15/09. Minutes of the previous committee meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on March 2015 were approved on a proposal by Cllr Walton seconded by Cllr Brady; all who were at the meeting were in favour.

15/10. Matters arising

Matters arising are dealt with within the items if on the agenda; otherwise they are dealt with here.

Cllr Costigan gave a résumé of the Memorial Trust Fund and explained that Graham Rivers had been on holiday and was completing the forms for the new trustees.

All action points had been attended to.

15/11. Draft May payments for approval.

The clerk presented the payments made until the 21 May and stated that the only non- routine items were to Claire Maycock (£200) for building the CPC Website and to Charles Lawrence being the initial invoice for the Tennis Club Project (£26,478.33 plus VAT). All other payments were routine.

The committee was in favour of withholding retention monies due to Charles Lawrence until the site was cleared on a proposal by Cllr Walton seconded by Cllr Tucker.

15/12. Toilet for the Church Hall.

The clerk is to email Norman Hancock to explain that a maximum of £500 is payable from the Jubilee Fund, and to ask how much the project would cost in total.

15/13. Bobby Van.

Cllr Costigan asked about the donation to the Bobby Van and was told that it was not due until later in the year.

15/13. Bobby Van (continued).

The clerk is to contact the Bobby Van Trust and invite them to talk for a short period at a future Full Council meeting.

15/14. Tennis Club Facilities.

It was suggested that a meeting with Steve Riddiford of the Tennis Club be held.

The Football Club needs to consider storage facilities for the goals currently stored in the Recreation Hall compound.

The clerk is to ask the contractor who worked on the floor to come back as the floor is unsound in other areas.

15/15. Update on the Chapel.

Cllr Walton had been asked by Cllr Rawlings about the French drain and had told him that his situation had changed and that the handyman who now worked directly for him will not invoice the Parish Council. It was suggested that the PC advertise for a handyman on Facebook, the Website and in The Ridgeway Bell.

15/16. The War Memorial in the Church.

Cllr Walton is to email Fr. Roger Powell regarding the siting of the War memorial in the Church, using the Jubilee Fund for the purpose, on a proposal by Cllr Walton seconded by Cllr Tucker.

15/17. Any other business.


The meeting closed at 8.10pm.

Date of next meeting: To be arranged.