PUBLIC RECESS – to receive questions and comments from the public on Council related matters. Members of the public are allowed to address the Chair for 3 minutes. No decisions will be taken at this meeting. Discussion will only take place when a subject raised is within an agenda item. Maximum 10 minutes

  2. LIST ATTENDANCES AND VOTE ON APPROVAL OF APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE (Absences without apologies to be noted separately)
  3. DECLARATIONS OF INTERESTS and vote on any dispensations requested.
  4. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Full Council meeting 9th November 2020.
  6. Q&A session from Michelle Maidment of Openreach in regards to new proposed fibre provision. 45 minutes max. *Please see below for procedures to follow.
  7. COMMUNITY SAFETY, inc Police report
  8. Ward Cllr reports – written reports to be loaded onto the council’s website.
  9. Monthly review of safe opening procedures and upkeep of Castle View Play area due to Covid-19 Government restrictions. Clerk to provide a verbal report. Council to vote on whether to keep area open.
  10. EGPA committee request for a Cllr to be seconded to the committee whilst Cllr McDonald’s dispensation is in place.
  11. Request for Parish Cllr representative to attend Community Safety Group meetings (remote or in person) as part of the South Rural Neighbourhood Policing. –see additional information
  12. Approve 2021 meeting dates – see additional information


  1. Change of Financial Regulations to allow staff salaries to be paid by Standing Order – see additional information.


Finance – Review November 2020 finance figures-loaded onto MS Teams in “Teams/Chiseldon Parish Council/Files” No vote needed as report is not complete. To be voted on in Jan 2021
EGPA from Cllr Rawlings
Planning, Highways and Transport from Cllr Kearsey
Risk Assessment report from Clerk
Correspondence feedback for Cllrs – loaded onto MS Teams in “Teams/Chiseldon Parish Council/Files”

  1. Items for next agenda. (Cannot be discussed and/or voted on at this meeting)

Public notice – if you comment during public recess at a council meeting your personal details (such as name and address as relevant) will be recorded on the minutes. Please advise the Clerk at the time of speaking if you do not wish your personal details to be noted. Please see our privacy policy on for full details of how we store & manage data.