1. Attendances and apologies for absence to be received and approval voted on.
  2. Declarations of interest and vote on any dispensations submitted
  3. Public recess
  4. Approval of minutes of meeting 15th August 2022. (there was no September meeting)
  5. Action Points
  6. Cllrs to confirm budget items required for consideration for inclusion in the 2023/24 budget. See document loaded onto MS Teams
  7. Discuss and vote on an Admin fee for the marquee hire arrangements. See additional information
  8. Parishing progress – no itemsParish appearance & safety:
  9. Discuss plans for Xmas tree lighting event and vote on any expenditure required and sponsorship requests. See additional information
  10. Vote on approval for costs of £185.00 to purchase potted Christmas trees for the site on New Road. See additional information
  11. Vote on whether to purchase Remembrance day poppy lamppost signs at £3.24 each. See additional information
  12. Vote on approval of purchase of Willow tree costing £79.80 for Rec ground for Jubilee planting. See additional informationBuilding & amenity priorities – Tennis club
  13. Tennis Club representative to update Committee – Football club
  14. Football Club representative to update Committee
  15. Pavilion – no items
  16. Allotments. – Approval of the lease for the forthcoming 12 months. See document loaded into MS Teams– Rec hall, ground & car park:
  17. Consider the purchase of CCTV for the grounds and provide Clerk with delegated powers to install a hinged bollard in front of the gates to stop unauthorized vehicle access. Costs around £100. See additional information – Chapel and graveyard:
  18. Approval of quote of £3000 for the ICCM to carry out and full graveyard inspection and report. See additional information
  19. Re-painting Chapel doors. Previous approved quote could not be fulfilled. See additional information
  20. Retrospective approval of provision of burial plot in Sir Henry Calley Memorial Garden. See additional information
  21. Castle View Play area. Consider purchasing of MUGA style goal posts to replace decaying wooden posts. Either grant funds or added to 2023/24 budget See additional information
  22. Castle View Play area. Approval needed for Grant Finder company to proceed with trying to find grants for the skate park area.
  23. Community priorities: Youth Club
  24. Review progress to date – update from Cllr Sunners. See additional information.
  25. Consider opening the Rec Hall over winter for “Warm days” for those who need it. (Volunteers from the public will be needed)
  26. Vulnerable people – no items
  27. Items for inclusion on next agenda (cannot be discussed or voted on at this meeting)