Public Recess – to receive questions and comments from the public on Council related matters.  Members of the public are allowed to address the Chair for 5 minutes.  No decisions will be taken at this meeting. (Maximum 10 minutes)

  1. Attendances and apologies for absence (Absences without apologies to be noted separately)
  2. Declaration of interests
  3. Approval of minutes of the Full Council meeting from 13th November 2017
  4. Matters arising (Not on the agenda) and Action points
  5. SBC Office responsible for the management of ‘The Firs’ invited to attend and discuss the future security of the site
  6. Swindon Borough Council reports from Ward Cllrs

Voting Required

  1. SBC Policies and protocols document – Cllr Brady and Cllr Walton to report. Vote required on response to SBC based on Cllr Brady and Cllr Walton’s feedback. (See separate document for information)
  2. SBC Local plan 2036 review. Vote required on response back to SBC. (See separate document for information) 19th December deadline. Only Planning, Highways and Transport Development members to vote on this item
  3. Letter to MP Robert Buckland ref future of the Chiseldon Firs site. Vote on content to be sent. (See separate document for draft letter)
  4. Letter to SBC Solicitors supporting the eviction notice of the travellers at the Firs site. Vote on content to be sent. (See separate document for draft letter)
  5. Decision to be made on the provision for weekly inspections of CVPA. Clerk can be trained by an external company to do this, or STORM can carry out these tasks. (See separate document for costs for this)


  1. Community Safety – Inc police report if required – For information
  2. Committee and representation reports (3 minutes per Chair)


Environment, General Purpose and Amenities

Public transport update – David Hill

Planning, Highways and Transport Development

  1. AOB (Note: Anything rasied in AOB cannot be vote on)