1. Attendances and apologies
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Public recess
  4. Approval of minutes of meeting held on 15th January 2018
  5. Matters arising not on the agenda
    Action points
  6. Mike Ash from Swindon Borough Council – update and brief in regards to Chiseldon Firs traveller site
  7. Parishing Progress
    No items
    Village Appearance
  8. Allotments
    Advisory note – plot 9B wishes to prune the plum tree on her plot to see if it fruits this year, will then chop down if unsuccessful. (Request from another resident to have it removed as drains moisture from soil.)
  9. Great British Spring Clean 3rd March – update if required
    Need to purchase additional litter pickers? Cost £7.49 for 4 – offer on Ebay currently.
    Vote required

Building and Amenity Priorities 

  1. Tennis Club (Note: Lease now falls under Finance Committee)
    Tennis Club representative to update Committee.
  2. Review quotes for yearly inspection of courts – Cllr Walton to provide further information of services supplied. Vote on contractor to use for this work.
  3. Review of temporary floor covering for Table Tennis Club.  Cllr Sunners to report back on their thoughts so far.
    Quote for flooring is £2478.00 plus VAT
  4. Cllr Walton to report back on mud on Tennis Courts from the bank, after recent wet weather
  5. Pitch Improvement Quotes 
    Update on Pitch improvement quotes from Cllr Walton and Cllr Clarke. Review and possible vote.
  6. CVPA – Discuss and vote on the need for ¼ and ½ yearly inspections. Annual inspection already booked.  Costs are £52.50 ex VAT for “Operational” inspections and £57.50 ex VAT for the current annual inspection.
  7. Pavilion Heating – One “frost” tube heater is broken – 2 quotes received to replace which are:      –  STORM £250 ex VAT approx rough quote – for all 3 heaters-  Kevin from KT Electrical – See additional document for quote on all 3 heaters
  8. New Rec Hall Hire
    Local furniture restorer would like to hire the hall on a monthly basis for Saturday workshops. Would like a trial session to gauge interest at a cost of hiring the hall of £40.00 from 10.00 to 3.00.
    Vote required
    Regular monthly cost to be voted on if needed at a later meeting.

Community Priorities

  1. Football matter
    Club representative to update Committee.
    To include update on new logo for the club – possible vote on using PC logo.
  2. Any Other Business (Note: Items in AOB cannot be voted on)