1. To vote on the approval of a committee Chairman until May 25
  2. To vote on the approval of a committee Vice Chairman until May 25 (Not a legal requirement)
  3. Attendances and apologies for absence to be received and approval voted on. (To note that Cllr Whitehead has received a dispensation for April, May and June 2024 to temporarily not sit on this committee due to personal circumstances) To note the resignation of Cllr Andy Rogers.
  4. Public recess
  5. Approval of minutes of meeting 15th April 2024
  6. Action Points
  7. Parishing progress: To review and approve an addition to the grass cutting contract with BDN Grounds to cut the verges on Butts Road.  £30 per cut.  (This area is not on the parishing map from 2017)
  8. Parish appearance and safety:

    To approve accepting a donation from Washpool to purchase trees for the washpool site.  This donation will allow the council to claim back VAT on the purchases.  See additional information.
  9. To retrospectively approve the cost of £60.00 to all build to fix the bin outside the Calley Hall as a HR issue.
  10. To discuss and vote spending £35.00 on signage for Strouds Hill carpark advising its within a Neighbourhood Watch area.

    Building & amenity priorities:

  11. Tennis  club
    • Tennis Club representative to update Committee
  12. Football club 
    • Football Club representative to update Committee
  13. Pavilion – No items
  14. Rec hall, ground & car park.  To discuss and vote on another football team using the Rec pitches.  See additional information.

    Chapel and graveyard:  

  15. To approve the costs of £40.00 for the handyman to use his jet washer to clean the Chapel entrance area and railings.

    Community priorities:  


    Allotments: No items

  17. Vulnerable people and Youth items – No items
  18. Castle View Play area – No items
  19. Items for inclusion on next agenda
    (Cannot be discussed or voted on at this meeting)