1. Attendances and apologies for absence to be received and approval voted on.
2. Declarations of interest and vote on any dispensations submitted
3. Public recess
4. Approve Minutes from 5th July 2022
5. Action points from 5th July minutes.


6. Approval of £100 fee for new planter at Liddington end of Badbury. EGPA approved. Fee is for the SBC licence. Planter supplied for free.
7. Approval of £77 for spring bulbs to be planted by the Gardening Club at the New Road Xmas tree site. EGPA approved.
8. Approval of £150.00 for scrap item removal from allotment plot by Allbuild. EGPA approved.
9. Approval of a total of 40 hours between September and 31st Dec to the handyman for extra maintenance of Butts Road cemetery. EGPA approved. Total potential costs £480.00.
10. Approval of £300 for repairs to 2 chapel windows. Dependent on whether current buildings maintenance budget has sufficient funds.
11. Approval of £750 for trimming down of trees and shrubs on Rec ground at the back of 1 Hodson Road. EGPA approved. Dependent on whether current tree maintenance budget has sufficient funds.
12. Approval of £120.00 plus VAT for Clerk to gain the online FiLCA qualification – Finance (Certificate) in Local Council Administration. Recommended at Clerks annual appraisal.
13. Review and approve policy document for grave issues. See additional information
14. Review budget requests received so far from Committees for 2023/24 budget. See additional information
15. Suggest and review one off project items that the Finance Committee want included in the 2023/24 budget.
16. To review feedback from Committee Chairman with regards to their committees budget vs expenditure for the 2022/23 year to date. To ensure requested funds are being spent. See additional information
17. Contracts – No items


18. Review of office opening hours by Clerk and RFO. Original hours prior Covid were 6 hours per week. Current hours could be amended to include longer opening hours on Mon and Wed – AM and PM session – total 6 hours.
19. Review & possible approval of VoiP systems to allow office phone to be re-directed to mobile phones. See additional information.
20. Items for inclusion on next agenda
(Cannot be discussed or voted on at this meeting)