Meeting inquorate. New date to be arranged


  1. Attendances and apologies for absence to be received and approval voted on.
  2. Declarations of interest and vote on any dispensations submitted
  3. Public recess
  4. Approve Minutes from 28th September 2021
  5. Action points from 28th September minutes.
  6. All Committee Chairman to attend meeting to review their committee budget vs expenditure report, and agree on any actions to be taken back to their committee.
  7. FINANCE. Review final budget requests for 2022/23 from Committees received to date. See notes page on MS Teams
  8. FINANCE. Review draft budget for 2022/23 & precept request for 2022/23. See information on MS Teams
  9. Review and approve any alterations to Responsible Financial Officers NEST pension payment. See information on MS Teams
  10. Review and approve grant request from the Chiseldon Memory Café organisers See information on MS Teams
  11. Retrospective approval of costs for new radiator in Chapel office. Costs £448.80 & VAT by CTS
  12. Retrospective approval of costs for new Cllrs to attend online “Cllr Fundamentals” course at £30.00 per Cllr. Up to the value of £240.00 from training budget.
  13. Review and approve items on quote from Sanders to improve website accessibility. See information on MS Teams
  14. Review April 2021 to date budget vs expenditure report. See information on MS Teams
  15. Approve approx. £100 expenditure request for a Jan 2022 newsletter for all residents.
  16. Approve approx. £50. Expenditure request for a newsletter targeted for the new homes in Burderop Park.
  17. CONTRACTS – No items
  18. HR. Approve updated Job Descriptions for Clerk and RFO. See information on MS Teams
    (Cannot be discussed or voted on at this meeting)