Vote for new Chair and Vice Chair of the committee

Attendances and apologies for absence

Declarations of interest

Public recess

Approval of minutes

Approval of minutes of the meeting held 17th August for Environment and 21st August for Recreation.

Matters arising for both sets of minutes

not on the agenda.

Action points for both sets of minutes

Parishing progress

Environmental services: Home close nature area. Requires Action Team to investigate with Ward Councillors and SBC to come to a solution. Report back to this Committee (Liaise with Cllr Costigan).

Village appearance

Spring bulbs for planters. Clerk requests under £100 be spent out of budget allowance for this. Vote required.

Planters: Logos for planters and rubbish bins quoted for at £201.72 inc VAT (A couple of spares included).  Vote required.

Building and amenity priorities

Allotments: Richard Matthews (Plot holder) has offered to be part of the inspection team, along with Clerk, Council Chair and Env Chair. Discussion & vote to accept this offer. Water tank lids available as a bespoke build from Allbuild. Cost will be provided on the night as waiting instruction.  Vote required.

Tennis Club: The Tennis club representative to update committee.

Recreation hall: The recreation hall requires new flooring and there has been two quotes given for this, Martin Goodman (who did the Chapel’s floor) has quoted £1500 and Carpet Right has quote £1685. Vote required.

Recreation ground: Ultimate Fitness replied to the committees vote of £20 per session for boot camp on the ground. The previously donated £60 per 6 months for use of grass spaces. Has asked committee to reconsider or he won’t be able to run the classes.

Recreation Pavilion: Leak in Home changing room. Possibly issue with blocked external drain pipe.

Community priorities

Football matters: Matthew Clarke to update committee.

Care of Vulnerable people: Invite Susan Lambert the Community Lead in Swindon for dementia Care to talk at next meeting? (She has requested she talk to the committee).

Discuss and approve new TOR for the committee. Vote required.

Any other business

Items on AOB cannot be vote on.