17/01 Declarations of interest


Public Recess

No Public at this time

17/02 Approval of minutes – Meeting held on Monday 20th February 2017

Page 2- change “fences” to “panels”

Acceptance of the accuracy of these minutes proposed by Cllr Brady, seconded by Cllr Jefferies; all those at the meeting who were in attendance in February 2017 were in favour

17/03 Matters arising


Action Points


  • 16/115. Football  Club/FA discussions. Ask Matt Clarke to chase this and report back at next meeting

Cllr Sunners:

  • 16/170. Will inspect sites that need welding along with Cllr Bates

Cllr Brady:

  • 16/116. Still need updates to the TC lease

Cllr Walton:

  • 16/106. Ongoing

All other actions completed

The next meeting will be hold at the Recreation Hall so the entire site can be inspected

17/04 Football Matters

Matt Clarke was not in attendance and there was nothing to report

17/05 Tennis Club

Julie and Mick from the TC were in attendance (arrival 19.29) and advised the committee on the accounts they had prepared for the meeting.  They have banked an excess of £2000 each year on average over the past few years which have been added to their reserves. The TLA recommends painting the courts every 6 years and resurfacing the courts every 10 years.

There funds are on track until 2020 when they will go into negative funds, and again in 2025 due to these expenditures. They will have a £10,000 shortfall at this point.

There expenditure forecasts haven’t allowed for extra costs for the rent and utilities costs. Schedule 2 of the lease shows a 20% expenditure on electricity, water, insurance, and H&S compliance issues.  At the time the lease was drawn up this was approx. £300. This may be more now due to the cost of utilities rising.

They have some ideas for extra funding, including sporting charities and the memorial hall grant fund.

The courts have 4 more years before painting is due and 9 years until resurfacing is due.

They have sufficient funds to re-paint the courts on schedule.

They are trying to increase their membership levels; they are using their own FB page and the LTA’s ClubSpark system to renew memberships.

Cllr Brady asked how members were needed to break even. They need to know if it’s feasible to get that many members.

They have 52 members at present, with a potential new 70 members if everyone re-joins this year.

Mick thinks they need double the amount of members to break even.
Phil Kerley the coach is trying to get into the Primary School to work with the children but is finding it difficult to engage with them.
Mike advised they would like the PC to continue to assist them. They would like the PC to accept they can’t meet the LTA guidelines of court works and agree to extend the painting by 1-2 years
This would make them £5000 short on funds not £10000.

They want permission from the PC to change the schedule to when the work needs doing, not when the TLA advise to.

Cllr Harris asked if they are able to bring their funds back into the positive, once they have gone into negative figures to carry out the work.  The PC only hold £2000 a year for worthy causes.

He asked the question whether the Recreation Committee want to request extra funds in future years to be held in reserve for TC work.

Cllr McMurray believes the extended work cycle will work however would like to see an incentive in place for the TC to get a certain number of new members before the funds are released.

Cllr Brady advised that it looks like the lease will need to be re-written as the TC won’t be able to make the required payments.

It was stated that the PC and TC need to work more closely together to help them get more members and be self-funding.

The first rent increase is due in Oct 2017.

Cllr Harris reminded the committee that we have a legal requirement to maintain our assets.

Member of the public Fiona Allen was then invited to speak.

She raised the idea of having a netball court painted on one of the tennis courts for public use.

Julie advised she would be worried about who would be responsible for the management of this and the risks involved with damage etc

Cllr Sunners advised this was a good opportunity to expand on revenue and get more people using the facility.

He suggested that the TC take the proposal away and discuss further with their committee and for Fiona Allen to talk to people about how feasible this would be.

It is to be re-visited in the June Recreation meeting.

The Clerk is to email Julie and Fiona each others email addresses.

Fiona, Mike and Julie leave the meeting at 20.30

17/06 Pavilion

Cllr Harris advised the committee that the electric bills were to high so an electrician was called in. He found the frost tubes were tampered with and set too high. The plan is to get the electrician back to fix this and in the meantime turn off the electric to the pavilion so there is no danger.  A further discussion needs to take place on moving the payment of the bills to the clubs responsibility. Matt Clarke is to be invited to the May meeting to discuss this.

A proposal to invite Matt Clarke to the next meeting to open a dialog about a lease and also for the Clerk to get the repairs done ASAP as a H&S issue was propose by Cllr McMurray, seconded by Cllr Walton and all those at the meeting in favour.

Cllr Harris then leaves at 20.46

17/07 CVPA

Aplins are to visit the site and provide a quote for repairs to any rotten wooden areas.

A proposed was raised for the Clerk, along with the Chair and VC to authorise any immediate H&S related repairs from the Aplin’s quote.

Cllr Walton proposed this, Cllr Jefferies seconded and all Cllrs at the meeting were in favour.

The question was also raised as to whether we need a maintenance contract for the area. This is to be discussed at a later meeting.  Aplins and SBC to be asked.

17/08 Recreation Ground

Cllr Walton confirmed he is still to look for the costs of scalpings and improvement methods to the parking situation on grassed areas

17/09 Recreation Hall

It was noted that there will be no rent increase for the Table Tennis team whilst the hall is being worked on

17/10 Youth Activities

Nothing to report

17/11 Care of Vulnerable People

It was mentioned that the 2 Chiseldon Doctors surgeries have merged. It is hoped that there will not be a reduction of staff due to this.

A proposal was raised to raise this at Full Council to see if a letter needs to be sent to Robert Buckland MP to address our concerns over doctor levels for the parish.  Cllr McMurray proposed this, Cllr Brady seconded, and all those at the meeting in favour.

17/12 Any Other Business

Cllr Sunners showed the Committee the new NHW signs.  Cllr Sunners also advised the committee that he will not be standing as committee Chair at the next Recreation meeting, although he is more than happy to remain on the committee.

The meeting closed at 20.53


Summary Of Action Points


  • 16/115. Ask Matt Clark if he has talked to Allbuild about pitch improvements. Invite Matt to attend the next meeting to update the committee
  • 17/05. June agenda – update from TC and Fiona Allen on netball court at TC and send Julie and Fiona each others email addresses
  • 17/06. Invite Matt Clarke to the May meeting to open dialog about a lease. Also arrange for emergency work to frost tubes to make them safe
  • 17/07. Clerk, Chair and VC to approve H&S works for CVPA to make it safe regarding rotten wood
  • 17/07. Clerk to contact Aplins and SBC about maintenance contracts for Play areas
  • 17/11. Add item to May full agenda – do we write to Robert Buckland MP regards to concerns over levels of available Drs in the Parish?

Cllr Brady:

  • 16/106. Investigate tarmac costs and other car park surfaces such as the green hexagonal plastic sheets and recycled scalpings

Cllr Sunners:

  • 16/170. With Cllr Bate: Discuss the extra welding requirements for the football pitch barriers. Postponed until Spring 2017