16/7. Election of New Chair and New Vice Chair

Cllr Costigan advised that he would like to step down from the role of Chair of the Finance Committee and opened the discussion to any proposals for a new Chair.
Cllr Walton nominated Cllr Harris. Cllr Brady seconded this proposal. Cllr Harris accepted this nomination and was voted in as Finance Chair on a unanimous vote.

Election of Vice Chair. Cllr Bowles advised she would like to step down as Vice Chair. As Cllr Cabrera was not present to put a possible nomination forward it was decided to postpone the vote of Vice Chair to the next Finance meeting. Cllr Bowles is happy to carry on as VC until this time.

Declarations of interest: None

Public recess: Cllr Hill raised to the committee the comments from B.Cllr Foley and Shaw in regards to the gradual increase in work coming from SBC to the Parish Council in regards to Parishing work, Library and bus services etc.
There are also thoughts that Highways work such as patching road holes may move to PC level at some point.
Cllr Hill raised a point that do we need to hire the services of a Professional Consultant for advice?
Cllr Brady and Walton advised that they wanted to arrange a meeting with Cllr David Renard and our ward councillors to discuss these changes and what we should be planning for in the future.
We need to take all these changes to full council to decide what the priorities would be.

16/8. Minutes of the previous committee meeting held on 12th May 2016.

Amendment – Page 2 – change terms of contract with AllBuild to reflect the final decision made. (Overall 3 year time period for review with an interim review after 1 year)

The minutes of the meeting held on 12th May 2016 were then approved on a proposal by Cllr Costigan seconded by Cllr Brady; all at the meeting in favour.

16/9. Matters arising


16/10. Action Points

All action points had been completed

16/11. Review Accounts

The monthly figures for income and expenditure were reviewed by the Committee and approved on a proposal from Cllr Walton and seconded by Cllr Brady. All those at the meeting in favour.

The hiring of the Recreation Hall was discussed and the fact that currently we don’t offer hourly hire during the day time. Clerk to arrange for this to be added to the next Recreation Agenda for discussion.

16/12. Any other business.

Cllr Costigan advised the committee of the recommendations that the internal auditor had provided after the audit was carried out.
It was decided that the monthly bank reconciliation would be compiled using Cllr Costigan’s program on a trial basis to see how it worked.
Cllr Harris to investigate other on-line options for bank reconciliation to see how these compare.
A proposal was put forward to allow an expenditure of a max. of £600.00 for a new laptop for the Clerk. This was proposed by Cllr Costigan and seconded by Cllr Brady. All those at the meeting in favour. Cllr Harris to investigate the best way to purchase this.

It was also discussed that we need to investigate a new photocopier/printer option. Cllr Brady is going to send a recommendation she saw to Cllr Harris for further investigation.

Cllr Brady proposed CCTV for the Chapel at a cost of approx £150/200. It was agreed to look into costs to present at the next Finance meeting.

In regards to the internal audit, it was proposed that we have a 6 month review by the auditor to make sure we are following all the new implemented procedures. Cllr Harris proposed this and Cllr Walton seconded. All those at the meeting in favour.

Date of next meeting: TBC

Meeting closed at 20.35