Public recess   –   to receive questions and comments from the public on Council related matters.  Members of the public are allowed to address the Chairman for 3 minutes.  No decisions will be taken at this meeting. Discussion will only take place when a subject raised is within an agenda item.  Maximum 10 minutes. Please contact the Clerk if you would like a copy of any additional information noted on the agenda.  Any additional information (unless confidential) can be requested from the Clerk prior to the meeting.

1. List attendances and vote on approval of apologies for absence (Absences without apologies to be noted separately)

2. Declarations of interests – and vote on any dispensations requested.

3. Approval of minutes – from 27th July 2023

4. Review action points

5. Planning.   Discussion and vote on planning applications already received by the Parish Council.   There are none.

6. Planning. Discussion & vote on any planning applications received from Swindon Borough Council after the agenda is published.  Published on the councils Facebook page and on the councils website.

7. Neighbourhood Plan.   Cllr Kearsey to provide update from last meeting if required

8.  Rec Hall and grounds improvement project.  Verbal update on any progress since last meeting.  There is none, but a meeting date with the estate is being arranged.

9. Highways. Discuss and vote on how to gather public support for the 20mph changes document sent to Ward Cllrs for SBC decision.  What type of consultation is needed?

10. Transport.   Discuss and vote on locations to suggest to SBC for placing of bus shelters. (From SBC available funding)  Item from Cllr Kearsey.

11. Transport. Discuss and vote on locations to suggest to SBC for placing of public EV charging points. (From SBC available funding). Should be “close” at an existing electricity supply/pole. Item from Cllr Kearsey

12.  Items for next agenda. (Cannot be discussed and/or voted on at this meeting)