1. Attendances and Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of Interest
  3. Approval of Minutes (From 28th Feb 2018)
    Matters Arising not on the agenda
    Action Points
  4. Review

Current State Update

  • Immediate Improvements Identified – Report on any progress

Norris Close parking layby

Update – New bench and see saw arranged for CVPA (budget spent).

Update – Draycot Foliat noticeboard purchased & awaiting installation.

Speed Calming – Interactive signs – In progress.

Short Term State Update

  • 1-3 Year Plan Proposal Discussion

Agree key top 3 priorities – Report on any progress

All items listed were:

  • Stroud’s Hill Green – Seating area – Was to be reviewed for inclusion in 2019/20 budget
  • Castle View Road Parking – Covered in PHTD Committee – Needs progressing with approx. pricing from SBC
  • Badbury Rat Running – Part of M4 J15 work
  • Draycott Foliat Parking Issues – Waiting for update from Ward Cllrs. To include change to 40mph

Update – Tree work at Rec ground complete for next few years.

Update – Norris Close Parking – Waiting for updated plans to present to residents.

Update – Expansion to Rec ground parking – At discussion phase.

Additional items to be considered over the short term.

  • Expansion Of Speed Control – 20ml per hour
  • CVPA Equipment for older children

Long Term State Update

  • 5 Year Plus Plan Proposal Discussion – Items identified were:
  1. Any update on Rec Hall replacement £10,000 added to 2018/19 budget for this.
    Any funds added to 2019/20 budget?

Update – Pitch drainage at Rec field approved & work has started.

Update – CVPA improvements for the year organised.

Additional items to be considered over the long term.


  1. Any Other Business 
    (Note: Items in AOB cannot have a vote)

Additional Information:

Residents are looking to raise £5000 for new metal football goals on the Castle View green area.