Public Recess

Please note that this is a meeting of council members and the only juncture at which the public are invited to speak is during Public Recess. Public recess lasts 10 minutes and speakers will have 3 minutes each to make their point heard. If large numbers of persons wish to convey the same or a similar point, then please elect a spokesperson before the meeting to put forward a statement for expediency. No decisions will be made at this meeting in regards to items raised by the public that do not already feature in an agenda item.

Please also be aware that the council has agreed and published a method statement in regards to the Recreation Hall/Ground project which includes its intention to hold a 28 day public consultation when plans are sufficiently advanced enough to consult on. As such, the council will not be entering into discussion with the public on any plans, locations or other issues relating to the project until the public consultation is published and opened for public feedback. Based on progress to date, it is unlikely that the council will be in a position to open a public consultation before December 2022.

Agenda Items

1.Vote on appointment of Chairman for the meeting, or for the remaining of the council year to May 2023. (Vice Chair to legally chair the meeting if in attendance, if no chairman is voted in)

2. Vote on appointment of Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year.

3. Public recess – maximum 10 minutes – see information above.

4. List attendances and apologies for absence. Vote on approval of absences given. Absence with no apologies to be noted separately.

5. Declarations of interests and requests for dispensations voted on.

6. Review and approve minutes from 7th April 2021.

7. Action Points

8. Review draft 1 of plans from SWA architects and approve list of feedback for amendments. See additional documentation

9. Items for the next agenda. (Cannot be considered at the current meeting)