1. Vote for Committee Chair

2. Vote for Committee Vice Chair

3. Attendances and apologies for absence

4. Declarations of interest

5. Public recess

6. Approval of minutes of meeting held 16th April 2018

7. Matters arising not on the agenda

Action points

Parishing Progress

8. Trees in The Crescent need trimming as they are blocking the pavement. This is part of our parishing work. Cost from Allbuild £350.00 plus VAT.

9. More Parish pavements need jet washing. Last cost from Allbuild was £80.00 for hire and £264 for a day’s labour.

10. Fir tree in Badbury needs taking down over path.  Resident has offered to divide cost 50/50. Total quote from Allbuild £300.00 plus VAT.

11.  Hedge & tree maintenance across the Parish.

12. Tipsy Toe footpath maintenance.

Village Appearance


13. Note – inspection end of May showed a few plots needed more work. A further check will be done end of June to ensure plots are up to date or letters will be sent.

Note – the water tank lids are missing on the first tank – does the committee want a quote for replacements?

14. Grass cutting at CVPA, Cemeteries and Rec Hall. Final decision and vote to be made.

Three costs received: see separate document and emails – exact details from Envisage have been verified.

Building & Amenity Priorities

Tennis Club

15. Tennis Club representative to update Committee.

Recreation Hall

16. Investigate costs of CCTV for the hall?

17. Quote for replacement doors – iDec £267.20 no VAT for 2 FD30 doors. For FD60 doors add £63.36 to the total. (Insurance company have no requirements).

18. Note – Hot water heater in disabled toilets not working. Cost to replace from STORM is currently prohibitive (approx. £1000 from supplier).

19. Quote received from KT Electrical to repair PIR sensors at Hall – cost is £48.69 plus VAT.

20. Plan for Rec carpark improvements. Start discussion and make a plan of action.

21. Table Tennis Concerns – Clerk to update committee.


22. Spending some of 2018/19 budget. £3000 on either replacing existing old equipment or purchasing new.

See additional documentation.

Community Priorities

23. Football Matters – Club representative to update Committee.

Vulnerable people and BIOS.

24. Changes to the BIOS service, Cllr Sunners to update committee.

25. ANY OTHER BUSINESS (Note, items in AOB cannot be voted on).

Current Committee:  

Chris Rawlings (Vice Chair), Caroline Brady, Keith Bates, David Hill, Andrew McDonald, Jenny Jefferies, Matt Clarke, Paul Sunners, Paul Walton,  Michelle Harris.