16/103 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Rawlings is an allotment holder, Cllr Martin is looking into land purchase from SBC

Public Recess

16/104  Approval of previous minutes from 12th January 2017

Page 1 16/98 add “Barbury” to Castle in the first paragraph.

The minutes of the meeting held on 12th January 2017 were approved as an accurate representation, proposed by Cllr Hill, seconded by Cllr Mills; all those at the meeting in favour.

16/105 Matters arising/Action points

Matters Arising


Action Points – Ongoing

Cllr Rawlings – Public recess from 15th Dec – Action with Cllr Brady – Write to MP Robert Buckland about the urgent need for yellow lines at Hodson Road/Turnball junction.
Cllr Rawlings has written to MP Robert Buckland but received no reply. A phone call confirmed that the matter would now be dealt with by SBC Ward Cllrs.

Cllr Rawlings 16/99 – Security gates at Meadow Stores  – ongong

Clerk and Cllr Brady – Public Recess on 12th Sept – crossing on A346 for bus stops. It was agreed that this be sent to our MP.  – Done


  • 16/28. Long term action points.
  • 16/95. DONE
  • 16/96. DONE
  • 16/98. DONE
  • 16/99. DONE
  • 16/100. – Litter pick – DONE
  • 16/100. – Dog bins – DONE
  • 16/100. – Cemetery Gates – DONE
  • 16/100. – Chapel quotes – 2 received, chasing the 3rd
  • 16/100.– Historical docs online – Ongoing
  • 16/100.– Rec Hall Scalping – DONE
  • 16/102.– Recycling reminder – DONE
  • 16/102. – Police report on agenda – DONE

Cllr Brady:

Public recess 15th December Ongoing

  • 16/85. Clerk wrote to Ward Cllr Shaw, needs to get new dates arranged
  • 16/92. Ongoing

Cllr Walton:

  • 16/90. Cannot locate maps – closing action

All other action points complete

16/106 Allotments

Plots 11 and 12 still need clearing – Cllr Walton is going to take a look at what needs taking care of.

Cllr Rawlings reported that the H&S check revealed one top fence bar and gate post to be rotten and requiring replacement. Action for Clerk.

16/107 Dog bins

Brief discussion on availability of dog bins but some dog owners still not using them. Implications for how the PC might “remind/reinforce” the use of dog bins discussed.

16/108 Highways

Cllr Hill reported on the extent to which white road markings have been degraded at the Bush crossroads with the A346. A general discussion was had on how widespread this problem has become.
Cllr Rawlings has an action to contact SBC Ward Cllrs ref a meeting to discuss J15 issues.

16/109 Street furniture

New waste bin has been installed at the bus stop on New Road on the same side as the Esso garage.
A new waste bin has been ordered but not yet installed on Marlborough Road school side next to the bus stop.

16/110 Village appearance and Cemeteries

Cllr Martin left the meeting at this point so that his proposal to buy land adjacent to his house from SBC could be discussed.

The discussion lead to the proposal that additional information and photographs were needed to help inform councillors of their decision. The proposal by Cllr Rawlings was seconded by Cllr Harris and all those at the meeting agreed.  The matter shall be brought back to the next Environment meeting.

In regards to Cemeteries Cllr Rawlings advised that no headstones in Butts Road posed a danger due to being unstable.

16/111 Environmental Services

An additional 1 hour per week has been approved by the Finance Committee for Allbuild to litter pick in the villages around Chiseldon.

Cllr Hill requested information on the litter pick routine, eg when, the frequency etc.

The 4th March Great British Spring Clean leaflet distribution across the parish will start next week, pending Cllrs being given their leaflets.

Cllr Sunners to inform the Clerk that more leaflets are required.

16/102 AOB

Cllr Sunners shared with Cllrs the ideas for a future PC logo submitted by 3 children who attend Chiseldon Primary School. Cllr Harris will ask our website designer for his views.

Cllrs all agreed that an expression of thanks be sent to the 3 children who had submitted their ideas.

The meeting closed at 20.15pm.

Summary of Action Points

Cllr Rawlings: 

  • 16/99. Talk to Cllr McMurray about the new security gates at Meadow Stores blocking the noticeboard
  • 16/108. Contact Ward Cllrs to arrange a meeting to discuss J15 issues


  • 16/28. Clerk to draft a plan for planters around the village – for 2017. Ongoing long term plan.
  • 16/106. Write to plot holders on 11 and 12 about clearing the plots
  • 16/100. Get repairs and maint carried out to the 2 side gates at the Butts Road cemetery
  • 16/100. Arrange quotes for work to the inside of the Chapel
  • 16/100. Find out if historical docs can be stored on-line

Cllr Brady: 

  • Public recess 15th Dec. Look into Bylaws for assisting with parking issues, and investigate cost of sharing the invoice for the work at Hodson Road/Turnball with SBC
  • 16/85. Aim to organise a meeting with SBC Highways dept and Wards Cllrs in regards to our outstanding works list
  • 16/92. Action with Clerk.  Write to Tesco’s in regards to their grant scheme for funding for our litter pick.

Cllr Sunners: 

  • 16/111. Advise Clerk more litter pick leaflets are needed
  • 16/112. Send expression of thanks to 3 children at Primary school who submitted work for the new logo competition