Note – for any items that are not confidential, the public should request to see “Additional information” from the Clerk prior to the meeting. The information will not be available during the meeting.

1. Attendances and apologies for absence to be received and approval voted on.

2. Declarations of interest and vote on any dispensations submitted

3. Public recess

4. Approve Minutes from 5th September 2023. (Note, the Dec meeting was inquorate)

5. Action points from 5th September minutes

6. To approve the Finance Committee Terms of reference document. See additional information.

HR – No items


7. Vote on moving all interest earned from Unity Savings Account into the Rec ground improvement fund.

8. To approve the RFO moving all cemetery income (minus annual costs) to an allocated reserves fund in March each year, to pay for future maintenance once the cemeteries are closed. Approved by EGPA committee.

9. First review of full council draft budget and precept for 24/25 financial year.  If approved, to go to December full council for decision. To be moved to the scheduled Jan Finance meeting if more discussion/consultation with committees is required. Jan 24 Full council is the last opportunity to finalise and vote on the precept and budget.  See additional information

10. To approve the monthly credit limit on new Unity debit card.  Guidance from RFO will be given. See additional information

11. If required, to review and vote on any action to be taken from bad debtor for hall hire. To be reviewed in conjunction with the council’s “Bad debtor” policy. See additional documentation.

12. To vote on any virements from current years projects, into allocated funds projects – based on expenditure not used.  See additional information.

13. To review and vote on the 2 different hourly rates required for hiring the Rec Hall and Chapel – due to VAT requirements.  See additional information.

14. To discuss and vote on internal auditors recommendation to maximise interest paid on council funds in savings account. See additional information.

15. To discuss and vote on SBC’s request for £2000 expenditure from the PC to create an official map detailing walks in the Chiseldon area. See additional information.

16. To discuss and vote on re-allocating the £1000 provided for the Hodson defib costs, to the current available CIL funds allocated to the council.

17. To review the latest budget vs expenditure report and note any items for investigation/monitoring.

18. To discuss and vote on changing the regular day of the week for Finance meetings to ensure more Cllrs can attend. Wednesday suggested.

Contracts – No items

19. Items for inclusion on next agenda (Cannot be discussed or voted on at this meeting)