumont is going to assist with the planning of this
  • Clerk – 16/100 – Ongoing for storing historical docs online. Still investigating as professional scanning is too costly
  • Clerk – 16/120 – Still to do
  • Clerk – 16/122 –  Ward Cllr Shaw has asked SBC to clear the pathway
  • Clerk – 16/122 –  The leak has been dealt with so no need to call  Thames Water. Cllr Rawlings had logged this area of drainage as an issue with Thames Water over a year ago. He will follow this up as he hasn’t yet had a reply
  • Cllr Brady – 16/85 –Cllr Brady, West and Rawlings to agree date to assign priorities to outstanding issues raised with SBC
  • Cllr Hill -16/122 –Ongoing

17/15 Allotments

Water Tank at the allotment is in need of replacement
Cllr Rawlings and Cllr Walton are to schedule date to make an inspection of plots.

17/16 Dog Bins

Continuous issues raised in the village regarding dog mess – Cllr Hill raised concerns at the Washpool other residents have also raised issues with Castle View – Need to continue to remind residents of the locations of the dog bins.

17/17 Highways

Highlight the importance on FB and website of ‘Speed Watch’ and request for more volunteers across the Parish.

J15 M4 SBC meeting is scheduled for the 23rd June – Cllr Mills, Hill and Martin have confirmed their attendance

17/18 Street Furniture

Nothing to report

17/19 Village Appearance and Cemeteries

Allbuild have successfully cleared the brambles as requested on Strouds Hill green – very good result.

Other matters on village appearance is deferred to the next meeting

17/20 Environmental Services

The Full Council in May voted in favour of taking on additional services from SBC – the contract with Allbuild has been amended accordingly. The Full Council voted in favour of empowering the Environment Committee going forward to both manage the Parishing contract and take on further services from SBC without referral to Full Council (subject to the limits of the environment budget).

17/21 Chapel

Cllr Rawlings raised issue with the ladder that has been installed to access the new roof in the chapel. Cllr Rawlings preference was to install stairs which in his opinion would be a safer option.
The buildings regulation officer having inspected the work has passed the ladder as safe access. To confirm the papers that are expected to be stored in the roof space are being archieved and access to them will be by exception. All other papers will be scanned and held remotely.

17/22 Terms of Reference

Daft TOR was prepared by Cllr Brady approved by Cllr Rawlings as chair and circulated to all Environment Committee members for comment. There was agreement to accept the TOR without amendment Cllr Hill proposed and Cllr Walton seconded all were in favour – Motion carried. TOR will now be added to the formal documentation supporting the Environment Committee any changes will be subject to future vote.

17/23 Any Other Business



Summary Of Action Points

Cllr Rawlings:

  • 16/108. Cllr Rawlings, Cllr Hill, Cllr Mills to confirm their attendances at J15 m4 SBC meeting
  • 17/03. Follow up with Thames Water in regards to drains overflowing in New Road Meadow Stores area – Outstanding with Thames Water for 12 months now. Ongoing
  • 17/03. With Cllr Brady – Arrange a meeting to create a priority listing for the outstanding works with SBC now to include David West new Chair
  • 17/06. Report to Ward Cllrs that the white stop lines on the T junction at Burderop need repainting ongoing


  • 16/28. Clerk to draft a planters around the village – For 2017. Ongoing long term plan.
  • 16/100. Find out if historical docs can be stored on-line. Ongoing as professional scanning too costly. Ongoing
  • 16/116. Cllr Rawlings and Cllr Walton to investigate the need for new water tank at allotment
  • 17/06. Report that bus bays need repainting on main road and by Esso garage ongoing
  • 17/09. Talk to Allbuild about either hi vis jackets with CPC logo or magnetic signs on their vans. Ongoing
  • 17/10. Aim to organise a meeting with SBC Highways dept and Wards Cllrs in regards to our outstanding works list.
    UPDATE – Need to prioritize this work for targeted attention of SBC – Ongoing

Cllr Brady:

  • 16/85. Talk to Dawn at Oakleys Spar about them providing a bin for shop bought rubbish – Ongoing