PUBLIC RECESS – to receive questions and comments from the public on Council related matters. Members of the public are allowed to address the Chair for 3 minutes. No decisions will be taken at this meeting. Discussion will only take place when a subject raised is within an agenda item. Maximum 10 minutes

  1. Elect Chairman just for this discussion group in order to manage proceedings.
  2. List attendances and apologies for absence
  4. Approve Terms of reference for the Committee – See additional documentation on MS Teams.
  5. First Steps discussed ready for first formal meeting
  6. Frequency and day of meetings to be agreed.
  7. Items for first formal agenda

The next meeting will be TBC via MS Teams (?)

Public notice – if you comment during public recess at a council meeting your personal details (such as name and address as relevant) will be recorded on the minutes. Please advise the Clerk at the time of speaking if you do not wish your personal details to be noted. Please see our privacy policy on for full details of how we store & manage data.

Additional Information

Please look at the “Rec Hall expansion and New Hall” page on MS Teams for information that may be of use.

Legislation to allow the council to vote and/or act: n/a for this meeting.